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2011 Tony Awards Results Blog

In less than a half-hour from now, the 65th Annual Tony Awards will air live on CBS, broadcast from Broadway itself at The Beacon Theatre, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, who won an Emmy the last time he hosted the Tonys. "The Book of Mormon", the irreverent musical from the creators of the long-running animated series "South Park" is expected to sweep the Tony Awards tonight. The Tony Awards are all about the big musical numbers from all the musicals, plus performances from our favorite stage stars. (7:37PM)


8:02PM- Let the show begin with another opening number.

8:03PM- Brooke Shields struggling. She looks great in her gown, as she is a statuesque beauty at a mere 72 inches tall.

8:04PM- The DJBC Happy Hour isn't the only show to poke fun of the Spider Man fiasco that has yet to hit Broadway.

8:06PM- Alec Baldwin presents the first category- Featured (or Supporting) Actress in a Play, or Performance By An Actress in a Featured Role in a Play, all five of these women are first-time nominees, by the way.

8:08PM- Ellen Barkin wins the Tony for her Broadway debut as a doctor in the revival of the 1985 play "The Normal Heart".

8:10PM- "Performing in 'The Normal Heart' is a profound experience for me."- Ellen Barkin; "30 Years Ago, This Country Was Attacked By A Virus, and Larry Kramer went to war with his pen..."; "Thank You For Turning This Production Into a Cocktail..."

8:11PM- 2 J. Pierrepont Finches- Robert Morse and Matthew Broderick present "How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying"- the first of two Musical Revival Nominees, and introduce Eliot Lawrence, who conducted the original production in the early 1960s.

8:12PM- The H2$ cast is performing "The Brotherhood of Man".

8:17PM- First Commercial Break; Book of Mormon Won for Best Orchestration earlier

8:21PM- The Book of Mormon won earlier for Best Score

8:22PM- Stars share their Broadway moments, starting with John Leguizamo

8:23PM- "I want to get something off my chest...I am Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child."- John Leguizamo

8:24PM- "My first roles were as drug dealers and hit men. I shot Pacino, I shot Harrison Ford, I shot at Bruce Willis..."- Leguizamo about his early film career

8:26PM- Defending Best Actress in a Play champ Viola Davis presents Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play.

8:28PM- John Benjamin Hickey wins the Tony for his role as Felix Turner in "The Normal Heart".

8:29PM- "To my family in Plano, Texas, you'd better not be watching the Mavericks game."- John Benjamin Hickey, to his family in Texas, in his acceptance speech

8:30PM- Aaron Tuveit from Best Musical nominee "Catch Me If You Can" presents the show and Best Actor nominee Norbert Leo Butz performs with the cast of the musical, based off the Leonardo DiCaprio/Tom Hanks movie.

8:34PM- Another break coming up.

8:39PM- Kathleen Marshall wins the Tony for Choreographing "Anything Goes" (which happened earlier on)

8:40PM- "I'm not going to spend the whole evening doing 'Spider Man' jokes, that's too easy."- Neil Patrick Harris

8:41PM- Neil Patrick Harris got six jokes done in 30 seconds.

8:42PM- David Hyde Pierce presents Directing in a Musical Tony.

8:43PM- Casey Nicholaw and Trey Parker win the Tony for "The Book of Mormon"

8:44PM- Trey Parker thanks the fans of "South Park"

8:44PM- David Hyde Pierce also presents the Directing in a Play Tony.

8:45PM- Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris win their first Tony nomination and win for Directing "The War Horse". This is the first time in Tony history in which the Directing Tonys went to pairs/teams, instead of individuals.

8:47PM- Don Cheadle presents The Scottsboro Boys, the final Kander and Ebb collaboration, the second Best Musical nominee, based on the 1931 trial in Alabama where 9 black men were unjustly imprisoned. Kander and Ebb came up with the score a la Minstrel show style.

8:51PM- Another Commercial Break

8:56PM- American Theatre Wing Chair Ted Chafin and Honorary Chair Angela Lansbury are on stage discussing the things that the American Theatre Wing does the other 364 days a year.

8:58PM- Harry Connick Jr. presents the category for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical.

8:59PM- Nikki M. James wins the Tony Award for her role in "The Book of Mormon".

9:00PM- "Tony come on over, come and live with me."- Nikki M. James, accepting her Tony Award; "They are saying 'wrap it up', but I will not leave this stage."

9:02PM- Stephen Colbert presents "The Book of Mormon", the third nominee for Best Musical.

9:07PM- Great rendition of "I Believe" from "The Book of Mormon", which won the Tony for Best Sound earlier tonight. Another commercial break up now.

