Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Daytime Emmy Acting Entrants & Pre-Nominees

It is official.  One Life to Live will finish out its eligibility frame at the Daytime Emmys without an acting nomination.  Only Kassie DePaiva submitted for the late ABC soap, which will be making it's online-only relaunch this spring.  DePaiva submitted in both Lead (for OLTL) and Supporting (for General Hospital), but  failed to break through in either race.  General Hospital, which celebrates it's 50th Anniversary on April 1, has 50 percent of the Supporting Actress pre-nominees, one year after garnering four of the five Supporting Actor nominations.  I'm going to post who was submitted in each category, followed by the Top 10 Pre-Nominees.

Here is who Submitted by Show in each race (the Younger Acting pre-nominees were pre-nominated by default, as there were only nine entrants in each race):

Susan Flannery (ex-Stephanie)
Heather Tom (Katie)

Don Diamont (Bill)
John McCook (Eric)
Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge)

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)
Kristolyn Lloyd (Dayzee)

Scott Clifton (Liam)
Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon)
Jacob Young (Rick)

Linsey Godfrey (Caroline)
Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood (Steffy)
Kim Matula (Hope)

Adam Gregory (Thomas)

Deidre Hall (Marlena)
Peggy McCay (Caroline)

Galen Gering (Rafe)
Joseph Mascolo (Stefano)

Judi Evans (Adrienne)
Lauren Koslow (Kate)
Suzanne Rogers (Maggie)
Arianne Zucker (Nicole)

Blake Berris (Nick)
Shawn Christian (Daniel)
Bryan Datillo (Lucas)
James Reynolds (Abe)
Greg Vaughan (Eric)

Camilla Banus (Gabi)
Kate Mansi (Abigail)

Casey Deidrick (Chad)
Chandler Massey (Will)
Freddie Smith (Sonny)

Finola Hughes (Anna)
Kelly Monaco (Sam)
Kelly Sullivan (Connie/Kate)
Laura Wright (Carly)

Maurice Benard (Sonny)
Roger Howarth (Todd)
Jason Thompson (Patrick)

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu)
Kassie DePaiva (ex-Blair)
Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis)
Carolyn Hennesy (Diane)
Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth)
Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie)
Lisa LoCicero (Olivia)
Robin Mattson (Heather)

Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)
Brandon Barash (Johnny)
Sean Kanan (A.J.)
Erik Valdez (ex-Trey)
John J. York (Mac)
Dominic Zamprogna (Dante)

Kristen Alderson (Starr)
Lindsey Morgan (Kristina)
Haley Pullos (Molly)

Chad Duell (Michael)
Tequan Richmond (T.J.)

(ONE LIFE TO LIVE, ABC: 1968-2012)

Kassie DePaiva (Blair)

Sharon Case (Sharon)
Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)
Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki)
Michelle Stafford (Phyllis)

Peter Bergman (Jack)
Doug Davidson (Paul)
Christian LeBlanc (Michael)
Michael Muhney (Adam)
Stephen Nichols (ex-Tucker)

Judith Chapman (Gloria)
Jessica Collins (Avery)
Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea)
Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe)

Robert Adamson (Noah)
Jeff Branson (ex-Ronan)
Billy Miller (Billy)
Peter Porte (ex-Ricky)
Greg Rikaart (Kevin)

Hunter King (Summer)

Max Ehrich (Fenmore)
Bryton James (Devon)
Daniel Polo (Jamie)



Sharon Case as Sharon Newman - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Jeanne Cooper as Katherine Chancellor - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Susan Flannery as Stephanie Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Finola Hughes as Anna Devane - General Hospital (ABC)
Peggy McCay as Caroline Brady - Days of Our Lives (NBC)
Kelly Monaco as Sam Morgan - General Hospital (ABC)
Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Newman - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Summers Newman - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Kelly Sullivan as Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri - General Hospital (ABC)
Heather Tom as Katie Logan Spencer - The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Laura Wright as Carly Jax - General Hospital (ABC)

Maurice Benard as Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr. - General Hospital (ABC)
Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Doug Davidson as Paul Williams - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Don Diamont as Bill Spencer Jr. - The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Roger Howarth as Todd Manning - General Hospital (ABC)
Christian LeBlanc as Michael Baldwin - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
John McCook as Eric Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Michael Muhney as Adam Newman - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Stephen Nichols as Tucker McCall - The Young and the Restlesss (CBS)
Jason Thompson as Dr. Patrick Drake - General Hospital (ABC)

Julie Marie Berman as Lulu Spencer - General Hospital (ABC)
Jessica Collins as Avery Bailey Clark - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Melissa Claire Egan as Chelsea Newman - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Nancy Lee Grahn as Alexis Davis - General Hospital (ABC)
Elizabeth Hendrickson as Chloe Mitchell - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Rebecca Herbst as Elizabeth Webber - General Hospital (ABC)
Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan - The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Lisa LoCicero as Olivia Falconeri - General Hospital (ABC)
Robin Mattson as Heather Webber - General Hospital (ABC)
Arianne Zucker as Nicole Walker - Days of Our Lives (NBC)

