Sunday, February 13, 2011

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards- LIVE REACTIONS As they Happen

In less than 20 minutes, the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards Telecast will air LIVE from the Staples Center on CBS. Winners in all but ten of the 109 categories have already been announced prior to the telecast (if they did all 109 categories, we'd be up until dawn).

7:45PM- The Red Carpet Pre-Show is dwindling down already. Stars galore from the music industry are out on the red carpet.

7:50PM- Ten minutes and so far include Bruno Mars, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Pink!, John Legend, Seal, and Sade.

7:55PM- Cinco minutos (Five minutes) until the show. Other winners include "Empire State of Mind" (Rap Song/Rap-Sung Collaboration), "Need You Now" (Country Performance- Duo or Group with Vocals/Country Song), "**** You" (Urban/Alternative Performance), and "Crazy Love" (Traditional Pop/Vocal Album).

8:00PM- For the next three and a half hours, it's time to celebrate music, starting right now with a celebration of the "Queen of Soul"- Aretha Franklin.

8:01PM- Clips of Aretha Franklin at the Grammys before the musical celebration begins.
LL Cool J- "Aretha Franklin is and will always be the Queen of Soul." Aretha is in Detroit under the weather and unable to attend the Grammys.

8:02PM- Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Florence Welch (from Florence and the Machine), Yolanda Adams, and Martina Bride get the Grammys started with the musical celebration of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, and "A Natural Woman", Franklin's breakout 1967 hit song.

8:07PM- Florence Welch belts out Aretha's 1968 hit "Freedom".

8:08PM- Jennifer Hudson belts out Aretha's 1967 breakout hit "R-E-S-P-E-C-T."

8:12PM- These five women of music brought down the house in this 10-minute opening tribute.

8:13PM- Aretha Franklin appears at the Grammys via pre-taped appearance.

8:14PM- Coming up, it's Lady Gaga's big performance, plus others, including Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber & Usher, Bob Dylan and Mumford & Sons, plus the first-ever Grammy Appearance of Mick Jagger (Jagger is paying tribute to the late Blues musician Solomon Burke).

8:15PM- 1st Commercial Break

8:19PM- Back at the Grammys, as Yolanda Adams, Martina McBride, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, and Florence Welch present the Pop Performance by a Duo or Group Nominees- the first telecast award of the night. Nominees- The Cast of Glee, Maroon 5, Paramore, Sade, and Train.

8:20PM- The Grammy (the 100th of this Year, by the way) goes to "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train.

8:21PM- "Thanks, Justin Bieber for not being a duo or group."- Train, accepting the Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group

8:22PM- Ricky Martin shows up on the Grammy stage and introducing Lady GaGa's "Born this Way".

8:23PM- Brace yourselves, here comes Lady GaGa.

8:28PM- 2nd Commercial Break

8:33PM- Coming up now, country singer Blake Shelton.
"She's not only the most talented person in the world. She's my fiancee."- Blake Shelton

8:34PM- Miranda Lambert performs her nominated "The House that Built Me", which Lambert dedicated to all the artists that came before the current crop of musical artists.

8:38PM- Lenny Kravitz introduces three-time Grammy nominee this year, Muse.

8:39PM- Muse performs on the stage. It makes you feel like you are actually seeing them play at a LIVE concert.

8:44PM- Bruno Mars, B.O.B., and Janelle Monae- among the acts coming up after this next (3rd) Commercial Break.

8:48PM- Ted Williams is back (new Kraft Mac & Cheese commercial), and Alicia Florrick is in love with Dan from Sports Night.

8:49PM- Ryan Seacrest- "Music always needs new voices." Seacrest introduces three artists with 14 Grammy nods this year between them- Bruno Mars, B.O.B, and Janelle Monae.

8:50PM- "Nothin' on You"- this is one of the best songs of 2010. A great song. "Beautiful girls, all over the world, I could be chasin', but my time would be wasted, because they've got nothin' on you..."

8:52PM- Bruno sings another of his hits, "Grenade".

8:54PM- Janelle Monae sings "Do You Know What You're Fighting For".

8:58PM- Zac Brown and some guy present the second category of the telecast (and 101st of the year)- Female Country Vocal Performance. Nominees are: Jewel, Miranda Lambert, LeAnn Rimes, Carrie Underwood, and Gretchen Wilson.

8:59PM- The Grammy goes to...Miranda Lambert for "The House That Built Me".

9:00PM- "First Grammy performance, first Grammy ever..."- Miranda Lambert

9:00PM- Justin Bieber and Usher with Jaden Smith, Bob Dylan with Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers, Lady Antebellum, plus more, after...

9:01PM- ...4th Commercial Break

9:05PM- Eva Longoria- "In 2007, a young kid from Canada goes down to Atlanta, Georgia...", a video clip of Justin Bieber and Usher meeting for the first time....

