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The BC Bulletin LIVE Emmy Awards Reactions

The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards air in a little over an hour on NBC. The BC Bulletin will be blogging live reactions as the ceremony takes place. (6:45PM ET)

Sorry, I'm late. I got in my best dressed for the Emmycast. Right now, Billy Bush (nephew of George W.) is chatting with birthday girl and Lead Actress nominee Lea Michele of Glee. Michele is dressed in a navy blue Oscar de La Renta gown.

What I glimpsed- Billy talking with Modern Family hottie Sofia Vergara, who vowed if the show won for Best Comedy Emmy, she'd run down naked on Sunset Blvd. To counteract, Maria Menounos interviewed her fellow co-star and nominee Julie Bowen, who said that "if (Bowen), Ty (Burrell), and the show all won, I'll run down naked." Choose your words carefully. The show begins in a tad over five minutes. Oh, and all of the Comedy categories (except series) are together, Drama are together, Miniseries and Movie are all together.


The Opening Sketch: Jimmy Fallon is chatting with castmembers (Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, and Cory Monteith) of Glee. The Glee-sters are figuring out a way to get to the Emmys. They enlist Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Jorge Garcia, Joel McHale, and Sue Sylvester/Jane Lynch, spoofing the Boss man's "Born to Run". (8:05PM)


8:08 PM- WE are looking back at the past year in Comedy with clips from Comedy of the past year.

8:11PM- Jon Hamm and Betty White are presenting the first award of the evening- Supporting in a Comedy Series.

**The Emmy goes to** FIZBO!!!! Eric Stonestreet wins the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in "Modern Family". Hey, NBC, WHERE THE CLIPS AT?!?!

8:18PM- After a quick commercial break; Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) and the lovely Vergara are presenting the 2nd award of the evening- Writing in a Comedy Series.

"When did you get a laugh?" is the question asked of the nominees in this category? As is "Is funny sexy?"

The "Modern Family" pilot wins for Writing in a Comedy Series. Christopher Lloyd (not the actor) is the son of the late David Lloyd, who won in this race 34 years ago for the epic "Chuckles the Clown Bites the Dust" episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

8:22PM- Stephen Colbert is presenting the third award- Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Does Jane Lynch have this one wrapped up?

8:24PM- Janie did have this one wrapped up as the surly coach of the Cheer-E-O's nabs the Emmy. Congrats to Jane Lynch!

8:31PM- Chandler Bing and Lorelai Gilmore, BFF's in real life (Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham) are presenting the nominees for Guest Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series. I'm a big Lauren Graham fan, and she should have three Emmys by now, but has never been a nominee. And they are presenting the fourth category- Directing in a Comedy Series.

"What is the worst direction you've ever given?" is the question asked of all of the nominees in this category

8:33PM- The Emmy goes to Ryan Murphy for directing the pilot of the "sensation, sweeping the nation", Glee.

8:35PM- A clip with the cast of Modern Family. A "pitch" session with the cast of the show. Ha! A scene with Bowen and George Clooney. Priceless. Also, Vergara with Clooney, and Stewie Griffin of Family Guy talking to Ed O'Neill, mentioning that Modern Family is a show "he can talk about."

8:37PM- Eva Longoria Parker and LL Cool J are presenting Lead Actor in a Comedy Series- AND NOW WE HAVE CLIPS!!!! Category Numero Cinco!

8:38PM- JIM PARSONS wins the Emmy for his hilarious drunk scene!!!!! Like Maura West two months ago, Jim Parsons wins with an episode with a boozy drunk scene. As mentioned, Parsons had that scene in his reel where he accepts a trophy while drunk. A two-for-one EMMY SPECIAL.

8:44PM- 'Nother Commercial Break. And then Doogie Howser comes up to the stage to present the Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy.

8:45PM- History has been made. One Edith Falco of Brooklyn, New York becomes the first woman to win Lead Acting Emmys for Comedy and Drama. "I'm not funny", Falco insists during her acceptance speech. Robert Young and Carroll O'Connor are the other two people to pull of this feat.

8:47PM- Up next is a look back at Reality in the past year.

8:49PM- Mr. Amy Poehler/Gob Bluth (Will Arnett) and Felicity (Keri Russell) present the seventh award of the night- Reality/Competition Program. Can The Amazing Race make it 8 straight, or will a new victor triumph?

8:50PM- THE STREAK IS OVER!!!!! Top Chef pulls off the upset in the Reality/Competition Program. Everyone thought Idol would finally get it. Not even a "Simon Sayonara" could save them. REPEAT- The Amazing Race's streak ends at seven. I guess that the Emmy race can open up in this race. Apprentice next year?

8:57PM- After another commercial break, and an intro to the accountants from Ernst & Young, a look back at the year in DRAMA, Drama, Drama...

