Monday, July 19, 2010

Episode of the Year

Episode of the Year- Just what is it exactly? It is the best single half-hour (or hour, or two) of programming of the past year. It is the single best program of the past year, because it mesmerized critics and fans alike.

2010 Comedy Episode of the Year Nominees:
Curb Your Enthusiasm- "Seinfeld" (HBO)
Glee- "The Power of Madonna" (Fox)
Glee- "Sectionals" (Fox)
The Office- "Niagara" (NBC)
Saturday Night Live- "Betty White/JayZ" (NBC)
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien- "Episode 146" (Series Finale) (NBC)

2009: Saturday Night Live, "Justin Timberlake/MotherLover" (NBC)
2008: Californication, "Pilot" (Showtime)
2007: The Simpsons- "24 Minutes" and "You Kent Always Say What You Want" (Fox)
2006: (TIE) Arrested Development- "Development Arrested" (Fox) & South Park- "Trapped in the Closet" (Comedy Central)
2005: Desperate Housewives- "Pilot" (ABC)
2004: Chappelle's Show- "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories: Rick James" (Comedy Central)
2003: South Park- "I'm a Little Bit Country" (Comedy Central)
2002: The Late Show with David Letterman- Late Night TV returns after the 9/11 Attacks (CBS)
2001: Malcolm in the Middle- "Bowling" (Fox)

1999: Frasier- "Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskovitz" (NBC)
1998: (TIE) The Larry Sanders Show- "Flip" (HBO) & South Park- "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" (Comedy Central)
1997: Ellen- "The Puppy Episode" (NBC)
1994: Frasier- "The Good Son" (NBC)
1993: (TIE) Cheers- "One for the Road" (NBC) & Seinfeld- "The Contest" (NBC)
1992: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson- "One for the Road" (NBC)
1990: Newhart- "The Last Newhart" (CBS)
1985: The Cosby Show- "Pilot" (NBC)
1984: Happy Days- "Passages" (ABC)
1983: M*A*S*H- "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen" (CBS)
1982: Barney Miller- "Landmark" (ABC)
1981: Soap- "Episode 90" (ABC)
1979: Soap- "Episode 47" (ABC)
1978: All in the Family- "Edith's 50th Birthday" (CBS)
1977: The Mary Tyler Moore Show- "The Last Show" (CBS)
1976: The Mary Tyler Moore Show- "Chuckles the Clown Bites The Dust" (CBS)
1975: M*A*S*H- "Abyssinia, Henry" (CBS)
1974: The Mary Tyler Moore Show- "The Lars Affair" (CBS)
1973: Maude- "Maude's Dilemma" (CBS)
1972: All in the Family- "Sammy's Visit" (CBS)
1971: All in the Family- "Meet the Bunkers" (CBS)
1968: He & She- "The Coming Out Party" (CBS)
1966: The Dick Van Dyke Show- "Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth" (CBS)

2010 Drama Episode of the Year Nominees:
The CSI Trilogy (CBS)
Law & Order- "Rubber Room" (Series Finale) (NBC)
Lost- "The End" (Series Finale) (ABC)
Mad Men- "Shut the Door, Have a Seat" (AMC)
The Tudors- "405" (Showtime)
24- "Day 2: 2:00PM to 4:00PM" (Series Finale) (Fox)

2009: ER- "And in the End" (NBC)
2008: The Wire- "-30-" (HBO)
2007: The Sopranos- "Made in America" (HBO)
2006: Grey's Anatomy- "It's The End of the World As We Know It" (ABC)
2005: Lost- "Pilot" (ABC)
2004: The Sopranos- "Long Term Parking" (HBO)
2003: The Sopranos- "Whitecaps" (HBO)
2002: (TIE) Buffy the Vampire Slayer- "Once More with Feeling" (UPN) & 24- "Day 1: 11:00PM to 12:00AM" (Fox)
2001: (TIE) The Sopranos- "Pine Barrens" (HBO) & The West Wing- "Two Cathedrals" (NBC)