Bradford Anderson as Damian Spinelli - General Hospital (ABC)
Jeff Branson as Ronan Malloy - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Shawn Christian as Dr. Daniel Jonas - Days of Our Lives (NBC)
Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer - The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Bryan Datillo as Lucas Horton - Days of Our Lives (NBC)
Billy Miller as Billy Abbott - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Peter Porte as Ricky Williams - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
James Reynolds as Abe Carver - Days of Our Lives (NBC)
Greg Rikaart as Kevin Fisher - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Greg Vaughan as Eric Brady - Days of Our Lives (NBC)

Kristen Alderson as Starr Manning - General Hospital (ABC)
Camilla Banus as Gabi Hernandez - Days of Our Lives (NBC)
Linsey Godfrey as Caroline Spencer - The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Hunter King as Summer Newman - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Kate Mansi as Abigail Deveraux - Days of Our Lives (NBC)
Kim Matula as Hope Logan - The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Lindsey Morgan as Kristina Corinthos Davis - General Hospital (ABC)
Haley Pullos as Molly Lansing Davis - General Hospital (ABC)
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

Casey Deidrick as Chad DiMera - Days of Our Lives (NBC)
Chad Duell as Michael Corinthos - General Hospital (ABC)
Max Ehrich as Fenmore Baldwin - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Adam Gregory as Thomas Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Bryton James as Devon Hamilton Winters - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Chandler Massey as Will Horton - Days of Our Lives (NBC)
Daniel Polo as Jamie Vernon - The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Tequan Richmond as T.J. Ashford - General Hospital (ABC)
Freddie Smith as Sonny Kiriakis - Days of Our Lives (NBC)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

LIVE Blogging of the 85th Annual Academy Awards

In about one half an hour from now, the 85th Annual Academy Awards will air live on ABC, hosted by comedian and animator (among things) Seth McFarlane.  The stars are out tonight for Hollywood’s Biggest Night of the year.  The Steven Spielberg film “Lincoln” leads with 12 nominations, including Best Picture.  However, the film that has dominated the major accolades has been “Argo”, with seven nominations.  There are a lot of headlines that could be made tonight, such as the most wins for Best Actor by one individual, the oldest winner for Best Actress, and the youngest winner for Best Actress (and when the nominees were announced, we saw the first time an acting category was filled with past winners – Best Supporting Actor).  Sit back, stay tuned, and grab some snacks, because it will be a long and exciting ride.

8:08PM - Only Brad Oltmanns and Rick Rosas from the Accounting Firm of Price Waterhouse know who the winners are right now, as the two accountants walk down the Red Carpet.  Within the next 3.5 hours, we’ll know who the winners are.

8:13PM- Okay, Kristin Chenoweth has been asking what is in the secret box.  What the hell was in it?  Oh, Ruby Red Slippers, on loan from the Smithsonian Institute (yes, Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers, Chenoweth was on “Wicked” in Broadway).

8:28PM- The Oscar Ceremony is just two minutes away.  Here is a recap of The DJBC Happy Hour’s final Oscar Predictions: (oh, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 swept the Razzies last night, taking home seven awards, including Worst Picture, Director, and Worst Actress for Kristen Stewart, who arrived on the Oscar Red Carpet in crutches)

8:28PM- LIVE New York Times Oscar Updates (Scroll Down for their 538 Blog Post Predictions): 

8:30PM- It’s Showtime!  (Yeah, we know it’s the Oscars)

8:31PM – “Welcome to The Oscars.  The quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh begins now!”

8:31PM – “From Whoopi to ___, they finally came down to me.”

8:31PM – “The story was so top secret, that the film’s director is unknown to the Academy.”

8:32PM – “Jean Dujardin won Best Actor for ‘The Artist’.  Now he’s everywhere.  His story is a sad old story.  He couldn’t make it in the talkies.”

8:33PM – “He is the sixth member of the Coppola Family to get an Oscar nomination.  ‘Look, ma!  I’ve got an ‘A’ in Spanish!’  ‘That’s impressive.  Everyone in your family has an Oscar nomination.”

8:33PM – “If you saw a cell phone, did you have to say ‘My god, what is that?’”

8:35PM – “She told me, ‘No matter if she wins or loses, thank God Meryl Streep isn’t nominated.’”- Seth MacFarlane (about Jennifer Lawrence)

8:36PM – Captain Kirk tries to prevent Seth MacFarlane from hosting the Oscars.  “Your jokes are tasteless and inappropriate.  Why couldn’t they get Tina and Amy to host.”

8:38PM – A song, “We Saw Your Boobs” with MacFarlane and the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles; “Oh, trust me.  In July 2015, you joined that chorus.” - Kirk

8:39PM – Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron are dancing on the Oscar stage as Seth MacFarlane sings “The Way You Look Tonight”.