9:06PM- Bieber, now 16, plays "Baby" on the guitar; This guy can strum it; and then they bring in the drummers- Taiko drummers, that is

9:08PM- Bieber then sings "Never Say Never"

9:09PM- Joining Justin is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's 13 year-old son, Jaden. (proud parents Will & Jada standing up to applaud)

9:11PM- "OMG"- Love this song- Usher can bring's like watching the announcement of the starting lineup at an NBA game, or like one of those talk show promos on TV- the chorus of "OMG". This "OMG" is a 180 improvement from last week's snoozefest in Big D at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

9:12PM- Bieber joins in at the end of "OMG".

9:13PM- Silver Garbage nominee Pauley Perrette and Paramour come out to the stage to introduce Best Rock Album. Nominees: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Pearl Jam, Jeff Beck, Neil Young, and Muse.

9:14PM- Yes! "The Resistance" can't resist the Grammy gold. Congrats to Muse for winning Best Rock Album.

9:15PM- More commercials....then Bob Dylan/Avett Brothers/Mumford and Sons, CeeLo Green & Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Antebellum, Eminem and Rihanna, Eminem and Dr. Dre...

9:16PM- Commercial Break # 5

9:20PM- Selena Gomez and Donnie Wahlberg present the nominees for Best Pop Vocal Album. Nominees are Justin Bieber, Susan Boyle, Lady GaGa, John Mayer, and Katy Perry.

9:21PM- The Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album goes to "The Fame Monster"- Lady Gaga

9:22PM- "When I wrote 'Born this Way', I imagined (Whitney) was singing it..."- Lady Gaga

9:23PM- David Letterman's Top 10 Surprises at the 2011 Grammy Awards

9:25PM- David Letterman introduces Bob Dylan, Mumford and Sons, and the Avett Brothers.

9:26PM- Mumford and Sons perform "The Cave" on the Grammy stage.

9:28PM- The Avett Brothers perform on the Grammy stage.

9:30PM- A big performance with Bob Dylan, Mumford and Sons, and The Avett Brothers, as they sing "Maggie's Farm".

9:33PM- Coming up are a lot of great performances...two hours to go...

9:34PM- Commercial Break

9:39PM- Lea Michele (Glee) and Clay Matthews (The Green Bay Packers) introduce Lady Antebellum who will sing a few hits...

9:40PM- "If You Don't Know Me By Now" is a tribute to the late R&B soul legend Teddy Pendergrass, who passed away early last year, and that's how Lady Antebellum begins their act.

9:42PM- "American Honey", and now one of the best love songs of the tweens, thus far "Need You Now". "Need You Now" won earlier for Country Song of the Year, and Country Duo or Group Vocal Performance. It was also heard in last Sunday's episode of Glee- "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle".

9:43PM- Miley Cyrus and the Kings of Leon (all Tennessee natives) come to the stage to present the award for Best Country Album- Lady Antebellum's to lose. Nominees are Dierks Bentley, Zac Brown Band, Jamey Johnson, Lady Antebellum, and Miranda Lambert.

9:45PM- "It's a quarter after one, and I'm all alone, and I need you now." Lady Antebellum wins the Grammy for Country Album of the Year.

9:46PM- Jamie Foxx comes up to the stage, introducing CeeLo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow, who will perform "Forget You" (Song and Record of the Year Nominee), also known as...

9:47PM- There are some groovy puppets dancing, and CeeLo Green is channeling Elton John in his outfit, while performing. The puppets are so sweet.

9:49PM- In comes Gwyneth. She sang this song of "Glee" and could win an Emmy for it on September 10. There was also the SNL skit where they introduced "Forget You". Priceless. Country Strong and Glee brought out the singer in Gwyneth.

9:51PM- Song of the Year is coming up....after this...

9:52PM- We're halfway home! Commercial break VII.

9:56PM- Neil Patrick Harris introduces Katy Perry.

9:57PM- Katy Perry sings songs from her nominated album "Teenage Dream"

10:01PM- Even Nicole Kidman is singing along from the audience.

10:02PM- Norah Jones, John Mayer, and Keith Urban sing "Jolene", a Dolly Parton song, in honor of Lifetime Achievement Recipient Dolly Parton.

10:04PM- Jones, Mayer, and Urban present Song of the Year. The five lucky nominees? "Beg, Steal, or Borrow", "Forget You", "The House That Built Me", "Love the Way You Lie", "Need You Now".

10:05PM- The Song of the Year is "Need You Now"- It's a quarter after one, and I'm all alone, and I need you now...and I don't know how I can do without....Surprise!

10:06PM- Coming Up is Eminem with both Rihanna and Dr. Dre

10:07PM- I'm Commercial Break the Eighth I Am...

10:12PM- Seth Rogen introduces Rihanna, Dr. Dre, Avril Lavigne, and Eminem.

