Sunday, September 18, 2011

LIVE Blogging of the Emmys

The Emmys begin in less than 15 minutes, hosted by Glee's own Jane Lynch, herself a nominee. Her category actually will be the first of 25 categories to be announced tonight. The show will be produced by Mark Burnett and lots of surprises are going to be expected.

8PM- The ceremony has just begun. All of the stars are here tonight. Leonard Nimoy meets with Jane Lynch to host the Emmys.

8:01PM- Lynch starts singing. A lot of people don't know she is musically trained. Ari Gold & Lloyd join in on "TV is a Vast Wonderland".

8:02PM- Kevin Nealon makes a walk-on, as does Eric Dane, the Big Bang geeks ("I hate it when musical numbers come through our apartment.- Jim Parsons's Sheldon)

8:04PM- After dancing through Reality TV, Jane Lynch meets up with Ron Swanson in Pawnee, Indiana, and then walks in to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce ("Women don't have to sleep with men anymore to make it to the top?"- Peggy Olson)

8:06PM- "TV is a Vast Wasteland Where Bad Ideas Go to Die..."

8:06PM- Jane Lynch slushies Sue Sylvester

8:07PM- Emmys aren't eligible for Emmys, but this is Eligible for the Bryan could this be a contender for the Bicentennial Bryan Awards next Summer?

8:08PM- "Except for HBO, it's not TV!"- Jane Lynch on a high note

8:09PM- "There's Betty White. She's the reason why we started the show at 5PM."- Jane Lynch

8:10PM- "The EmmyTones" introduce the Comedy races.

8:12PM- Comedy montage. My VCR is still not working. Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon are presenting Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Could Jane Lynch be the first host since Tom Selleck to win while hosting?

8:15PM- The first Emmy of the night goes to Julie Bowen for Modern Family!

8:16PM- "Oh my God, are you kidding me? I don't know what to talk about in therapy next weekend. I won something now."- Julie Bowen; Bowen thanks Modern Family's creators for having "complicated wives with complicated lives".

8:17PM- Julianna Margulies presents Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. "I'm Julianna Margulies, otherwise known as the funniest woman in television. Seriously, look me up."

8:18PM- "If someone from Modern Family wins, that set will be awkward."

8:18PM- Ty Burrell wins the Emmy for Modern Family, joining his TV wife Julie Bowen.

8:19PM- "I actually got a late start in acting...I have a job where I go to work in full makeup..."; Burrell thanks his late father in his speech; "If he were here today, he would say, 'Why the makeup'?" "Couldn't wear a little powder, why do you have to look like a little harlot. Dad, why can't you think of me as a very masculine lady? I do, dad."

8:21PM- Commercial Break # 1

8:26PM- "There are losers, I am a loser."

8:26PM- "I'm sorry I can't be there in person, right after the Golden Globes. In fact, I'm not even allowed to be on American soil right now."- Ricky Gervais

8:27PM- Directing in a Comedy Series

8:28PM- Modern Family is 3/3- Michael Alan Spiller wins the Emmy for Modern Family "Halloween", of which he won the Director's Guild Emmy in February.

8:30PM- Zooey Deschanel and Will Arnett are presenting Comedy Series Writing. "Without Comedy writers, Zooey and I would have nothing to say."- Will Arnett

8:32PM- 4/4- "Caught in the Act" wins the Writing Emmy for Modern Family, which has swept all of the Comedy races tonight. It was a great episode. "Real life handed us the stories."- Steven Levitan; "One man's quest to protect his children juxtaposes one man's cowardly act to betray a friend."- Levitan

8:34PM- Commercial Break # 2- Lead Acting in Comedy races next- can Laura Linney also go 4/4? Can Steve Carell go out on top?

8:39PM- "Welcome back to 'The Modern Family' Awards"- Jane Lynch

8:40PM- "My daughter and her friends had a tea party and they complained about taxes, Obama, and why that Latino kid got in."- Jane Lynch

8:40PM- "I was this next presenter's therapist for many years, and apparently I sucked."- Lynch

8:41PM- Yesterday's Silver Garbage Award winner for Worst Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Charlie Sheen will present Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. "I wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season. We spent 8 wonderful years together, and I know you will continue to make great television."- Sheen

8:42PM- Wow, a MAJOR UPSET! Jim Parsons repeats as Best Actor for "The Big Bang Theory". Steve Carell leaves Dunder-Mifflin without an Emmy, joining Paul Reiser, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jane Kaczmarek, and a few others as stars exiting shows without an Emmy win.

8:43PM- "I was assured by many people that this wasn't happening."- Jim Parsons

8:44PM- Sofia Vergara and Rob Lowe present Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

8:45PM- All the Lead Actress nominees are getting up onto the stage. Wow....

8:46PM- Standing ovation for the Lead Actress in a Comedy nominees. "Everyone is a winner, and everyone knows that you are going to serve this body with distinction."- Rob Lowe

8:46PM- ANOTHER BIG UPSET! Melissa McCarthy wins the Emmy for "Mike & Molly".