9:00PM- The next six categories are the Drama races. L&O SVU's Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay introduce Category Numero Ocho- Writing in a Drama Series.

"What's the best note you ever got for a network" is the question asked for the nominees?

9:01PM- The Emmy goes to Mad Men's season finale, written by creator Matthew Weiner, with Erin Levy. "Shut the Door, Have a Seat" was one of the great hours of TV the past year. Last year, the season 2 finale, "Meditations in an Emergency" won this race.

9:03PM- Chris and Mariska present the 9th award- Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (with clips). The Emmy goes to Aaron Paul, who had a breakout year, and is the 15th actor to win this category in the last 15 years. Congrats, Aaron!

9:10PM- after another break, Nathan Fillion and the lovely Emily Deschanel present the 10th award of the night- Supporting Actress in a Drama Series- the most "up in the air" category.

9:11PM- Archie Panjabi pulls off the 2nd upset of the night, winning for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for The Good Wife. Could The Good Wife pull off the Drama Series upset win?

9:12PM- Edie Falco, as Jimmy Fallon called her "the original housewife of New Jersey" presents the Lead Actor award. (# 11)

9:13PM- Tic-tae-toe, THREE in a Row (but not four), Bryan "with a Y" Cranston wins for Lead Actor in a Drama Series award for the third (but not fourth) consecutive year for Breaking Bad.

9:15PM- another commercial break

9:19PM- Guest Actor and Actress in a Drama Series recap; John Lithgow and Ann-Margret are presenting the 12th category of the night- Drama Series Directing.

The nominees question- "What did your mom want you to be when you were growing up?"

9:21PM- Steve Shill wins for Drama Series directing for Dexter for the episode "The Getaway." Lost's finale got snubbed in both writing and directing- this does not look good for the swan song of Lost, about to follow in the footsteps of the swan songs of M*A*S*H, Cheers, St. Elsewhere, and Newhart.

9:23PM- a Musical tribute (by Fallon) to three shows that went off the air- 24 (Fallon dressed as Sir Elton John), Law & Order (a parody of Boyz II Men's It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday, also by Fallon, dressed as a hip-hop artist), and Lost (Fallon dressed as a rock star, to the tune of Green Day's ??song??)

9:27PM- another commercial break

9:31PM- Glee's Matthew Morrison and 30 Rock's Tina Fey present the 13th award of the evening- Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

9:32PM- Floyd, we've got another upset. The better half of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick pulls off the 3rd upset of the night, on her 5th nomination for TNT's The Closer.

9:34PM- We now move to the next arena, Variety. Stephen Colbert joins in Jimmy Fallon's segue to the Year in Variety.

9:36PM- Could The Daily Show's streak also end at seven? Could The Daily Show's little brother, Colbert rise up, or could SNL's Betty White campaign pay off with extra dividends, or will Team Coco get a pity win? We'll find out, NOW!

9:37PM- Joel McHale and Jeff Probst present the 14th award of the night- Variety, Music, or Comedy Special writing.

9:39PM- The Tony Awards (last year's- 2009) win for Best Writing in a Variety, Music, or Comedy Special. (I thought that this would be announced during the Creative Arts awards. I was wrong)

9:47PM- after another word from our sponsors, funny British comedian Ricky Gervais takes the stage, and free beer is handed out to some of the nominees. I guess the party has begun. OK, Directing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Special.

Same question as Drama Series directing...

9:48PM- Haha, Louis J. Horwitz's mom wanted him to be an accordionist on The Lawrence Welk Show, lol....unfortunately for Louis's mom, with Lawrence Welk and Myron Floren, there were too many accordionists cooking in the kitchen.

9:49PM- Ricky Gervais was hoping for Bucky Gunts, and he got it right. Bucky directed the Opening Ceremony for the Vancouver Olympic Games. Congrats to Ricky for predicting it right.

9:50PM- And Sweet 16- Variety, Music or Comedy Series

9:51PM- And the eighth time is still the charm for Jon Stewart, as The Daily Show makes it eight in a row. Jim Tressel is getting ideas from Jon Stewart in order to beat Michigan. SNL was robbed for the second straight year in a row.

9:57PM- after the next break, the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award will be given to George Clooney.

10:00PM- And now, a word from the Chairman from the Academy, John Schaffner(?). Julianna Margulies presents the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award to her former ER co-star George Clooney. Clooney is the 4th recipient of this award, one whose humanitarian work has had a lasting impact in the industry (America: A Tribute to Heroes, Tsunami: A Concert of Hope, and Hope for Haiti Now).

10:04PM- And now, the Miniseries/Movie categories- a year back at those.

10:06PM- Jim & Betty- John Krasinski and January Jones present the 17th category- Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie

10:07PM- Julia Ormond wins the Emmy for her portrayal of the mother of Temple Grandin.

