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Glee Leads With Record 42 Nominations

'Glee' Sings With Record 42 Bryan Award Nominations

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"Glee", Fox's musical comedy sensation leads all television programs with a record 42 Bryan Award Nominations, including Best Comedy Series and Best New Series.

"Glee‟ is one of those special shows in the history of television that is an innovator for the genre," said Bryan Awards Creator Bryan Curtiss. "Its ability to mix through various genres- comedy, drama, musical, is uncanny, and unbeatable in television today."

Joining "Glee" in the Comedy race are Fox's Animated Sitcom "Family Guy", ABC's freshman family sitcom "Modern Family", CBS's adult dating sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", and a pair of NBC sitcoms, "The Office", and two-time defending Comedy champ "30 Rock".

"As the World Turns", which is ending its 54-year run on September 17, which held the old record of 40 Nominations since 2001, is the second-most nominated show with 32 Bryan Award Nominations, including Best Daytime Soap, after being snubbed in that category last year.

"It's so hard to say goodbye to 'As the World Turns', since it has impacted our lives for so many decades. It‟s been a fixture in my life," Curtiss remarked about the departing show, which wrapped up shooting in its Brooklyn, New York studio on June 23.

"As the World Turns" isn't the only departing series to pick up a truckload of accolades at the Bryan Awards. "Lost", which finished its six-year run with one of the biggest finales in television history and Showtime's 16th Century Royal Drama, "The Tudors" have 18 and 16 nominations respectively, including nods for Outstanding (Primetime) Drama. "Guiding Light", which ended its 72-year broadcast run almost ten months ago, finishes with 14 additional nominations to its tally, and Fox's action thriller "24" received 12 final nods.

Joining "Lost" and "The Tudors" in the Drama Series race are AMC‟s "Breaking Bad", Showtime‟s serial killer "Dexter", HBO‟s vampire hit "True Blood", and two-time defending Drama Series winner, "Mad Men."

"The 2009-10 season was a season of sentimentality, as we saw old favorites bite the dust," Curtiss said about the recognition of the departing series. "It was one of the most sentimental seasons in television history, compared to other years in television history. It was hard to say goodbye to the longest running show in broadcast history, plus the longest running espionage show in primetime history, and the co-longest running primetime drama in television history. It was probably the most sentimental year since a few years."

The Nominees in the Most Missed Series category are "Guiding Light", "Lost", "The Tudors", "24", "Law & Order", and "Monk".

In the Miniseries and Movie races, HBO reigns supreme again, with three of the four nominees in the Made for Television Movie category, including "Temple Grandin", a film about an autistic professor, which leads all television movies with 14 Bryan Award nominations.

"Temple Grandin‟ was a superb story about a woman battling a mental affliction, and the impact that she has made," Curtiss said.

Joining "Grandin" in the Made for Television Movie category are Masterpiece Theatre‟s South African thriller "Endgame", HBO‟s Tony Blair-Bill Clinton piece "The Special Relationship", and "You Don't Know Jack", about famed assisted suicide advocate Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

The Miniseries category features a range of nominees, from an adaptation to a Jane Austen classic, to a documentary on professional football, to the unofficial sequel to "Band of Brothers" in "The Pacific", to a remake of a 1960s British series which made its American debut 42 years ago, to the sequel to 2008 Bryan Nominee "Cranford", to an adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland".

The Nominees for Outstanding Miniseries are "Alice", "Emma", "Full Color Football: The History of the American Football League", "The Pacific", "The Prisoner", and "Return to Cranford."

"The reason that 'Full Color Football (The History of the American Football League)' was submitted in this race was because it was different from the traditional miniseries," Curtiss remarked. "Yes, it was a documentary, but the footage from the NFL Films archives would make for great performances, if it were dramatized."

The winners in the main categories of the Bryan Awards will be announced on Sunday August 15. The winners in the other categories will be announced on Friday August 6. For a complete list of the nominees, go to


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