8:47PM- Melissa McCarthy is crowned "Queen of Comedy".

8:47PM- "This is my first and best pageant ever."- Melissa McCarthy

8:48PM- Three big upsets in the Comedy Acting races took place. Reality Competition and Variety Series are up after the next commercial break.

8:54PM- A Sketch of "The Office" with "The New Guys".

8:57PM- "The EmmyTones" bring you the Variety and Reality races.

9PM- The Second Hour Has Just Arrived. So Far- 3/6.

9:01PM- Kaley Cuoco & David Spade present Reality-Competition Series, em Program.

9:02PM- And for the eighth time in nine years- The Amazing Race wins this category. Last year, Top Chef bested it.

9:03PM- "This is a real 'out-of-body' experience."- Bertram Van Munster

9:04PM- Spade and Cuoco are also presenting Variety writing.

9:05PM- The writing team from The Daily Show wins this category once again- 7th win overall.

9:06PM- SNL with 16 nominations, can it win Variety Series, or will The Daily Show make it Tic-Tac-Toe, 9 in a row?

9:07PM- Commercial Break- Variety Directing & Series, and a special musical performance coming up

9:13PM- The Lonely Island and Michael Bolton perform a medley of Lonely Island songs, starting with "Captain Jack Sparrow"- a nominee this year.

9:14PM- Ed Helms, Maya Rudolph, and John Stamos sing "Three Way (The Golden Rule)"- another nominee this year.

9:15PM- Akon performs "I Just Had Sex"- another SNL nominee this year.

9:16PM- Lea Michele and Ian Somerhalder present the Variety Directing nominees.

9:17PM- Don Roy King wins his second consecutive Emmy for directing SNL- this year for the Justin Timberlake/Lady Gaga episode, which was rerun last night.

9:18PM- Scott Caan and Anna Paquin present the Emmy for Variety, Music, or Comedy Series- will The Daily Show continue its run?

9:19PM- And Scott and Anna are right, as are we...The Daily Show has made it 9 in a row.

9:20PM- Commercial Break- The Drama races are up next, folks.

9:26PM- Drama by "The EmmyTones"- Zachary Levi, Cobie Smulders, Taraji P. Henson, Kate Flannery, Wilmer Valderrman, and Joel McHale

9:27PM- Drama Montage

9:28PM- "I often dream of a world where there are no awards or competition..."- Jane Lynch

9:29PM- Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher present the Writing in a Drama Series category.

9:29PM- "I am the guy from 'Pretty in Pink'"- Jon Cryer; "I am not Charlie Sheen."- Ashton Kutcher

9:30PM- The Emmy for Writing in a Drama Series goes to Jason Katims for "Friday Night Lights" series Finale. UPSET! Can FNL throw a Hail Mary to the end zone. This is the first time that "Mad Men" has not won writing in its run at the Emmys.

9:31PM- Cryer and Kutcher also are presenting "Upset Central"/Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

9:32PM- Margo Martindale wins the Emmy for her role as a Kentucky moonshiner in F/X's "Justified".

9:35PM- Commercial Break- more Drama races coming up

9:39PM- Loretta Devine and Paul McCrane- the Drama Guest Acting champs present the Directing in a Drama Series race- can Scorsese nab this?

9:41PM- Martin Scorsese adds an Emmy to his mantlepiece for helming the pilot to "Boardwalk Empire."

9:41PM- "They're counting down, I've got to talk a little bit faster."- Martin Scorsese

9:44PM- Kerry Washington and Jason O'Mara are presenting Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

9:45PM- UPSET CITY! Peter Dinklage wins the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Game of Thrones. Mad Men has YET to win an acting Emmy.

9:46PM- "Oh my God, I followed Martin Scorsese. My heart is pounding. You are such a legend."- Peter Dinklage

9:47PM- Lead Acting in Drama, coming up after the next commercial break- more upsets in store?

9:50PM- Lynch is a sketch as Donatella D'Borgia

9:53PM- "Watch out Hollywood, because Jersey is taking over."

9:54PM- Bryan Cranston and Katie Holmes are presenting Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

9:55PM- The "funniest woman" on television- Julianna Margulies wins the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for "The Good Wife".

9:56PM- "I'm so greatful to be your 'good wife', and I'm glad you have no political aspirations."- Julianna Margulies (to her husband)

9:57PM- Drew Barrymore and the NEW Charlie's Angels cast (Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rachel Taylor) present the Lead Actor in a Drama category.

9:58PM- TOUCHDOWN! Kyle Chandler wins the Emmy for his role as Coach Eric Taylor on "Friday Night Lights".

10PM- Commercial Break- The Miniseries and Movie races...Mildred Pierce vs.'s SHOWTIME!

10:05PM- The EmmyTones bring you the TV Movie and Miniseries part of the show, and LL Cool J joins in the singing.

10:06PM- Miniseries/Movie montage.

10:08PM- The Cast of "Entourage" present the Writing in a TV Movie or Miniseries category.