10:14PM- After another break, Claire Danes (the new spokesgal for Latisse) presents the Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie Emmy.

10:15PM- David Strathairn wins for Temple Grandin.

10:17PM- Jewel performs the song for the Memoriam segment

10:21PM- Commercial break

10:25PM- Jonathan Rollins and Abby Lockhart (Blair Underwood and Maura Tierney) present the Writing in a Miniseries or Movie Emmy (Emmy # 20 tonight) to Adam Mazer who penned You Don't Know Jack (NOT about the computer game).

10:28PM- Underwood & Tierney present the 21st Emmy of the night- Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie, which goes to Claire Danes as Temple Grandin. Danes was the youngest Lead Actress nominee in the history of the Emmys, 15 years ago at the tender age of 16. (She should be 2-for-2)

10:30PM- Another break. Only 6 categories left. (edited to realize there are 27 categories and not 26...or 24, or 28- like there were originally, pre-Clooney Humanitarian Award).

10:34PM- Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, and Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood present the Emmy for Directing in a Miniseries or Movie. (Category # 22)

10:35PM- Mick Jackson wins the Emmy for directing Temple Grandin. The third time is the charm for Jackson, who helmed The Bodyguard, Volcano, and L.A. Story.

10:37PM- The True Blood trio also presents Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie, which goes to Al Pacino for his role as Dr. Death (Jack Kevorkian) in You Don't Know Jack.

10:42PM- And now, the Final Four- Miniseries, Made for TV Movie, Drama Series, and Comedy Series. I predicted The Pacific, Temple Grandin, Mad Men, and Modern Family. Will I go 4-for-4? But first, another word from our sponsors. The Event- next year's Great Emmy drama, or next year's Silver Garbage chariot horse?

10:45PM- Laurence Fishburne presents the Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries...flip a coin.

10:46PM- The coin landed on heads for The Pacific. Cranford gets swept by Tom Hanks, having lost to John Adams two years ago.

10:48PM- Fishburne also presents the Best Made for TV Movie Emmy, which goes to Temple Grandin, HBO's film about a woman who overcame autism and received a doctorate.

10:49PM- Will Mad Men make it three in a row? Find out now as 1984's Best Drama Lead Actor Tom Selleck hands out the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

10:50PM- Tic-tac-toe, THREE IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch tonight's show again in 10 minutes on the East Coast folks!

10:52PM- one more prize. Can Modern Family win it? Will Glee sing out a high note? Or will 30 Rock pull off a shocker and four-peat? Comedy Series is up next after one final word from the sponsors.

10:56PM- And now, the 27th and Final Award of the night- Outstanding Comedy Series (see last update). And now, Sam Malone (ok, Ted Danson).

10:58PM- The Emmy Goes to...Modern Family. ABC's first Comedy Series winner in 22 years. 30 Rock is one Emmy nomination shy of tying the shutout record. Traditional family is back at the Emmys.

10:59PM- That's all she wrote on the Emmys. Now I'm off to write about tonight. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night (musical break) Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, GOODNIGHT!

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2010 Silver Garbage Award Winners

And the Winners Are:

Worst Comedy Series: The Jay Leno Show
Worst Actor: Michael Strahan, Brothers
Worst Actress: Jenna Elfman, Accidentally on Purpose
Worst Supporting Actor: Carl Weathers, Brothers
Worst Supporting Actress: CCH Pounder, Brothers
Worst Cast: Brothers

Worst Drama Series: Melrose Place
Worst Actor: Spencer Pratt, The Hills
Worst Actress: Mischa Barton, The Beautiful Life: TBL
Worst Supporting Actor: Corbin Bleu, The Beautiful Life: TBL
Worst Supporting Actress: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Melrose Place
Worst Cast: The Beautiful Life: TBL

Worst Reality Show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Worst New Show: The Beautiful Life: TBL

A full wrap-up of the Silver Garbage Awards will be in the September issue of The BC Bulletin, which will be released Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


By Bryan Curtiss

The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards air this upcoming Sunday on NBC. HBO's "The Pacific" is the most-nominated program with 24 Emmy nominations, followed by Fox's "Glee" with 19. This should be a very interesting Sunday night to see who wins and who comes up empty-handed in the approximately 25 categories that will be bestowed on television's biggest night. The BC Bulletin is predicting 14 of those big races.

