Thursday, July 3, 2014

2014 Bryan Award Nomination Tidbits

Bryan Award Tidbits:

Since the New Series category was expanded in 2010, this is the fourth time that there are 10 nominees in the category.

For the first time ever in Bryan Awards history, CBS has three New Series nominees.

"The Crazy Ones" holds the records for most nominations for a cancelled program and for a comedy program that is not up for Best Comedy Series (18 nominations).  It is the first New Series nominee to be a Most Missed Series nominee in the same year.  It is also the third program in Bryan Awards history to be a New Series nominee that only lasted one season ("The Job", 2001 and "Number One Ladies Detective Agency", 2009 are the other two).

"Parenthood" is the first NBC show in the Drama Series race since "Heroes" in 2007.  Meanwhile, NBC is shut out of the Comedy Series race for the first time since 2005.

Ryan Murphy has two of the nominees for Outstanding Miniseries/Made for TV Movie with "American Horror Story: Coven" (13 nominations) and "The Normal Heart" (18 nominations).  Murphy is also nominated for directing the latter movie.

"All My Children" and "One Life to Live" become the first two shows to be nominated for Most Missed Series, twice.  Both were nominated in 2012 for that same prize after being cancelled by ABC, and both lost.

"Masters of Sex" (19 nominations) and "True Detective" (16 nominations) are New Series nominees, but not Drama Series nominees.  "The Crazy Ones" (18 nominations) is also a New Series nominee, but not up for Comedy Series.

"Californication" and "The Crazy Ones" are the only two Most Missed Series nominees that were New Series nominees.  "Californication" was nominated in 2008, while "The Crazy Ones" is up this year.

Ellen DeGeneres is nominated for both Daytime and Primetime categories at the Bryan Awards.  DeGeneres is nominated for hosting and producing her daytime talk show, as well as hosting the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

Bryan Award Milestones That Could Happen:

- A win by "The Young and the Restless" for Best Daytime Drama will tie the record set by "As the World Turns" with it's fourth win.  Y&R previously won in 2004, 2008, and 2009.
- A loss by Mae Whitman in the Younger Actress-Drama category will give Whitman the most losses ever without a single win (5).  Meanwhile, a Whitman win will mean that all three of Lauren Graham's TV children have won a Bryan Award (Alexis Bledel won 4 for "Gilmore Girls", Miles Heizer is the defending Primetime Drama Younger Actor champion)
- A win by Chris Colfer in the Younger Actor-Comedy category will tie the record for most Younger Acting wins ever (4, held by Alexis Bledel).
- A win by Chandler Massey in the Younger Actor-Daytime category will make Massey the first Younger Actor - male or female, to win three consecutive Younger Acting awards for a Daytime Soap in Bryan Awards history (Chris Colfer and Alexis Bledel did this for primetime shows).
- A win by "Orange Is the New Black" for either Comedy or New Series, or "House of Cards" in Drama Series will make them the first online show to win the Top Prize.
- "The Crazy Ones" could be the first show to win both Best New Series and Most Missed Series in the same year.  "Desperate Housewives" is the only show to win both prizes in the previous 13 years - obviously not in the same year (New Series: 2005, Most Missed: 2012), while "Gilmore Girls", "Six Feet Under", "24", "Arrested Development", "Entourage", "House", "Friday Night Lights", "Californication", and "The Big C" have also been nominated in both categories.  It is highly possible that next year (2015)'s Most Missed Series winner could win both categories, with "The Colbert Report" (2006 New Series Winner), "Mad Men" (2008 winner), "True Blood" (2009 winner), "Glee" (2010 winner), "Boardwalk Empire" (2011 winner), and last year's New Series winner "The Newsroom".  New Series nominees "Parks and Recreation" (a 2009 loser to "True Blood") and "Parenthood" (a 2010 loser to "Glee") are also producing their final seasons in the 2015 Bryan Awards year.
- A New Series win by "The Crazy Ones" would be the first for a cancelled show, also a win by that show, "Mom", or "Under the Dome" would be CBS's first victory in this category in the 14-year history of the Bryan Awards.

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