10:13PM- Rihanna and Eminem sing "Love the Way You Lie", one of the most acclaimed performances of the 2010 eligibility period for the Grammys.

10:16PM- Eminem and Avril Lavigne

10:18PM- Eminem and Dr. Dre

10:19PM- I Need a Doctor to Bring Me Back to Life...

10:20PM- Jewel and John Legend present Best New Artist. Who will it be? Justin Bieber? Drake? Florence and the Machine? Mumford and Sons? or Esperanza Spalding?

10:21PM- The Best New Artist of the Year is...WHOA!!!!! Talk about upsets. Esperanza Spalding wins the Grammy for Best New Artist.

10:22PM- "Thank you to the Academy for even nominating me in this category."- Esperanza Spalding

10:23PM- After Commercial Break Cloud 9, it's Mick Jagger's debut on the Grammy stage to honor the late music legend Solomon Burke. (Commercial Break # 9)

10:25PM- Goldderby Forums poster Benito Delicias- "This will be the best example of 'vote splitting' in history. Pretty much the only explanation." (on Esperanza Spalding's shocking upset win for Best New Artist)

10:28PM- Mr. Shoe/Matthew Morrison talks about the goods of the Recording Academy, and introduce Neil Portnow, the President of the Recording Academy

10:29PM- Portnow talks about the Grammy Foundation, and Grammy Camp, which will expand to New York this year. "The future of music is in great hands."- Portnow

10:30PM- "Nurturing the future talent are the goals that both me and the Academy have in common."- Matthew Morrison

10:31PM- The Academy will support Broadcast service, and internet radio, which will pay the artists for usage for work; and continue to stamp the fights of Free Speech; acknowledges David Geffen for winning the Industry Icon Awards; "One thing has not changed. You can count on the output of our creative community to keep our music playing forever."- Portnow

10:32PM- In Memoriam- going way too fast for me to keep up, includes Alex Chilton, Jimmy Dean, Lena Horne, Solomon Burke, Ronnie James Dio, Bobby Hebb, Margaret Whiting, and others.

10:34PM- Performing for the first time ever at the Grammys, in a tribute to the late Solomon Burke, Mick Jagger.

10:39PM- Mick Jagger gets a standing ovation at the Grammys.

10:40PM- Commercial Break

10:45PM- Trustees Award Winners--> Wilma Cozart Fine, Al Bell, and Bruce Lundvall

10:46PM- Kris Kristofferson introduces his co-star from the 1976 remake of the film A Star is Born, Barbra Streisand.

10:47PM- Barbra Streisand sings the Academy Award Winner for Best Original Song of 1976- "Evergreen" from...A Star is Born.

10:50PM- Nicki Menage and Will.I.Am present Best Rap Album.

10:51PM- Nominees- B.O.B., Drake, Eminem, Jay-Z, and The Roots

10:52PM- Eminem wins Rap Album of the Year for "Recovery", with the driving force being "Love the Way You Lie."

10:53PM- "I want to thank Rihanna for helping propel the album to where it is right now."- Eminem/"...What up, Detroit, Stand Up!"- Eminem

10:54PM- Commercial Break...and then Arcade Fire...and the Big Two

10:58PM- Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Sean Combs introduce Rihanna and Drake, performing "What's My Name?"

10:59PM- There is a bonfire in the middle of the stage for "What's My Name"...

11:02PM- Husband-and-wife Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez present the Grammy for Record of the Year, which past winners have included "Volare", "Moon River", and "Bridge over Troubled Water". This year's crop? "Nothin' on You?", "Love The Way You Lie", "Forget You", "Empire State of Mind", and "Need You Now"

11:04PM- It's a Quarter After One, I'm All Alone, and I Need You Now...The Lady Antebellum sweep continues as "Need You Now" picked up Record of the Year.

11:05PM- ^^ Was performed at the Grammys last year.

11:06PM- Commercial Break

11:11PM- Jason Segel- "If you become successful and reach enough people, you can wear whatever you want. I wore a Superman cape when I was 12, and my nickname was LadyGaga." Segel introduces in their Grammy debut, Arcade Fire.

11:12PM- Arcade Fire lights up the Grammy stage.

11:16PM- Coming's Album of the Year. Who will take claim to it? Arcade Fire? Eminem? Lady Antebellum? Lady Gaga? or Katy Perry? Find out in a few.

11:16PM- Commercial Break

11:21PM- The stars from the 1976 film A Star is Born- Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson present Album of the Year.

11:23PM- The Album of the Year goes to rock group Arcade Fire for "The Suburbs".

11:25PM- Arcade Fire, winners of the 2011 Grammy for Album of the Year perform a song to lead us out of the Grammy Telecast.

11:30PM- Complete Wrap-Up of the Grammys in the March BC Bulletin. Good night! Oscars in two weeks.

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