Outstanding Comedy Series
Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
Glee (Fox)- SHOULD WIN
Modern Family (ABC)- WILL WIN
Nurse Jackie (Showtime)
The Office (NBC)
30 Rock (NBC)

SNUBBED: The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Community (NBC)
DARKHORSE: Nurse Jackie (Showtime), 30 Rock (NBC)

I believe that the winner of this race will join a list of freshman laffers to win for Comedy Series- joining “The Phil Silvers Show” (1956), “The Monkees” (1967), "All in the Family" (1971), "Taxi" (1979), "Cheers" (1983), "The Cosby Show" (1985), "The Golden Girls" (1986), "The Wonder Years" (1988), "Frasier" (1994), "Arrested Development" (2004), and last, but not least, three-time defending champ "30 Rock" (2007). With 19 Nominations, "Glee" is the biggest sensation that is sweeping the television nation. However, the trendiest shows come up empty-handed on Emmy night. "Glee" only won two awards at the Creative Arts Awards, while rival freshman Comedy "Modern Family" won three. The big surprise going into Emmy week is that three-time defending champ "30 Rock" was blanked at the Creative Arts Ceremony, one year removed from the show's record 24 nominations. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. "Glee" should win because it has the most nominations for any series, it won the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy Series, it won the SAG for Best Cast in a Comedy Series, but on Sunday, it's a whole new ball game. Even the trendiest of shows failed to win- "Desperate Housewives", "Twin Peaks", "Moonlighting", "Miami Vice", "The Sopranos" all were favored to win for their breakout freshman years, but came up empty-handed, which is why I think that the Emmy will go to "Modern Family". Emmy voters love traditional family shows, as witnessed by their love and affection for "All in the Family" and "Everybody Loves Raymond". The last time an ABC show won in this category (1988 to be exact), Ronald Reagan was President and gas cost less that two bucks.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper- The Big Bang Theory (CBS)- SHOULD WIN
Larry David as Himself- Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester- Glee (Fox)
Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk- Monk (USA)- WILL WIN
Steve Carell as Michael Scott- The Office (NBC)
Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy- 30 Rock (NBC)

SNUBBED: David Duchovny as Hank Moody (Californication, Showtime), Thomas Jane as Ray Drecker (Hung, HBO), Joel McHale as Jeff Winger (Community, NBC)

It should all go down to a battle of who has the best tapes. Based on this theory, Tony Shalhoub should win his fourth Emmy for "Monk". Shalhoub submitted the series finale, in which his OCD-afflicted detective finally solves his wife's murder. However, be on the lookout for a possible win by Parsons, as he has a breakout scene in his reel in which his character drunkenly accepts an award on stage, and (1) Emmy voters love drunks- as witnessed by soap star Maura West's win earlier this summer, and (2) it shows that Parsons's character is a winner- a la Dame Maggie Smith in "California Suite" (ok, not really, but you get the picture).

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Lea Michele as Rachel Berry- Glee (Fox)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Christine Campbell- The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton- Nurse Jackie (Showtime)- WILL/SHOULD WIN
Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope- Parks and Recreation (NBC)
Tina Fey as Liz Lemon- 30 Rock (NBC)
Toni Collette as Tara Gregson- The United States of Tara (Showtime)

SNUBBED: Courteney Cox as Jules Cobb (Cougar Town, ABC)

It's an open and shut case as Emmy voters will reward Falco's pill-popping, adulterous nurse over the competition, which includes defending champ Collette as a wife and mother with multiple personalities. What could keep Collette from repeating is that there hasn't been a repeat in this race in nine years, after a 13-year stretch (1989 to 2001) with only five winners in this race (Candice Bergen- five times, Helen Hunt- four times, Patricia Heaton- twice/the last to repeat, Roseanne and Kirstie Alley- once). Since Patricia Heaton's repeat, there have been eight different winners (Jennifer Aniston, Debra Messing, Sarah Jessica Parker, Felicity Huffman, Louis-Dreyfus, America Ferrera, Fey, Collette), and Falco will be the ninth. Also, with her impending win, Falco will be the first woman to win Lead Acting Emmys for both Comedy and Drama, joining Robert Young (“Father Knows Best”- 1959 & “Marcus Welby M.D.”- 1970) and Carroll O'Connor (“All in the Family”- 1972, 1977-1979 & “In the Heat of the Night”- 1989) as the only actors to pull off this feat in Emmy history.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel- Glee (Fox)
Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson- How I Met Your Mother (CBS)- SHOULD WIN
Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy- Modern Family (ABC)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett- Modern Family (ABC)
Eric Stonestreet as Cameron Tucker- Modern Family (ABC)- WILL WIN
Jon Cryer as Alan Harper- Two and a Half Men (CBS)

SNUBBED: John Krasinski as Jim Halpert (The Office, NBC), Ed O'Neill as Jay Pritchett (Modern Family, ABC), Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold (Entourage, HBO), Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute (The Office, NBC)
DARKHORSE: Burrell, Harris