8:41PM – “Flight” with sock puppets

8:42PM – “You’re a white guy in 2013.  You can’t play a black man.”

8:43PM – MacFarlane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Daniel Radcliffe soft shoe to “High Hopes”.

8:44PM – MacFarlane (dressed as Sister Bertrille) chatting with Sally Field.

8:45PM – “I’ve got a bottle of wine and some Boniva waiting.”

8:46PM – MacFarlane sings a parody of “Be Our Guest”.

8:47PM – Last year’s Supporting Actress winner Octavia Spencer is here to present the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (a combined 21 nominations and all five are past winners).

8:48PM – “This must be the most impressive field of nominees in this category.” – Octavia Spencer

8:50PM – Christoph Waltz wins his second Best Supporting Actor Oscar (and his second for a Quentin Tarantino film) for his role in “Django Unchained”.  Wow, upset!

8:52PM – First Commercial Break

8:55PM – Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy present the second Oscar of the night, Best Animated Short Film.

8:57PM – “Paperman” wins the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film for its animator, John Kahrs.

8:59PM – McCarthy and Rudd also present the third Oscar of the night, which is Animated Feature.

9:00PM – “Brave” wins the Academy Award for Animated Feature for directors Mark Andrews (on stage wearing a kilt) and Brenda Chapman.

9:01PM – Reese Witherspoon introduces “Les Miserables”, “The Life of Pi”, and “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, one-third of this year’s Best Picture nominees.

9:04PM – “You got nominated for an Oscar.  Something that a nine year-old can do.”; “I hope I don’t lose to that old lady…Jennifer Lawrence.” – Seth MacFarlane (on Quvenzhane Wallis)

9:05PM – The Cast of “The Avengers” (Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and Samuel L. Jackson) is on stage to present the Oscar for Cinematography, which is the fourth category of the night.  Can Roger Deakins finally win it?

9:07PM – Claudio Miranda wins the Academy Award for “Life of Pi” for Cinematography.

9:08PM – The “Avengers” quintet are also on stage to present the fifth Oscar of the night, Visual Effects.

9:10PM – The Visual Effects team (Donald R. Elliott, Bill Westenhofer, Erik-Jan De Boer, and Guillaume Rocheron) from “Life of Pi” wins the Academy Award for Visual Effects.

9:12PM – The Visual Effects team from “Life of Pi” gets cut off by “Jaws” and “The Magnificent Seven” theme…and it’s time for another commercial break.

9:16PM – Channing Tatum and Jennifer Aniston present the sixth Oscar of the night, Costume Design.

9:17PM – Jacqueline Durran wins the Academy Award for Costume Design for “Anna Karenina”.

9:18PM – Tatum and Aniston also present the seventh Oscar of the night, Makeup and Hairstyling, of which there are only three nominees.

9:19PM – Lisa Westcott and Julie Dartnell win the Academy Award for Makeup and Hairstyling for “Les Miserables”.

9:21PM – “There are a lot of beautiful women out there tonight.  And for those you who gave themselves the flu two weeks ago to get there, it paid off.” – Seth MacFarlane

9:22PM – Halle Berry introduces the James Bond 50th Anniversary segment.

9:22PM – We are being treated to a musical montage of .007 through the last five decades of film, from “Dr. No” to “Skyfall”.

9:24PM – Dame Shirley Bassey takes to the stage to sing “Goldfinger” in the James Bond tribute.

9:28PM – Commercial Break Time

9:31PM – MacFarlane acknowledges Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (the show’s producers) and the show’s director.

9:32PM – Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx present the eighth Oscar of the night, Live Action Short Film.

9:33PM – “Curfew” wins the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film for Shawn Christensen.

9:35PM – Washington and Foxx also present the ninth Oscar of the night, Documentary Short Subject.

9:36PM – “Inocente” wins the Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject for filmmakers Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine.

9:38PM – Liam Neeson introduces three more Best Picture nominees: “Argo”, “Lincoln”, and “Zero Dark Thirty”.

9:41PM – “I can really argue that the actor that got into Abe Lincoln’s joke was John Wilkes Booth.  150 years is way too soon?  A Napoleon joke.”; “The guy goes from starring in ‘Gigli’ to becoming the most respected filmmaker.  In six months, we’ll be calling him Benjamin Affleck.”- Seth MacFarlane

9:42PM – Ben Affleck presents the tenth Oscar of the night, Documentary Feature.

9:44PM – “Searching for Sugarman” wins the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for Malik Bendjelloul and Simon Chinn.

9:45PM – Commercial Break

9:50PM – Jessica Chastain and (Ben Affleck’s wife) Jennifer Garner present the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

9:51PM – “Amour” wins the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for producer-director Michael Haneke.

9:52PM – MacFarlane introduces us to the Oscar Orchestra.