9:12PM- Hugh Jackman (past Tony host) comes to the stage and challenges Neil Patrick Harris.

9:13PM- "I only play the big rooms."- Hugh Jackman

9:17PM- Brooke Shields presents the Tony Award for Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical.

9:18PM- Five-time Emmy winner John Larroquette wins in his Broadway debut as J.B. Biggley in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying".

9:20PM- Bono and The Edge, the composers of "Spider Man: Turn off the Dark" are on the Tony stage.

9:20PM- "We used to be famous for being in U2."- Bono; "When we first saw the Tony Awards on our schedule, we would assume we would be nominated."- Bono; "Reverend Harold Camping came up with his prediction and 'Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark' opens on Tuesday."- Bono

9:22PM- A scene from the upcoming "Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark".

9:26PM- Commercial Break

9:32PM- The 2010-11 Broadway Season was the highest-grossing season on record. Jim Parsons presents the two of the nominees in the Best Play category- "Good People" and "Jerusalem".

9:34PM- A bearded Robin Williams presents Best Book of a Musical.

9:35PM- "Coming next season on Broadway, Muomar Gadhafi in 'Catch Me If You Can.'"; "The only beard is on my face."

9:36PM- Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez win the Tony for Best Book of a Musical for "The Book of Mormon".

9:38PM- Whoopi Goldberg, an EGOT-ist presents the fourth and final nominee for Best Musical, "Sister Act". "'The Lion King' and 'The Color Purple' came on Broadway...'Ghost' is coming soon."

9:42PM- Another Commercial Break

9:46PM- 17 new plays opened up in the 2010-11 season.

9:46PM- Marg Helgenberger presents the other two Best Play nominees- The Mother with the Hat (as CBS is calling it), but it's The Motherfucker with the Hat, and War Horse, a "puppet horse" in World War I, as a boy goes on a mission to find him.

9:48PM- C'mon Ride the Horse, as Neil Patrick Harris rides the War Horse on to the stage. "That horse was held up by glue."- Neil Patrick Harris

9:50PM- Patrick Wilson presents the Tony for Best Revival of a Play, written by Tom Stoppard, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, and Larry Kramer- Arcadia, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Merchant of Venice, and The Normal Heart.

9:50PM- "The Normal Heart", Larry Kramer's play about the rise of the AIDS crisis in early 1980s New York City wins the Tony for Best Revival of a Play. The play was first introduced on Broadway in 1985.

9:51PM- "The freedom to love, the freedom to live, and the freedom of marriage are still an issue."- Daryl Roth, a producer of "The Normal Heart", accepting the Best Revival of a Play Tony

9:52PM- "'The Normal Heart' is our history, and I would not have written it, if so many of us had not needlessly died."- Larry Kramer, the playwright of "The Normal Heart".

9:53PM- The cast of last year's Best Musical, "Memphis" perform "Steal Your Heart With Rock and Roll".

9:56PM- "Priscilla: Queen of the Desert" won the Tony for Best Costume Design. Anyway, more commercials.

10:02PM- Samuel L. Jackson presents the Tony Award for Best Play. Nominees again are Good People, Jerusalem, The Motherfucker With a Hat, and War Horse.

10:03PM- "War Horse" wins the Tony Award for Best Play. Producer Nicholas Hytner and playwright Nick Stafford accept the Tony for Best Play.

10:05PM- Joel Grey presents the other nominee for Best Revival of a Musical, "Anything Goes", which is ageless as the standards. Pretty hot for a 77 year-old musical.

10:06PM- The cast of the revival "Anything Goes" sing the finale song, which happens to be the title song of the show.

10:09PM- Excellent job by Kathleen Marshall choreographing this excellent number, which was glitzy and glamoury, and on its feet, with the tap dancing cast, led by Best Actress nominee Sutton Foster.

10:10PM- Commercial Break...More to Come...

10:15PM- Producer Philip J. Smith and South African Playwright Athol Fugard won Lifetime Achievement Tonys, and Eve Ensler won the Isabelle Stevenson Award for Humanitarian Achievements, and South Africa's Handspring Puppet Company won a Special Tony for "War Horse"; and Chicago's Lookingglass Theatre Company won the Regional Tony Award

10:16PM- Dame Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones present highlights from the past Broadway Season

10:17PM- "Theatres are temples. They are mysterious temples shining with magic."- James Earl Jones; "Our plays live in the present, live in the past..."- Dame Vanessa Redgrave

10:19PM- Christie Brinkley, making her debut in "Chicago" this fall; Christie Brinkley presents a performance of the New York Philharmonic Production of Stephen Sondheim's 'Company' singing "Side by Side" with Tony host Neil Patrick Harris as Bobby. In the original 1970 cast album of this musical, this song is 8 minutes and 42 seconds, this performance is going to be about half that.