One word- Fizbo. That word was the episode of Stonestreet's reel, in which his character was dressed as a clown. That episode should be enough for Stonestreet to win. Be on the lookout for a possible upset by co-star Burrell, or by Neil Patrick Harris, who won two Emmys on Saturday night (for hosting the Tonys and his guest appearance on "Glee"). God forbid that Ducky from "Pretty in Pink" does the unthinkable...again.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester- Glee (Fox)- WILL/SHOULD WIN
Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy- Modern Family (ABC)
Sofia Vergara as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett- Modern Family (ABC)
Kristen Wiig, Performer- Saturday Night Live (NBC)
Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney- 30 Rock (NBC)
Holland Taylor as Evelyn Harper- Two and a Half Men (CBS)

SNUBBED: Jane Adams as Tanya Skagle (Hung, HBO), Dianna Agron as Quinn Fabray (Glee, Fox), Jenna Fischer as Pam Halpert (The Office, NBC), Elizabeth Perkins as Celia Hodes (Weeds, Showtime)
DARKHORSE: You've got to be kidding...right?

If anyone but Lynch wins, it will be a tragedy bigger than Jon Cryer's win last year.

Outstanding Drama Series
Breaking Bad (AMC)
Dexter (Showtime)
The Good Wife (CBS)
True Blood (HBO)

DARKHORSE: Breaking Bad (AMC), Dexter (Showtime), The Good Wife (CBS)
In any given year, be on the lookout for an upset winner ("Law & Order"- 1997, "Police Story"- 1976, "Cagney & Lacey"- 1985 & 1986, "thirtysomething"- 1988, "24"- 2006). However, "Mad Men" picked flawlessly in their submissions, and I don't think it's 100 percent possible for "Mad Men" to be denied their third consecutive win. "Lost", could win for submitting it's epic finale. But in my opinion, the finale was too long, and dragged a bit. That's what cost shows such as "St. Elsewhere", "M*A*S*H", "Seinfeld", "Cheers", and "Sex and the City" gold in their final seasons. "Mad Men" will join an elite list of shows- "The Defenders" (1962, 1963, 1964), "Hill Street Blues" (1981, 1982, 1983, 1984), "L.A. Law" (1989, 1990, 1991), and "The West Wing" (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003) to three-peat in this race, because "Mad Men" is the Cadillac of the Emmy kingdom (at least until the Bentley in the form of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" comes in next year).

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Bryan Cranston as Walter H. White- Breaking Bad (AMC)- WILL WIN
Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan- Dexter (Showtime)- SHOULD WIN
Kyle Chandler as Eric Taylor- Friday Night Lights (DirectTV)
Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House- House (Fox)
Matthew Fox as Dr. Jack Shepherd- Lost (ABC)
Jon Hamm as Don Draper- Mad Men (AMC)

SNUBBED: Simon Baker as Patrick Jane (The Mentalist, CBS), Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as King Henry VIII (The Tudors, Showtime)
Cranston is very likely to three-peat, because he won't be winning this race next year ("Breaking Bad" will not be eligible for next year's race because the show's fourth season does not begin until next July). However, Hall had a breakout year complete with Golden Globe and SAG wins, as his character went toe-to-toe with Guest Actor champ John Lithgow, and Dexter's wife Rita is found murdered in the bathtub. The race has been between Cranston and Hall, and it's a 70-30 race right now, with Cranston leading.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Kyra Sedgwick as Det. Brenda Johnson- The Closer (TNT)
Glenn Close as Patty Hewes- Damages (F/X)
Connie Britton as Tami Taylor- Friday Night Lights (NBC)
Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick- The Good Wife (CBS)- WILL/SHOULD WIN
Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC)
January Jones as Betty Draper- Mad Men (AMC)

SNUBBED: Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood, HBO)
DARKHORSE: None really, but watch out for Sedgwick

If anyone but Julianna Margulies wins, it will be a shocker, because Margulies is the clear choice to win this race. Connie Britton and January Jones should both be proud that they got to break on through with their first Emmy nods this year, after multiple snubs.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman- Breaking Bad (AMC)- SHOULD WIN
Martin Short as Joe Tobin- Damages (F/X)
Michael Emerson as Ben Linus- Lost (ABC)
Terry O'Quinn as John Locke- Lost (ABC)- WILL WIN
John Slattery as Roger Sterling- Mad Men (AMC)
Andre Braugher as Owen Thoreau Jr.- Men of a Certain Age (TNT)

SNUBBED: John Goodman as Creighton Bernette (Treme, HBO), Josh Holloway as Sawyer Ford (Lost, ABC)
DARKHORSE: Braugher, Emerson

If John Lithgow were nominated here like he belonged (he had as much screen time as Michael C. Hall on "Dexter" last season), he would have won, plain and simple. Terry O'Quinn is in the driver's seat right now. However, what's keeping O’Quinn from sealing a win is the fact that in the last 14 years in this category, there have been 14 different winners (the late Ray Walston, Hector Elizondo, Gordon Clapp, Michael Badalucco, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford, the late John Spencer, Joe Pantoliano, Michael Imperioli, William Shatner, Alan Alda, O'Quinn, Zeljko Ivanek, and Emerson). Braugher is a spoiler choice, because of his out-of-left field nomination which surprised everyone. Paul has once again garnered buzz for another great season on “Breaking Bad” and definitely deserves a statuette to call his own.