9:53PM – John Travolta introduces a segment on Movie Musicals from the last decade, with a performance from the cast of “Les Miserables”, but it starts off with…

9:54PM – Catherine Zeta-Jones singing “All That Jazz” from the film that won her an Academy Award from the 2002 Best Picture, “Chicago”.

9:58PM – Jennifer Hudson sings “And I’m Telling You That I’m Not Going” from her Oscar-winning role in the 2006 film “Dreamgirls”.

10:01PM – And the cast of this year’s nominated Best Picture nominee “Les Miserables” perform “One Day More” on the stage.  They sang live every day of filming, a motion picture rarity.

10:09PM – Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana introduce a segment for the Scientific and Technical Awards.

10:11PM – Mark Wahlberg and Ted (voiced by MacFarlane) introduce the next award, for Sound Mixing.

10:12PM – “Les Miserables” wins the Academy Award for Sound Mixing for Mark Paterson, Simon Bates, and Andy Nelson.

10:14PM – “I am Theodore Shapiro and I would like to donate my money to Israel forever.” – Ted Bear

10:14PM – Wahlberg and Ted also present the nominees for Sound Editing.

10:15PM – OH, shit!  We have a tie!  “Zero Dark Thirty” wins the first of two Oscars for Sound Editing for Sound Editor Paul N.J. Ottosson.

10:16PM –  The other Sound Editing Oscar goes to “Skyfall” for Sound Editors Per Hallberg and Karen Baker Landers.

10:19PM – Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer presents the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

10:20PM – “These actresses have been acting since they were teenagers.  And I expect them to act until they are older than me.”- Christopher Plummer

10:22PM – Anne Hathaway wins the Academy Award for her role as Fantine in “Les Miserables”, in one of the most challenging roles for an actor in cinematic history.

10:23PM – “It came true.” – Anne Hathaway on accepting her Academy Award

10:25PM – Another Commercial Break, but I heard that Adele will be performing “Skyfall” coming soon.

10:29PM – Huck Kotch, the President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gives his speech.

10:30PM – The Academy of Motion Pictures Museum in Los Angeles will be the first of its kind when it opens, as Kotch said.

10:30PM – Kotch introduces the six college students handing out Oscars tonight, who were winners of a nationwide contest on how they would contribute to the future of film.

10:31PM – “That’s a good idea…a bunch of co-eds and drunk producers in an open bar.”- Seth MacFarlane

10:32PM – Sandra Bullock presents the Academy Award for Best Film Editing.

10:33PM – William Goldenberg wins the Academy Award for Best Film Editing for “Argo”.

10:34PM – Lovely little Jennifer Lawrence introduces “the unstoppable” Adele, who will be performing her nominated song “Skyfall”, the title song from the latest James Bond film “Skyfall”.

10:39PM – Commercial Break

10:43PM – Nicole Kidman introduces the other three Best Picture nominees “Silver Linings Playbook”, “Django Unchained”, and “Amour”

10:44PM – “A funny, uncomfortable, viscerating look and an homage to the Spaghetti Western.”- Nicole Kidman on “Django Unchained”

10:47PM – “He’s a boy wizard and she’s a girl vampire.  They are everything the Christian Right says is wrong with Hollywood.” – Seth MacFarlane introducing presenters Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Stewart

10:48PM – Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Stewart present the Oscar for Production Design.

10:50PM – The ceremony is more that two hours in and “Lincoln” finally nabs an Oscar as Production Designer Rick Carter and Set Decorator Jim Erickson win the Academy Award for Best Production Design.

10:51PM – Salma Hayek-Pinault introduces the Governor’s Award winners for Honorary Oscars: D.A. Pennebaker, George Stevens Jr., and Hal Needham, plus Jeffrey Katzenberg won the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

10:53PM – Pennebaker, Stevens, Needham, and Katzenberg are saluted on the Oscar stage as we segue to another commercial break.  There will be more presenters, plus the “In Memoriam” tribute coming up.

10:57PM – A bearded George Clooney introduces the “In Memoriam” segment.

11:00PM – In Memoriam: Ernest Borgnine, Eiko Ishioka, Ralph McQuarrie, Jack Klugman, Celeste Holm, Adam Yauch, Michael Clarke Duncan, Charles Durning, Carlo Rambaldi, Erland Josephson, Richard Robbins, Stephen Frankfurt, Harris Savides, Tonino Guerra, J. Michael Riva, Ulu Grosbard, Herbert Lom, Bruce Surtees, Andrew Sarris, George A. Bowers, Tony Scott, Theodore Soderberg, Lois W. Smith, Geoffrey G. Ammer, Neil Travis, Mike Hopkins, John D. Lowry, Hal David, Nora Ephron, Charles Rosen, Jake Eberts, Mike Kohut, Frank Pierson, Chris Marker, Charles C. Washburn, Ray Bradbury, Richard Rodney Bennett, Robert B. Sherman, Richard D. Zanuck, Matthew Yuricich, and Marvin Hamlisch were among those in the film industry, both in front of, and behind the camera, whom we lost in this past year.

