Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The 2010 Bryan Award Nominations will be announced Next Week

BLIND ITEMS (for the Daytime Categories):
- One of the two cancelled soaps is the most-nominated Daytime program, and the second-most nominated program overall, Daytime or Primetime
- Three of the four Daytime Emmy Drama Series nominees are nominated.
- Three of the Daytime Drama series nominees have a combined XX nominations this year, and at least XY nominations apiece.
- Two perceived Daytime Emmy frontrunners who were snubbed, are both nominees for Bryan Awards
- Two of the female acting nominees are also competing in another category, in the Primetime level
- Three of the nominees for Cutest Couple are same-sex couples.
- Two of those three nominees in the previous blind item are also up for Daytime Tandem.
- The New Kid(s) on the Daytime Block is/are nominated.

BLIND ITEMS (for the Primetime Categories):
- The ultimate "sensation of the year" dominates all shows and is THE most nominated program of the year.
- Two departing dramas are not only up in the Drama Series race, but they are the two of the three most-nominated (Primetime) dramas.
- Two Guest Acting nominees are nominated head-to-head in not one, but two categories.
- The "Queen" is back at the Bryan Awards, one of the most revered and honored actresses of the first decade of the Bryan Awards garners some love for her return to Primetime television.
- One of the biggest new shows barely made the cusp in the Comedy/Drama Series race.
- Another of the biggest new shows was well received, but failed to be nominated for Best New Series.
- There will be a joint acting nominee in one of the Lead Acting races.
- A beloved Animated/Variety show is missing for that respective series category, because it is entering a different Series race.

The 2010 Bryan Award Nominations will be announced around 10:00AM Eastern Time on July 1. Winners in the Main Categories will be announced on August 15. Winners in the Technical Categories will be announced on August 6.