On a side note, condolences go out to Martin Short, whose wife, former actress Nancy Dolman passed away last Saturday.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Sharon Gless as Madeline Westen- Burn Notice (USA)
Rose Byrne as Ellen Parsons- Damages (F/X)
Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart- The Good Wife (CBS)
Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma- The Good Wife (CBS)
Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris- Mad Men (AMC)- SHOULD WIN
Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson- Mad Men (AMC)- WILL WIN

SNUBBED: Khandi Alexander as Ladonna Batiste (Treme, HBO), Michelle Forbes as Maryann Forrester (True Blood, HBO), S. Epatha Merkerson as Lt. Anita Van Buren (Law & Order, NBC)

It can be a race in which any of these six actresses could win. On paper, it is between "Mad Men" co-stars Hendricks and Moss. However, a possible out-of-left field upset could be on the horizon for Gless, who won two Emmys in the 1980s for her role on "Cagney & Lacey", and is a perennial Emmy vet. And Emmy voters revere their veteran actors, case in point- Betty White. The only thing missing was Khandi Alexander, who was snubbed for great work on HBO's "Treme", which itself got almost ignored by Emmy voters, much like "The Wire", which was also produced by the creators of "Treme".

Outstanding Made for Television Movie
Endgame- Masterpiece Classic (PBS)
Georgia O'Keeffe (Lifetime)
Moonshot (History Channel)
The Special Relationship (HBO)
Temple Grandin (HBO)- WILL WIN
You Don't Know Jack (HBO)- SHOULD WIN


Four of the six nominees should be proud to make it to Awards Sunday. This is really a two-person race. HBO has won this category 15 of the last 17 years, and there is no doubt they'll make it 16 out of 18, having one half of this year's nominees. "Temple Grandin" has the edge, because it is about a woman who overcame autism to get a doctorate degree. I would not be surprised if HBO's flick about famed assisted suicide advocate Dr. Jack Kevorkian, "You Don't Know Jack" comes out on top. Both "Grandin" and "Jack" shared the Made for TV Movie honors at the Bryan Awards.

Outstanding Miniseries
Return to Cranford- Masterpiece Classic (PBS)

SNUBBED: The Prisoner (AMC)
DARKHORSE: Return to Cranford (PBS)

Barring any British-sentiment for the sequel to "Cranford", the sequel, like the original will lose to an epic HBO miniseries that was executive produced by Academy Award winner Tom Hanks. "The Pacific" has everything- love, conflict, victory, what doesn't "The Pacific" have? Oh, yeah, acting nominations. But, like "Band of Brothers" before it (which also failed to have an acting nomination), "The Pacific" will be honored, not because it was a World War II miniseries, but because it was 10 of the best hours of television of 2010.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie
Jeff Bridges as Jon Katz (A Dog Year, HBO)
Sir Ian McKellen as Number Two (The Prisoner, AMC)
Dennis Quaid as President Bill Clinton (The Special Relationship, HBO)
Michael Sheen as Prime Minister Tony Blair (The Special Relationship, HBO)
Al Pacino as Dr. Jack Kevorkian (You Don't Know Jack, HBO)- WILL/SHOULD WIN

SNUBBED: Jeremy Irons as Alfred Stieglitz (Georgia O'Keeffe, Lifetime)
DARKHORSE: Bridges or McKellen

Al Pacino has this bad girl wrapped up, marking this the second time he's won for portraying a real person (he was a quasi-fictionalized version of attorney Roy Cohn in "Angels in America"). Emmy voters love real people in this category, as witnessed in the past decade, as Emmy voters have honored portrayals of John Adams, Peter Sellers, Otto Frank, and Sir Winston Churchill (twice).

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie
Dame Maggie Smith as Mary (Capturing Mary, BBC)
Joan Allen as Georgia O'Keeffe (Georgia O'Keeffe, Lifetime
Dame Judi Dench as Miss Matty Jenkins (Return to Cranford, PBS)
Hope Davis as Hillary Clinton (The Special Relationship, HBO)
Claire Danes as Temple Grandin (Temple Grandin, HBO)- WILL/SHOULD WIN

SNUBBED: Caterina Scorsone as Alice (Alice, SyFy)

This Emmy is Claire Danes' to lose. 'Nuff said?