11:02PM – Barbara Streisand pays tribute to the late Marvin Hamlisch with “The Way We Were” which won two Oscars for Hamlisch back in 1974.

11:05PM – Commercial Break

11:08PM – The cast of “Chicago”: Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger, and Queen Latifah (on the 10th Anniversary of the film’s Oscar Win for Best Picture) present the Oscar for Original Score.

11:10PM – Mychael (with a Y) Danna wins the Academy Award for Original Score for “Life of Pi”.

11:12PM – Gere, Zellweger, Latifah, and Zeta-Jones are also presenting the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

11:14PM – But first, Norah Jones is performing the fifth and final nominee, “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” from MacFarlane’s film “Ted”.

11:16PM – “Skyfall” wins the Academy Award for Best Original Song for composers Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth.

11:18PM – The Lead Acting, Screenplay, Directing, and Best Picture categories are left…but more commercials….

11:23PM – Dustin Hoffman and Charlize Theron (one’s 75 and short, the other is tall and a great dancer in a dior dress) present the Screenplay Oscars.  First, Adapted Screenplay.

11:24PM – Chris Terrio wins the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for “Argo”.

11:26PM – Next up, Original Screenplay.

11:27PM – Quentin Tarantino wins the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for “Django Unchained”, Quentin’s first Oscar win since penning the Screenplay for “Pulp Fiction”.

11:27PM – “Charlize is my neighbor…” – Quentin Tarantino upon accepting his Oscar

11:28PM – “I have to cast the right people to make this film alive.” - Tarantino

11:28PM – “This will be the writer’s year!”- Tarantino

11:29PM – “Coming up, the Oscar for Best Director.  And since we’ve been here this long, we’re going to start the 2014 Oscars…after this!” – Seth MacFarlane

11:32PM – “They were here when this island was nothing but cocaine trees the eyes can see…”

11:32PM – Academy Award winners Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas present the Academy Award for Best Director, which was a surprising batch of nominees this year.

11:34PM – Upset Alert! Ang Lee wins the Academy Award for Best Director of a Motion Picture for his film “Life of Pi”.

11:37PM – Only three more categories…Actor, Actress, Picture

11:37PM – “Will it be Quvenzhane Wallis, who is nine, or will it be Emmanuelle Riva, who was nine when this show started?” – Seth MacFarlane on who will win Best Actress

11:40PM – Last year’s Best Actor winner, Jean Dujardin presents the Oscar for Best Actress.

11:41PM – “If I were an actress, I would be an even better actor.” – Jean Dujardin

11:43PM – Jennifer Lawrence wins the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture for “Silver Linings Playbook”.

11:44PM – “You guys are standing up because I fell and this is embarrassing.” – Jennifer Lawrence

11:45PM – “Our next presenter needs no introduction.” – Seth MacFarlane (on Meryl Streep)

11:45PM – Last year’s Best Actress winner Meryl Streep presents the Oscar for Best Actor.

11:48PM – Daniel Day-Lewis wins the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture for “Lincoln”.  (And Meryl is such a pro, she didn’t need to read the envelope.  She’s THAT good).  Daniel Day-Lewis is the first person to win not one, not two, but THREE Lead Acting Academy Awards.

11:51PM – Seth introduces Jack Nicholson to present the Best Picture Oscar.

11:53PM – First Lady Michelle Obama gives a message via satellite from The White House as she helps Jack Nicholson present the Best Picture Oscar.

11:56PM – “Argo” becomes the fourth Best Picture winner to win WITHOUT a Best Director nomination.  Bearded Hollywood hunks Ben Affleck and George Clooney go home with Oscars.

11:58PM – “…I want to thank my wife, whom I don’t associate with Iran…”- Ben Affleck rambling on in the Best Picture acceptance speech

12:00AM – “We’re going to come back with a proper goodbye, but first, here’s who’s paying for this stuff.” – Seth MacFarlane, closing out the show

12:01AM – Seth MacFarlane and Kristin Chenoweth sing a tribute to the losers.

12:05AM – That’s all she wrote on the 85th Annual Academy Awards.  Movie Awards Season 2013 is in the books!  On Wednesday (knock on wood), the Top 10 Pre-Nominations for the 40th Annual Daytime Emmys will be announced.  IN about less than 20 hours, “The DJBC Happy Hour” will broadcast live.  But, I’m going to stay up and watch Jimmy Kimmel Live’s After-Oscar Special.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Live Real-Time Blogging

In about five minutes, the 55th Annual Grammy Awards will air LIVE from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on CBS, hosted by LL Cool J.  Last year, the Grammy Telecast had a dark cloud over it, as the ceremony took place about 24 hours after the death of Grammy-winning singer Whitney Houston.

