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LIVE Blog Updates: The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

In about 30 minutes from now, the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will air LIVE on CBS, broadcast from the Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas. Game Show Host nominee Wayne Brady (Let's Make a Deal) is the host for the ceremony. There will be tributes to the Oprah Winfrey Show, All My Children, and One Life to Live, plus Lifetime Achievement Emmys for Emmy-winning Game Show Hosts Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak.

This weekend, the Creative Arts Daytime Emmys were held, and General Hospital cleaned house with six Daytime Emmys, needing three wins tonight to break the record it shares with three other soaps for most Daytime Emmy wins in a single season, plus it could expand its own record for Drama Series wins with an 11th Daytime Emmy in that race. In its way is two-time defending champ The Bold and the Beautiful, which is oddly favored to three-peat in that race.


7:56PM- Three minutes. This was the first awards ceremony in which A Man and His Awards did real-time updating as the ceremony happened. And we are at full circle.

8:00PM- Wayne Brady is backstage on the cell phone, as JabbaWockeez is on the stage, and via 3-D, they pull Wayne on the stage.

8:01PM- The audience is cheering now, because Wayne has a JabbaWockeez mask on too, and he is making moves on the Daytime Emmy stage.

8:02PM- The Intro, full of Las Vegas sin, lights, and temptation. All of Vegas's acts will be there. How will they cram all this into 120 minutes?

8:03PM- "You can catch them tomorrow night at the Monte Carlo. You can catch me in traption."- Wayne Brady

8:03PM- "This is a banner year for daytime. Oprah retiring. Regis retiring. Meredith Vieira retiring. Erica Kane, One Life to Live, and All My Children, forced retirement."- Wayne Brady

8:04PM- Penn and Teller (which one doesn't speak again?) and Rachael Ray present the Supporting Actor Daytime Emmy, the first award of the night.

8:05PM- Penn has cards with each of the nominees names on them.

8:07PM- The card that Teller picks up says "Susan Lucci".

8:07PM- After Teller is "blindfolded" and Penn spreads the cards on a little table, Jonathan Jackson wins his fourth Daytime Emmy, his first in the Supporting category, for his role as Lucky Spencer on "General Hospital."

8:08PM- "C'mon kids, it's Father's Day, I couldn't resist."- Jonathan Jackson, who brings his two kids on the stage

8:08PM- Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil from the Y&R present Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

8:09PM- Heather Tom wins her 3rd Emmy. Heather wins for Supporting Actress for her role as Katie Logan Spencer on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

8:10PM- "I have to thank the Daytime Community as a whole. It has been part of my community for most of my life."- Heather Tom

8:11PM- The cast of Cirque du Soleil's "Viva Elvis" performs.

8:13PM- First Commercial Break.

8:14PM- Wow...Jabot Cosmetics is real....the power of soaps.

8:16PM- The hosts of The Doctors present Outstanding Game or Audience Participation Show, or Game Show for short.

8:17PM- There is a tie. "Jeopardy" wins the Emmy for Game Show, it's 13th. "Cash Cab" will NOT be winning, because they usually go in alphabetical order in case of ties.

8:18PM- "The producer can never hope to work with better hosts."- Harry Friedman, Executive Producer of "Jeopardy".

8:19PM- The other Game Show winner is "Wheel of Fortune", the show's 3rd win and 18th nomination. I think this is a sham, because Alex and Pat are getting Lifetime Achievement Emmys later tonight.

8:20PM- "If you're counting, there's one for us."- Pat Sajak

8:20PM- "...I am not a tough act to follow."- Harry Friedman, accepting the Emmy for "Wheel of Fortune"

8:21PM- Jennifer Flavin Stallone and the B&B's Adam Gregory introduce Laura McKenzie, host of "Laura McKenzie's Travelers".

8:22PM- Marie Osmond sings "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B", a 70-year old classic.

8:25PM- Tracey Bregman and Y&R's Jabot cosmetics before going on stage. Now, more commercials, and more pimping of Genoa City's most famous product- Jabot cosmetics.

8:29PM- Ben Bailey (of Cash Cab) and Sherri Shepherd (of The View) present Informative Talk Show- ALL Doctor shows.

8:30PM- "The Dr. Oz Show" wins the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Informative Talk Show category. The first-ever series win for an Oprah spin-off.

8:31PM- "Congratulations to the flash mob of 'The Dr. Oz Show'. You'd better win with 8,000 people on your crew."- Wayne Brady

8:32PM- The Chairman and Vice Chairman of NATAS are saluted Darrell B. Cohen and Mel Wingus.

8:32PM- B&B's Kim Matula and them Massey boys of Disney fame talk about prizes and then introduce a video.

8:33PM- The Massey boys find an Emmy in the sand, lol...

8:34PM- Jesse and Angie (Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan) present the Writing Team Emmy, which is B&B's to lose.

8:34PM- "We will move on, but you will forever be missed."- Debbi Morgan (on AMC)

8:35PM- The Y&R Writing Team wins the Emmy for Writing. "Don't give up, we're here to stay."- Maria Arena Bell

8:36PM- Commercial Break again.

8:39PM- Tracey Bregman & Christian LeBlanc present the Game Show Host Emmy. Could tonight's host be a big winner?

8:40PM- Ben Bailey repeats as Best Game Show Host and he is AWOL, and they couldn't find him. Christine Lahti, anyone? How about Isabel Sanford?

8:41PM- "I couldn't get a cab, what could I say? To be totally honest, I was busy (relieving myself) backstage."- Ben Bailey

8:42PM- Anderson Cooper presents the Emmy for Talk Show Host.

8:43PM- There is a tie. Dr. Oz repeats as Best Talk Show. He wasn't there to accept last year. This year, he has company.