Emmy Trivia: The last time Danes was Emmy-nominated, she became the youngest Lead Actress nominee in Emmy history, for her role as Angela Chase in "My So-Called Life."

Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series
The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)
Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Saturday Night Live (NBC)- WILL WIN
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (NBC)- SHOULD WIN

SNUBBED: The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)
DARKHORSE: Colbert, The Daily Show

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" has resided in this category for the last seven years. It's about time for a change, don't you think? For the first time in 27 years, late night titan David Letterman won't be competing in this race, as "The Late Show with David Letterman" was snubbed in this category for the first time since Letterman has been on CBS (Letterman was nominated as Executive Producer of "When Kids Grieve", which lost on Saturday night). In the 35 year history of the show, "Saturday Night Live" has only won this award twice (1976 and 1993), and submitted the Betty White episode, which won honors for White and director Don Roy King. Meanwhile, "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien", which went out with a bang in January, submitted the finale, and "The Colbert Report" submitted an episode from Colbert's trip to Iraq, which won a Writing Emmy on Saturday, which means that this race is far from over.

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
The Amazing Race (CBS)- WILL WIN
American Idol (Fox)- SHOULD WIN
Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
Project Runway (Lifetime)
Top Chef (Bravo)

SNUBBED: Survivor (CBS)
DARKHORSE: Wow…good one there

"The Amazing Race", like "The Daily Show" has a seven-year itch of its own. "The Amazing Race" was the first winner of this category. And the second. And the third. And so far, it's the only reality competition show to win this category. And as the years go by, it seems like there's a reality show that could unseat it. But every year, "The Amazing Race" has won, now having as many Emmys for Reality-Competition Program, as there are continents on the planet. Can "American Idol" finally get over the hump with their farewell to grouchy ex-judge Simon Cowell? Find out on Sunday.

Guest Actor, Comedy Series: Neil Patrick Harris as Bryan Ryan- Glee (Fox)
Guest Actress, Comedy Series: Betty White, Host/Performer- Saturday Night Live (NBC)
Guest Actor, Drama Series: John Lithgow as Arthur Mitchell- Dexter (Showtime)
Guest Actress, Drama Series: Ann-Margret as Rita Wilson- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC)
Reality Host: Jeff Probst- Survivor (CBS)
Animated Program: Disney Prep and Landing (ABC)
Reality Program: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (ABC)
Variety Special: The Kennedy Center Honors (CBS)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

‘Glee’, ‘Pacific’, ‘SNL’ Win Big; ‘World Turns’ and ‘Lost’ Go Out On Top

(August 15-16, 2010)

CONTACT: Bryan Curtiss (

‘Glee’, ‘Pacific’, ‘SNL’ Win Big; ‘World Turns’ and ‘Lost’ Go Out On Top

“Glee” won 14 Bryan Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, at this year’s Bryan Awards.

“Glee”, Fox’s smash hit musical comedy series, led all shows with a record 42 Nominations this year, breaking the record of 40 set by CBS soap opera “As the World Turns” in the inaugural Bryan Awards in 2001.

“Glee” won prizes for Younger Actor (Chris Colfer), Supporting Actress (Jane Lynch), and two prizes for directing, among its accolades.

“The thing about ‘Glee’ is that it was able to resonate through the television viewing audience in song. In the complete history of the television world, no show has been able to do that, until now,” said Bryan Awards Creator Bryan Curtiss.

“As the World Turns”, which is ending its 54-year run on September 17, won eight Bryan Awards this year, including Best Daytime Soap for the first time since 2002. The show swept the Lead Acting races with wins for recent Daytime Emmy winners Michael Park and Maura West. Park and West’s on-screen son, Mick Hazen won for Younger Actor. The show also won for Guest Actor (Stuart Damon), makeup, costumes, and casting.

“As the World Turns”, which is ending its 54-year run on September 17, won eight Bryan Awards this year, including Best Daytime Soap for the first time since 2002. The show swept the Lead Acting races with wins for recent Daytime Emmy winners Michael Park and Maura West. Park and West’s on-screen son, Mick Hazen won for Younger Actor. The show also won for Guest Actor (Stuart Damon), makeup, costumes, and casting.

“There will never be another soap like (‘As the World Turns’) in the history of the Bryan Awards,” Curtiss remarked about the departing soap. “The loss of both ‘World Turns’ and ‘Guiding Light’ is a huge wake-up call to daytime television and the already slowly dying soap opera industry, telling them that it’s time to completely revamp.”

Also winning eight Bryan Awards was the soap which will take over as the longest-running soap after ATWT wraps, and Damon’s long-time home for over 30 years, “General Hospital”, which won awards for Supporting Actor (Jonathan Jackson), Younger Actress (recent Daytime Emmy champ Julie Berman), Episode of the Year (Carnival), and five craft prizes.