There will be a lot of performers singing tonight, from Taylor Swift to Elton John to Dave Grohl to Fun..

Also for this year’s ceremony, CBS lowered the boom on Grammy guests with a STRICT dress code that bans clothing that reveals the breast and buttock areas.


8:01PM- There will be a lot of once-in-a-lifetime performances and collaborations, let’s get ready…

8:04PM- Up first, it’s Taylor Swift, dressed up for an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party with one of her 35 breakup songs “We Are Never, Never Ever Getting Back Together.”  The girl is only 23, and she’s written more breakup songs that we’ve listened to in our lifetime.  This is the Anti-Valentine’s Day Anthem for 2013.  This is also the Break Up Anthem of 2013, as well.

8:05PM- The Host, L.L. Cool J arrives to the stage.  “My friend T-Swizzle has also already won a Grammy tonight.”

8:06PM- “At the Grammy Awards, we will always get back together.”

8:07PM- “For Justin Timberlake in Memphis, from Beyonce in Houston, from Carrie Underwood in Oklahoma, from Adele in England, from Gotye in Bruges, and from Rihanna in Barbados…”- LL Cool J about the roots of the aspirations of many Grammy-nominated musical artists

8:08PM- “When I won my Grammys, I gave them to my Grammy.”- LL Cool J

8:09PM- “A Grammy isn’t just a shiny medal.  It is a dream come true.  Or in the case of Adele last year, six dreams come true.”- LL Cool J

8:13PM- Ed Sheeran and Sir Elton John perform Sheeran's “The A Team” on the Grammy stage.  Up next after the commercial break, the first category of the night, plus more presenters.

8:26PM- Fun. performs “Carry On” (the song heard in the pilot of the F/X comedy Legit), which is from their Grammy nominated Album, “Some Nights”.  Fun. leads with six Grammy nominations, including the coveted “Top Four” (Album/Record/Song of the Year, and Best New Artist).

8:27PM- More categories and more great performances after (yes, you guessed it) another commercial break.

8:32PM- Grammy winners Bonnie Raitt and John Mayer present “Over You” and “Home”, performed by country singers Dierks Bentley and (often outspoken) Miranda Lambert.

8:38PM- A video clip of LL Cool J on “American Bandstand”.

8:39PM- LL Cool J pays tribute to the late Dick Clark.

8:41PM- Nelly and Wiz Khalifa perform together.

8:42PM- Nelly and Wiz Khalifa also present the second award tonight, Country Solo Performance.  “Home” (Dierks Bentley), “Springsteen” (Eric Church), “Cost on Livin’” (Ronnie Dunn), “Wanted” (Hunter Hayes), “Over” (Blake Shelton), and “Blown Away” (Carrie Underwood) are the nominees for Country Solo Performance.

8:43PM- Carrie Underwood wins the Grammy for Country Solo Performance for “Blown Away”.

8:44PM- More commercials, and after that, more performances, and husband-and-wife duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill present “Song of the Year”.

8:49PM- Husband and Wife Country Singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill present the Grammy for “Song of the Year”.  Will breakout “We Are Young” take it?  Will the song of the summer “Call Me Maybe”?  OR Will Another?

8:51PM- “The A Team” (Ed Sheeran), “Adorn” (Miguel), “Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen), “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You” (Kelly Clarkson), and “We Are Young” (Fun. featuring Janelle Monae) are the nominees for Song of the Year.

8:52PM- “We Are Young” takes home the Grammy for Fun.

8:53PM- “This is in HD, and if anyone can tell by our faces, we are not very young.  We’ve been doing this for the past twelve years.”

8:53PM- “I want to thank Chick Corea and the band, I want to thank Jay-Z, I want to thank Taylor, I want to thank everyone.”

8:54PM- Johnny Depp introduces Sublime and Mumford and Sons, who perform “I Will Wait For You” together on the Grammy stage.

8:58PM- Another commercial break, but there are a lot of performances coming up, such as Justin Timberlake, Carrie Underwood, and Rihanna.

9:03PM- Ellen DeGeneres and Beyonce introduce Justin Timberlake, who returns to the Grammy stage with a performance from his upcoming album “The 20/20 Experience”.

9:06PM- The screen goes from color to black and white as Justin Timberlake performs some songs from his upcoming album “The 20/20 Experience”.  The first song is called “Show You a Few Things”.

9:06PM- Joining Timberlake on the stage now is Jay-Z.

9:07PM- From black and white to color, Timberlake performs a third song from his new album.

9:11PM- Kelly Rowland and Oz present the fourth category of the night, a brand new category, “Best Urban Contemporary Album”, and “Fortune” (Chris Brown”, “Kaleidoscope Dream” (Miguel), and “Channel Orange” (Frank Ocean) are the three nominees in this Grammy Freshman category.

9:12PM- Frank Ocean, an openly gay R&B artist, wins the Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album for “Channel Orange”.