8:44PM- The other Talk Show host winner is...Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa who are not present, and so Anderson Cooper accepts on their behalf.

8:44PM- "This season, I'm doing 'Let's Make a Deal' on the back of a Cadillac."- Wayne Brady

8:45PM- Marlee Matlin introduces "Daytime Cares", with a video from Sir Elton John with The Starkey Hearing Foundation.

8:48PM- The Oprah Salute is probably coming up after this commercial break.

8:52PM- Don Diamont and Heather Tom present Talk Show Entertainment, which is Regis's to lose.

8:53PM- The Ellen DeGeneres Show has done it again by winning Talk Show Entertainment yet again. Will this show pull an Oprah?

8:55PM- Gladys Knight begins the Oprah Tribute segment, and honoring Oprah with the first-ever Chairman's Crystal Pillar Award. "You may be off the air for now, but you will forever be part of our hearts."- Gladys Knight

8:58PM- They had to include the "jumping the couch" clip among the clips from the 25 Years of "The Oprah Winfrey Show".

9:00PM- Dr. Oz speaks on behalf of Oprah as part of the Crystal Pillar tribute.

9:01PM- Barbara Walters says some words on Oprah, as does Oprah's eldest son, Dr. Phil.

9:02PM- "For the last 25 years, the World has been lucky enough to call you a friend."- Ellen DeGeneres

9:03PM- Celine Dion, at Caesar's Palace, is giving a shoutout in the middle of her Vegas show.

9:06PM- Celine Dion sings "Because You Loved Me".

9:09PM- Oprah Winfrey from the set of the late "Oprah Winfrey Show" sends a pre-taped message, with her Crystal Pillar award.

9:10PM- Commercial Break, coming up the two-headed Lifetime Achievement Award, plus Daytime Gives Back with Montel, Ridge Forrester, and Sam McCall.

9:13PM- Melissa Archer (from OLTL) and OLTL alum Tuc Watkins present Directing, which is GH's to lose.

9:14PM- There is a tie- the fourth one tonight. The Bold and the Beautiful wins its first-ever Emmy in the Directing category.

9:15PM- "The Young and the Restless" wins its 11th Daytime Emmy for Directing, and its first since 2002. Mike Denney accepts on behalf of the Directing team.

9:17PM- Peter Marshall (The Hollywood Squares) and Vanna White (Wheel of Fortune) present Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek their Lifetime Achievement Daytime Emmys.

9:22PM- "Without you, I would look like Muammar Gadhafi."- Alex Trebek (saluting his hair and makeup)

9:23PM- Ronn Moss, Kelly Monaco, and Montel Williams present the Daytime Gives Back segment, which this year features the Children's Miracle Network.

9:29PM- Kara Reed and Christel Khalil chatting backstage, and pimping Jabot, which is still breaking the fourth wall of fiction.

9:30PM- A salute to La Lucci, plus the Younger Acting races...after this commercial break.

9:33PM- Crunch time. Arianne Zucker and Galen Gering present the Younger Actress Daytime Emmy.

9:34PM- Brittany Allen wins her only nomination for her role on AMC. She left the show last fall. As Jim Nabors said, "Surprise, surprise."

9:35PM- Could Scott Clifton win his last time in this category? Find out from Drs. Scorpio and Drake.

9:36PM- FINALLY! Eight years in daytime, and Scott Clifton gets his long overdue Emmy for his final year of eligibility in this category for his role as Liam Cooper/William Spencer III on the B&B.

9:37PM- Brandon Beemer (from the B&B) and Nadia Bjorlin from Days of Our Lives talk about visiting Universal Orlando.

9:38PM- Kara Reid and Peter Bergman, yes, the founder of Jabot. Then, Lead Acting Daytime Emmys and a Susan Lucci salute...after this...

9:43PM- Susan Lucci and Liza Huber are on the stage. But first, Liza welcomes the man who gave Susan Lucci her Daytime Emmy, Shemar Moore.

9:45PM- "I've been wanting to do that for 12 years."- Shemar Moore after kissing Susan Lucci

9:46PM- "Without you guys, I've got nothing. We'll get drunk a little later."- Shemar Moore to the Y&R cast

9:46PM- Erica Kane was married 11 times. "I remember when Erica Kane married 'Rocky' Regis Philbin."

9:48PM- "Daytime is just not going to be the same without you."- Shemar Moore to Susan Lucci

9:48PM- Who will win for Lead Actor? Find out now.

9:49PM- Michael Park, who is performing on Broadway in the revival of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" wins for Lead Actor for ATWT.

9:50PM- Shemar and Susan present the Lead Actress Daytime Emmy.

9:51PM- Laura Wright becomes the first first-time Lead Actress nominee to win since Cynthia Watros in 1998. Laura Wright wins the Emmy for her role as Carly Corinthos-Jacks on "General Hospital", tying GH's 8 win record, set in 1999.

9:52PM- "Before 'General Hospital', it was 'Guiding Light', and before that, it was 'Loving'. This has been 20 years of the best career ever. Thank you so much!"- Laura Wright

9:55PM- One more Emmy left...."All My Children", "The Bold and the Beautiful", "General Hospital", "The Young and the Restless"...can B&B three-peat, or will GH set a new Daytime Emmy record with 9 wins in a single season? Or will AMC or Y&R pull off an upset? Find out from the lovely Meredith Vieira...after one last commercial break.

9:59PM- In 1990, "Santa Barbara" three-peated for NBC. In 1997, "General Hospital" did it for ABC, and in 2011, "The Bold and the Beautiful" does it, winning for Outstanding Drama Series for the third straight year.

10:00PM- The show is over. Coming up next is "The Good Wife" with special guest star Michael J. Fox, and in a supporting guest role, one of my dear friends from my theatrical life.

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