Another show that left the airwaves in 2010 picked up eight Bryan Awards, and it was the Best Drama of the year, “Lost”. ABC’s suspense drama about castaways from a plane crash picked up writing, directing, and Episode of the Year laurels for the show’s swan song.

At the Bryan Awards, “Lost” soared over two-time defending champion “Mad Men”, which only won three Bryan Awards, including Ensemble Cast and Supporting Actress for Christina Hendricks, who plays an administrative assistant in a 1960s advertising agency.

In Miniseries and Movie races, “Temple Grandin” and “You Don’t Know Jack” shared the honor for top TV Movie, while HBO’s ten-part World War II drama “The Pacific” took home nine Bryan Awards, including Best Miniseries.

If “Glee” was the biggest sensation of the past television season, actress Betty White would have been a clear and distant second biggest sensation.

The veteran Emmy-winning actress hosted “Saturday Night Live”, in part due to a large Facebook campaign to get White to host the show. The campaign paid off, and “SNL” reaped it’s third straight Variety Series win. White was named Best Guest Actress for her hosting duties on the show, and won for Performance of the Year. In addition to all of the accolades for hosting “Saturday Night Live”, White also won for her guest stint on Daytime Emmy victor “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

To view the complete list of winners, go to


Friday, August 6, 2010

2010 Creative Arts Bryan Award Winners

(August 6, 2010)

‘Glee’, ‘Pacific’, ‘SNL’ Big Winners At Bryan Creative Arts Awards

Bryan Curtiss

Fox’s “Glee”, with a record 42 Bryan Award nominations, is the heads-on favorite to sweep the Bryan Awards this year, and after Friday night’s Creative Arts Bryan Awards, they made that mark.

“Glee” won ten Bryan Awards on Friday evening, including Best Performance by a Cast in a Comedy Series, at the 2010 Creative Arts Bryan Awards.

The Creative Arts Bryan Awards were held to honor achievements in all but the 30 main categories that will be announced on Bryan Award Sunday on August 15. The achievements range from technical and behind-the-scenes categories, to guest acting categories.

“Glee” also won for Ensemble Cast in a New Series, Supporting Actress in a New Series (Jane Lynch), Guest Actress in a New Series (Kristin Chenoweth), Guest Actor in a New Series (Mike O’Malley, who also won for his work on NBC’s “Parenthood”), Directing for both a Comedy Series and New Series (co-creator Ryan Murphy for helming the pilot). The show also won prizes for casting, editing, and sound mixing.

“‘Glee’, if it sweeps every category on Bryan Awards Sunday, could break the record for most wins in a single season in Bryan Awards history,” said Bryan Awards creator, Bryan Curtiss.

The record that Curtiss is talking about is 15 Bryan Award wins in one year, which was set by ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” during its 2005 rookie campaign. This year, “Housewives” received only one nomination, and lost.

The romp by “Glee” led to a complete sweep over rival freshman comedy, “Modern Family”, ABC’s multi-layered family skein, which had 24 nominations. The show only won for Supporting Actor in a New Series for co-star Eric Stonestreet.

Also with 24 nominations, “The Young and the Restless”, the top-rated daytime soap for over the last 23 years, failed to win a single award for the second consecutive year at the Creative Arts Bryan Awards.

HBO’s “The Pacific” was another big winner at the Creative Arts Bryan Awards, winning eight Bryan Awards.

“The Pacific” won for directing in a Miniseries or Movie, plus kudos for casting, editing, cinematography, sound editing, sound editing, music, and visual effects.

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” won seven Bryan Awards, including Comedy Episode of the Year, for the episode hosted by Comedy Guest Actress champ Betty White. That episode also won for writing, and shared the directing prize with the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games, which won four Bryan Awards, including Variety Performance for Michael BublĂ©, who also won for his SNL musical appearance with Comedy Guest Actor champ Jon Hamm, who picked up his first Bryan Award win.

The love for Betty White was apparent at the Bryan Awards. Her guest hosting gig on SNL was contributed to a fan-driven Facebook drive to get her to host the show. White, at 88 years young, is currently on the TVLand sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” and could might as well be back for more at next year’s Bryan Awards.

White also won for Performance of the Year for hosting “Saturday Night Live” and for Guest Actress in a Daytime Drama for the second time for reprising her 2007-winning role on “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

“At 88, Betty White is having a renaissance, and is still getting work, and not dropping a beat,” Curtiss said.

ABC’s “Lost”, which ended its six-year run in May, and ABC’s “General Hospital”, which will become the longest-running soap still on the air this September, each received six Bryan Awards each.

Departing shows “24” and “As the World Turns” picked up four Bryan Awards each, as did “Survivor”.

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