9:13PM- “The best way you disengage an audience is imagining them naked, but I don’t want to do that.  I’ll pretend that you are all kids with tuxedoes.”- Frank Ocean

9:14PM- Commercial Break is up now, but Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys are waiting, as are Keith Urban and Kaley Cuoco to present the next category.

9:19PM- Dave Grohl and NCIS co-star Pauley Perrette present the fifth category of the night, which happens to be Best Rock Performance, and announce the Producer of the Year winner Dan Auerbach.  Grohl and Perrette also acknowledge the technicians.

9:20PM- “Hold On” (Alabama Shakes), “Lonely Boy” (Black Keys), “Charlie Brown” (Coldplay), “I Will Wait” (Mumford and Sons), and “We Take Care of Our Own” (Bruce Springsteen) are the nominees for Best Rock Performance.

9:21PM- The Black Keys win the Grammy for Best Rock Performance for “Lonely Boy”.

9:22PM- “WE hold these truths to be self-evident as the Grammys bring music together.”- LL Cool J introducing Maroon Five and Alicia Keys who are going to perform “Daylight” and “Girl on Fire”.

9:23PM- Maroon 5 starts off with “Daylight” with (part-time Reality Show Judge and Actor) Adam Levine singing “Daylight” with the rest of Maroon 5.

9:24PM- Alicia Keys joins in with her breakout hit “Girl on Fire” (which has been heard in a Visa Mastercard commercial, and on last week’s episode of Glee).

9:27PM- Kaley Cuoco and (American Idol Judge) Keith Urban present Best Pop Vocal Album.

9:27PM- “And now Keith Urban and I are going to be the next presenting country duo.”- Kaley Cuoco
“They cut that.”- Keith Urban

9:28PM- “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” (Kelly Clarkson), “Ceremonials” (Florence and the Machine), “Some Nights” (Fun.), “Overexposed” (Maroon 5), and “The Truth About Love” (Pink) are the nominees for Best Pop Vocal Album.

9:28PM- “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” wins the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album for Kelly Clarkson.

9:29PM- “Miguel, I don’t know who you are, but we should sing together.”- Kelly Clarkson

9:30PM- More performances and Best New Artist, after the next commercial break.

9:36PM- Rihanna performs “Stay” on the Grammy Stage with John Mayer.

9:40PM- Carly Rae Jepsen and Neo present the Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration”

9:41PM- “No Church in the Wild” wins Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean and The Dream.

9:44PM- Glenn Gould, Charlie Haden, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Carole King, Patti Page, Ravi Shankar, and The Temptations are this year’s Lifetime Achievement Grammy Winners.  Page and Shankar are two of the artists who have passed away in recent months.

9:49PM- Actress Kat Dennings introduces The Black Keys and Dr. John and the Preservation Band.

9:51PM- The Black Keys and Dr. John and the Preservation Band perform The Black Keys’ Grammy-winning “Lonely Boy”.

9:53PM- Kelly Clarkson pays tribute to Patti Page and Carole King, two of this year’s Lifetime Achievement winners.  Clarkson kicks off with Page’s 1950 hit “The Tennessee Waltz”.

9:55PM- Next, Clarkson moves to a song that was written by Carole King that was made famous by Aretha Franklin.  Yes, you guessed it, “(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman”.

9:57PM- Clarkson also presents the Grammy for Best Country Album.

9:58PM- “Uncaged” (Zac Brown Band), “Hunter Hayes” (Hunter Hayes), “Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran” (Jamey Johnson), “Four the Record” (Miranda Lambert), and “The Time Jumpers” (The Time Jumpers) are the nominees in this category.

9:59PM- “Uncaged” wins the Grammy for Best Country Album for The Zac Brown Band.

10:00PM- Up next is a commercial break, and then coming up, Bruno Mars, Sting, The Lumineers, and later Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, and Frank Ocean.

10:04PM- Marilyn & Alan Bergman, and Alan Livingston were the 2013 Trustee Winners.

10:05PM- “Music knows no borders.”- LL Cool J, introducing the Bob Marley tribute segment

10:06PM- Bruno Mars kicks off the tribute to Bob Marley.

10:07PM- Sting joins in with Bruno Mars.

10:10PM- Rihanna and Bob Marley’s sons Ziggy and Damian Marley are now joining in on the stage for this musical tribute with “Could You Be Loved”.

10:13PM- There is a lot more coming up after the break, including an all-star In Memoriam tribute to the late Levon Helm.

10:20PM- Best New Artist nominees The Lumineers perform their breakout song “I Belong With You”.  Even Taylor Swift is singing along in the audience.

10:21PM- Jack White performs “I Want Love”.

10:23PM- White performs another song.

10:26PM- Katy Perry (both with Y’s) presents the Grammy for Best New Artist. “If you don’t win, don’t feel win.  I wasn’t even nominated, and I even have my own eyelash.”