10:24PM- Kelsey Grammer presents the Tony for Best Revival of a Musical, get ready to flip a coin.

10:25PM- "Anything Goes", which debuted on Broadway over a decade before the Tony Awards were even created, wins the Tony for Best Revival of a Musical.

10:26PM- Tyne Daly introduces the Memoriam Segment.

10:28PM- Arthur Laurents, Michael Langham, Michael Gough, Ellen Stewart, James Gammon, Marcia Lewis Bryan, Jill Clayburg, Sidney Michaels, Hillard Elkins, Betty Garrett, Tom Bosley, Pam Gems, Israel Hicks, Shannon Tavarez, Douglas Leeds, Marian Mercer, Patricia Neal, Arthur Penn, Beverley Randlph, John Willis, Elizabeth Taylor, Jerry Bock, Theoni V. Aldredge, Philip Rose, Romulus Linney, John Cossette, Alexander 'Sandy' Speer, Sada Thompson, Helen Stenborg, Randall Wreightt, Lanford Wilson, and Joseph Stein were anong those in the BRoadway community whom passed away in the last year.

"Well friends, it is time to say goodbye."- Joseph Stein

10:29PM- Commercial Break

10:34PM- The Book of Mormon won the Tony for Scenic Design of a Musical.

10:34PM- Daniel Radcliffe, the star of H2$ presents the Tonys for Actress in a Leading Role in a Play and Musical. NOTE: Only FOUR nominees in the latter category.

10:35PM- Frances McDormand wins the Tony for "Good People".

10:36PM- "The last time I was in the Beacon Theatre, 1988. Gregg Allman played here after his liver transplant."- Frances McDormand

10:37PM- "I believe one days that actors will grow up to play these roles."- Frances McDormand in her acceptance speech, citing her character Margie Walsh in "Good People"

10:38PM- There are only 4 Best Actress in a Musical nominees, because not enought actresses were submitted in this category

10:39PM- Sutton Foster wins the Tony for Best Actress in a Musical for "Anything Goes", her 2nd Tony. She won in 2002 in the same category for "Thoroughly Modern Millie".

10:40PM- "All I wanted to be as a little girl was a performer, and I get to do it eight times a week."- Sutton Foster

10:41PM- David Letterman's bandleader Paul Shaffer introduces "It's Raining Men", a song that Shaffer co-wrote with the late Paul Jabara in 1978, with the cast of "Priscilla: Queen of the Desert".

10:44PM- Three categories left at the Tony- Best Actor and Best Musical...after this Commercial Break.

10:49PM- "The Book of Mormon" and "War Horse" won the Lighting Design Tonys.

10:50PM- Catherine Zeta-Jones presents the Tonys for Leading Actor in a Play and Musical.

10:51PM- Mark Rylance wins his 2nd Tony for Best Actor in a Play, this time for "Jerusalem" in the role of Johnny 'Rooster' Byron. Rylance won in 2008 for "Boeing-Boeing".

10:53PM- Norbert Leo Butz wins the Tony for his role as Agent Carl Hanratty in "Catch Me If You Can", his 2nd Best Actor Tony, also for a musical adaptation of a big screen movie, winning in 2005 for his performance as Steve Martin's character in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels".

10:55PM- "The Book of Mormon", "Catch Me If You Can", "The Scottsboro Boys", and "Sister Act", which won will win Best Musical? Find out from Chris Rock...after this last commercial break.

10:58PM- Chris Rock will make his Broadway debut in "The Motherfucker With the Hat" this fall; "If people would tell me that I would miss the best basketball game ever to hang out with Nathan Lane..."- Chris Rock; "We know what the Best Musical's a waste of time, it's like taking a hooker to dinner, you know what's going to happen, you're going to get laid."- Chris Rock

11:00PM- And Chris Rock was right. "The Book of Mormon" wins the Tony for Best Musical. Trey Parker accepts the Tony on behalf of the Production team.

11:01PM- "We all did this because we secretly wanted to have a Mormon family, and we do."- Trey Parker, accepting the Best Musical Tony Award; "On behalf of this big happy Mormon family, we'd like to thank our audiences."- Trey Parker; Parker thanks Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon faith

11:02PM- Neil Patrick Harris recaps what happened at the Tony telecast.

11:04PM- "This isn't reality TV, this is eight shows a week."- Neil Patrick Harris in his wrap-up.

11:05PM- END recap of the Tonys will be NEXT Monday (June 20th) on "The DJBC Happy Hour", at 8PM Eastern on WCRS-FM, 102.1FM and 98.3FM, Columbus.

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