2000: The West Wing- "In Excelsis Deo" (NBC)
1999: The Sopranos- "College" (HBO)
1995: ER- "Love's Labour Lost" (NBC)
1991: L.A. Law- "Good to the Last Drop" (NBC)
1988: St. Elsewhere- "The Last One" (NBC)
1987: L.A. Law- "The Venus Butterfly" (NBC)
1986: St. Elsewhere- "Time Heals" (NBC)
1985: Miami Vice- "Brother's Keeper" (NBC)
1984: Hill Street Blues- "Grace Under Pressure" (NBC)
1983: St. Elsewhere- "Cora and Arnie" (NBC)
1981: Hill Street Blues- "Hill Street Station" (NBC)
1980: Dallas- "A House Divided" (CBS)
1979: Battlestar Galactica- "Saga of a Starworld" (ABC)
1974: The Waltons- "Thanksgiving Story" (CBS)
1973: The Waltons- "A Love Story" (CBS)
1972: Emergency!- "Pilot" (NBC)
1971: Adam-12- "Elegy for a Pig" (NBC)
1968: The Fugitive- "Judgment Day" (ABC)
1967: Star Trek- "City on the Edge of Forever" (NBC)

2010 Daytime Nominees:
All My Children- 40th Anniversary (ABC)
As the World Turns- Christmas Eve/Brad Says Goodbye (CBS)
As the World Turns- Bob & Kim's 25th Wedding Anniversary (CBS)
General Hospital- The Carnival (ABC)
Guiding Light- The Series Finale (CBS)
The Young and the Restless- Colleen Carlton Drowns/Victor Newman gets Colleen's Heart (CBS)

2009: Guiding Light- "The Return of Phillip/Coop's Death" (CBS)
2008: All My Children- "Jesse and Angie Reunion" (ABC)
2007: (TIE) Guiding Light- "70th Anniversary" (CBS) & The Price is Right- "Bob Barker's Farewell" (CBS)
2006: As the World Turns- "50th Anniversary" (CBS)
2005: General Hospital- "Sam's baby dies to save Alexis's daughter" (ABC)
2004: (TIE) General Hospital- "Port Charles Hotel Fire" (ABC) & Port Charles (Series Finale) (ABC)
2003: Port Charles- "Surrender (Premiere)" (ABC)
2002: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood- Series Finale (PBS)
2001: All My Children- "Bianca Comes Out" (ABC)

1999: "Susan Lucci's Historic Emmy Win", The 26th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (CBS)
1994: "B.J.'s Heart", General Hospital (ABC)
1993: "Maureen Bauer's Death", Guiding Light (CBS)
1991: "I'm Coming, Bud", Guiding Light (CBS)
1990: "Josh & Reva's Wedding", Guiding Light (CBS)
1986: "Doug Cummings (Climax)", As the World Turns (CBS)
1985: "The Slut of Springfield", Guiding Light (CBS)
1984: "Mister Hooper Dies", Sesame Street (PBS)
1983: "The Christmas Miracle", Texas (NBC)
1982: "Luke & Laura's Wedding", General Hospital (ABC)
1980: "The Hall of Mirrors", Guiding Light (CBS)

2010 Reality Moment of the Year Nominees:
American Idol- "The Judges Save Mike" (Fox)
American Idol- "Simon Says Goodbye/Season Finale" (Fox)
Big Brother 11- "Chima Gets Expelled" (CBS)
Project Runway- "(Season 6) Bryant Park Fashion Week" (Lifetime)
The 650 Pound Virgin (TLC)
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains- "The Dumbest Move" (CBS)

2009: American Idol- "Songs of Michael Jackson" (Fox)
2008: Not Given
2007: American Idol: "Idol Gives Back I" (Fox)
2006: The Apprentice: "Take Me Out to the Boardroom"/The Firing of Four (NBC)
2005: Survivor Palau- "Ulong Disappears One-by-One" (CBS)

And starting this year, we've introduced a new "Episode of the Year" category, for Animated Programs, and the nominees are:
The Boondocks- "It's a Black President, Huey Freeman" (Cartoon Network)
The Cleveland Show- "Pilot" (Fox)
Family Guy- "Brian and Stewie" (Fox)
South Park- "Dead Celebrities" (Comedy Central)
South Park- "Sexual Healing" (Comedy Central)
South Park- "You Have 0 Friends" (Comedy Central)

Winners for the Episode of the Year Nominees will be Announced on Friday August 6. This year's winners will join the lucky list of winners that were considered the best episodes and moments of television history.

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