10:26PM- The nominees for Best New Artist are Alabama Shakes, Hunter Hayes, The Lumineers, Frank Ocean, and Fun.

10:27PM- The Grammys are having some more Fun.  Guess who the Grammy for Best New Artist goes to?  Yup, Fun.

10:28PM- We’ve got more Commercials, plus tributes to Dave Brubeck and Levon Helm, plus more performances, and of course, the top two: Record and Album of the Year.

10:34PM- Best New Artist nominee Hunter Hayes performs a little bit before introducing Carrie Underwood to the stage.

10:36PM- Carrie Underwood performs her Grammy-winning song “Blown Away”.

10:39PM- Prince (or The Artist known as, um yeah) presents the Grammy for Record of the Year to a standing ovation as he arrives on the stage.

10:40PM- The Nominees are: “Lonely Boy” (The Black Keys), “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You” (Kelly Clarkson), “We Are Young” (Fun. featuring Janelle Monae), “Somebody That I Used To Know” (Gotye, featuring Kimbra), “Thinking About You” (Frank Ocean), and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (Taylor Swift)

10:41PM- “Somebody That I Used To Know” derails Fun’s chances for a sweep by winning for Record of the Year for Gotye.

10:42PM- “I’m a little bit received for words, receiving this from the man behind me.”- Gotye

10:43PM- Coming up is the Memoriam, plus a couple of other performances, and Adele with Album of the Year, and a finale by LL Cool J.

10:48PM- The In Memoriam Tribute kicks off with a tribute to the late jazz musician Dave Brubeck, as performed by Chick Corea, Stanley Goff, and Henry Garrett.  “Take Five” and “Blue Rondo a la Turk” were the songs played this trio.

10:50PM- Academy Chair Neil Portnow and American Idol host (and Grammy Foundation Honorary Chair) Ryan Seacrest join the stage to introduce the Grammy Foundation.

10:51PM- Justin Timberlake returns to the stage.

10:52PM- Outstanding Music Educator Award will be part of the Grammys next year.  (

10:53PM- Portnow segues into the Memoriam.

In Memoriam: Dave Brubeck, Andy Williams, Donna Summer, Sugarfood, Chuck Brown, Robin Gibb, Patti Page, Douhg Dillard, Scruggs, Davy Jones, Dick Clark, Jimmy Jones, Fontella Bass, Cleve Duncan, Herb Reed, Frank Wilson, Hal David, Scott McKenzie, Andy Griffith, Marvin Hamlisch, Richard Adler, Patty Andrews, Dorothy McGuire, Jenni Rivera, Kitty Wells, Frances Preston, Donna Hilley, Rick Blackburn, Doc Watson, Mickey Auldridge, Joe South, Ravi Shankar, Mickey Baker, Carl Davis, Donald “Duck” Dunn, Adam Yauch, Ed Cassady, Ronnie Montrose, Jon Lore, Frank Baralona, Chris Lighty, Billy Strange, Jim Marshall, John Strongack, George Marino, Howard Hilson Scott, Al Delory, Mike Melve, Jules Chaikin, Yomo Toro, Maurice Andre, Elliot Carter, Red Holloway, Carrie Smith, Bob Welch, Bob Birth, Andrew Love, and Levon Helm were among the musical artists whom we lost.

10:57PM- Sir Elton John pays tribute to the victims to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, before kicking off an all-star tribute to the late Levon Helm with “The Weight”.

11:11PM- Miguel also introduces Frank Ocean, who will be performing his song “Forrest Gump”.

11:15PM- “Most artists who go on to win Album of the Year go on to success…”- Adele; Adele presents the coveted Album of the Year.

11:16PM- “El Camino” (The Black Keys), “Some Nights” (Fun.), Babel (Mumford and Sons), “Channel Orange” (Frank Oceans), and “Blunderbuss” (Jack White) are the Nominees.

11:16PM- The Album of the Year for the Grammy Awards goes to “Babel” for Mumford and Sons.

11:17PM- “Adele is looking so wonderful tonight.” (And then Adele blushes); Mumford and Sons were completely not expecting to win

11:18PM- The Grammys are going to close this show with a grand finale with host LL Cool J (and a few of his friends).

11:24PM- The Grammys close out with LL Cool J taking the stage with Chuck D, Tom Morello, Z Trip, and Travis Parker with “Whaddup”.

11:27PM- MCA joins in with “No Sleep To Brooklyn” as the Grammys close out with “Whaddup”.

11:30PM- What a great Grammy show!  In two weeks, I do it again with Hollywood’s Biggest Night, the 85th Annual Academy Awards, hosted by Seth McFarlane on ABC.  Next Monday on The DJBC Happy Hour on WCRS-FM (102.1 and 98.3FM Columbus-, an Oscar Preview, and in two weeks (February 25), a LIVE After-Oscars Broadcast.