Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010 Silver Garbage Awards- Melrose, Brothers Lead With 14 Nominations

(July 7, 2010)
When the CW decided to revive “Melrose Place” in the spring of 2009, the execs at the fledgling network were unaware what would happen next.

The failed remake to the successful 1990s primetime soap turned a show that was considered “Appointment TV” to “Must Flee TV”, and was cancelled after one painful season. The show leads with 14 Silver Garbage Award nominations, including Worst Drama and Worst New Series.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” said Silver Garbage Awards creator Bryan Curtiss. “And then the CW tried to fix it, and disaster struck.”

Sharing the lead with “Melrose Place” is “Brothers”, Fox’s failed family sitcom, which also has 14 Nominations.

“‘Brothers’ was by far, the worst sitcom in a relatively weak year for Comedies in this awards,” Curtiss said. “It was so weak, that there could be possible scenarios played out as the date pushes forward to announce the winners.”

Joining “Brothers” in the Worst Comedy Series race are “Hank”, “Scrubs”, “Til Death”, and “The Jay Leno Show”.

“Seth Meyers was right when NBC was torn between Leno and Team Coco (Conan O’Brien),” Curtiss said about the failure of Leno’s primetime show, which aired five nights a week. “‘The Jay Leno Show’ was a sign that NBC was desperate to fill up hours in primetime that could have gone to either quality shows, or complete duds. The end result was that nobody really won and NBC became desperate to fill up five hours of programming for the price of one.”

Among the missing shows in the final ballot is the “NCIS” franchise, once a perennial staple in recent years, has faded from Silver Garbage view. Curtiss explains, if they did the expanded nominee format like the Emmys and Bryan Awards, “NCIS” and “NCIS: Los Angeles” would have gotten a little bit more love, as the “NCIS: Los Angeles” finished sixth in voting for Worst New Series, Worst Drama Series, and Worst Remake or Spin-Off.

“‘NCIS’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ in a relatively ‘weak’ year, would have both gotten in. I still think it’s an overrated show, despite the fact that both shows are hits,” Curtiss remarked.

The first show to be cancelled in the fall season, “TBL: The Beautiful Life” got an amassing 11 nominations, in a show that Curtiss admits has a special spot for the Silver Garbage Awards.

“‘TBL’ was a complete train wreck from the moment that the CW first aired the promos for the show last summer. Not even the network execs themselves were prepared for it to sink that quickly,” Curtiss said about the instant failure of the show, which was pulled after only airing twice last September.

Joining “Melrose” and “TBL” in the Worst Drama lineup are “Eastwick”, “Past Life”, and “Trauma”.

The Nominees for Worst of the First Ten Years will be announced on July 16 and winners announced on August 20. The winners for the Silver Garbage Awards will be announced on August 28, the eve of the telecast for the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.


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