10:09PM- The Emmy goes to Julian Fellowes for "Downton Abbey."

10:10PM- "When I got here, my wife told me to 'sit down, relax, and enjoy the evening', because she didn't think we were going to win. Now, I'm going to sit down and enjoy the evening now that I've won."- Julian Fellowes; "Ten years ago, you kickstarted my second career with an Oscar, now you nurtured."

10:11PM- The ex-Boys of Summer present Supporting Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries as well.

10:12PM- The Emmy goes to Dame Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey. Dame Maggie Smith was not present tonight.

10:12PM- Another Commercial Break

10:17PM- The Ernst & Young Accountants are saluted, and Jane Lynch and Paula Abdul are dressed as accountants

10:18PM- Amy Poehler & Melissa McCarthy are presenting the Lead Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries Emmy.

10:20PM- The Emmy goes to Barry Pepper for The Kennedys, who is also not here. Poehler and McCarthy are also presenting Directing in a Miniseries, Movie, or Special.

10:21PM- The Emmy goes to Brian Percival for Downton Abbey.

10:22PM- John Schaffner, the Chairman of the Academy speaks at the stage and introduces the In Memoriam Segment.

10:23PM- The Tenors sign "Hallelujah" (Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah) for the Memoriam.

10:28PM- Cliff Robertson, Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Francis, James MacArthur, Pwter Falk, Harold Gould, Stanley Franzen, James Arness, Janet Maclachlan, Madelyn Pugh Davis, Dteve Landesberg, Blake Edwards, Betty Garrett, John Cossette, Bill Erwin, Barbara Billingsley, Leslie Nielsen, Tom Bosley, Reza Badiyi, Leonard Stern, Ryan Dunn, Denise Cramsey, Frank Potenza Uncle Frank, Bob Banner, Andy Whitfield, Fred Steiner, Jill Clayburgh, John Dye, Jack LaLanne, Al Masini, Sada Thompson, Laura Ziskin, Don Meredith, Sherwood Schwartz, Bubba Smith, and Stephen J. Cannell were among those we lost on the television community this past year.

10:32PM- Anna Torv and David Boreanaz are presenting the Supporting Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries category.

10:34PM- The Emmy goes to Guy Pearce for his role as Monty Beragon in Mildred Pierce.

10:34PM- "I got to have sex with Kate Winslet many, many times, and I did not know that it would result to this."- Guy Pearce; "And to my wife, Kate, who has had to listen to me say that every day."

10:36PM- Is Kate Winslet beatable? Find out from Hugh Laurie and Claire Danes (who won this category last year).

10:36PM- "Although she is a 3-to-1 favorite."- Hugh Laurie (on Helen Mirren)

10:37PM- The Emmy goes to Kate Elizabeth Winslet as Mildred Pierce!!!

10:38PM- "I really didn't think we were going to win anything."- Kate Winslet

10:39PM- Three more categories to go- Miniseries or Movie, Drama Series, Comedy Series, in that order....any more upsets in store?

10:44PM- Don Cheadle presents the Outstanding Made for TV Movie or Miniseries category.

10:45PM- The Emmy for Outstanding Made for TV Movie or Miniseries goes to Downton Abbey from Masterpiece Theatre. Winner of 5 Emmys.

10:46PM- "This is really a David and Goliath Story. Goliath was a wonderful show we were up against, and yet we won."- Julian Fellowes; "None of us know what is a hit, we only hope for the best for our shows."- Fellowes

10:47PM- Maria Bello and William H. Macy present the Drama Series race. Is Mad Men's streak over? Can Boardwalk tie The West Wing? Find out now.

10:48PM- The Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series goes to...MAD MEN! FOUR-PEAT!!!! First Hill Street Blues in 1984, then the West Wing in 2003, and now in 2011, MAD MEN, four-peat!!!!

10:49PM- "I did not think that was going to happen."- Matthew Weiner

10:50PM- Commercial Break- the final one, because Gwyneth Paltrow, this year's Guest Actress in a Comedy winner will present the Comedy Series Emmy next.

10:55PM- One more category.

10:56PM- Gwyneth Paltrow presents the Comedy Series Emmy.

10:56PM- The Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series goes to Modern Family for the second straight year. Mad Men is the first Drama to repeat with TWO comedies in the 63 year history of the Emmys. Modern Family is ABC's first repeat Comedy winner since "Taxi" in 1981. Modern Family and Mad Men are the 7th repeating Comedy-Drama pair in Emmy history.

10:56PM- Modern Family is based on Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyds families and lives.

10:58PM- "You're not just making people laugh, you're making them more tolerant. There is nothing wrong with a committing rleationship with an old man and a hot young woman, and many of you in this room agree."- excerpts of Steve Levitan's acceptance speech.

11PM- Who Won and Who Lost? A complete wrap-up on The DJBC Happy Hour tomorrow night at 8PM EDT on WCRS-FM, a podcast will be available for download at late Monday afternoon.