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The 83rd Annual Academy Awards- LIVE Reactions

Just minutes away from Anne Hathaway and Best Actor nominee James Franco hosting the 83rd Annual Academy Awards from the Kodak Theater. Let's watch the Red Carpet pre-show.

8:12PM- About 17 Minutes Away; ABC's Robin Roberts is interviewing Best Actress nominee Nicole Kidman (wearing Christian Dior) with Keith Urban

8:13PM- Tim Gunn is interviewing Gwyneth Paltrow (wearing ??), who is performing "Coming Home" from Country Strong. Gwyneth wants to duet with Jay-Z, because he's a "Genius".

8:14PM- Robin is interviewing Best Supporting Actor nominee Christian Bale, the front-runner to win for "The Fighter". **15 Minutes Away**

8:18PM- One of next year's Razzie Nominees, perhaps- Matt Damon and Roger Sterling in "The Adjustment Bureau"...the ads have been played to death. Transformers 3 was introduced during the Super Bowl...yikes.

8:22PM- Robin Roberts interviews past Oscar and Tony host Hugh Jackman. Couldn't they have gotten him to host if both Anne and James suck?

8:23PM- James Franco is up for Best Actor. When was the last time an acting nominee hosted the Oscar ceremony?

8:23PM- Favorite Acceptance Speeches: Tom Hanks for Philadelphia (Best Actor) and Roberto Benigni for Life is Beautiful (Foreign Language Film)

8:24PM- Halle Berry is being interviewed wearing a Mark Hazel gown.

8:26PM- Robin Roberts interviews Tom Hanks, who is handing out the first award of the night.

8:32PM- James & Anne tell Leo DiCaprio that they will go into Alec Baldwin's dreams ("Inception")

8:33PM- James & Anne walk in and out of "The Social Network" and meet up with "The Fighter"

8:34PM- James (in a bear suit) & Anne now both have True Grit;

8:35PM- "The Naked Girl from 'Love and Other Drugs' and the guy from 'General Hospital' continute on through Alec Baldwin's dreams."

8:35PM- "News from the future- microphones get smaller."- Anne Hathaway (dressed up in 1930s attire)

8:36PM- In and out of dance rehearsal for "Black Swan" and now they meet up with Alec Baldwin; "A dream inside two other dreams, you just got Inception-ed."

8:37PM- James and Anne ride the Back to the Future car to get to the Academy Awards...and HERE THEY ARE! (applause, applause)

8:38PM- "Omigosh, you're all real."- Anne Hathaway (really, Anne, really?)

8:39PM- "It used to be, you get naked, you get nominated. But, not anymore."- Anne Hathaway
8:40PM- "Stand up straight. Steven Spielberg's here."- Anne Hathaway's mother

8:40PM- "I just saw Marky Mark."- James Franco's grandmother
8:41PM- "No, it's Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg."- Franco

8:41PM- "This has been a great year for lesbians in film."- Anne Hathaway; references to Black Swan (dancing lesbians), The Kids Are All Right and Toy Story 3 ("Where's the Dad?")

8:42PM- A look back at Gone With the Wind. Tom Hanks is presenting the first two awards of the night- Art Direction and Cinematography.

8:42PM- "Gone with the Wind was the first film to win for Best Picture, Cinematography, and Art Direction." Ben-Hur, Lawrence of Arabia, West Side Story, and Schindler's List, and most recently, Titanic also pulled this tri-fecta.

8:43PM- 3 Films are up for All three Awards; Up first, Nominees for Art Direction: Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter..., (the three films as Tom mentioned) Inception, The King's Speech, and True Grit.

8:44PM- The first Oscar of the Night goes to the team of Alice in Wonderland. Which officially means that this aforementioned tri-fecta WON'T HAPPEN AT ALL.

8:46PM- Nominees for Cinematography: Black Swan, Inception, The King's Speech, The Social Network, and True Grit.

8:47PM- The second Oscar of the Night of the night goes to Wally Pfister, for his Cinematography of Inception. Roger Deakins (the cinematographer for the Coens Brothers films) loses again.

8:48PM- Best Supporting Actress is coming up next...who will win? Jacki Weaver? Hailee Steinfeld? Amy Adams? Melissa Leo? Helena Bonham Carter?

8:51PM- 94 year-young Kirk Douglas comes to the stage in a standing ovation to present Best Supporting Actress.

8:53PM- Supporting Actress Nominees- Amy Adams (The Fighter), Helena Bonham Carter (The King's Speech), Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom), Melissa Leo (The Fighter), and 14 year-old Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit)

8:55PM- "Colin Firth is not laughing. He's British."- Kirk Douglas

8:56PM- "I will never forget this moment. I've been nominated here three times, and I lost all three times. Everyone is still laughing."- Kirk Douglas

8:57PM- And the Oscar goes to...Melissa Leo for "The Fighter".

8:58PM- "Pinch it mine?"- Melissa Leo; "You were much more beautiful that in 'The Fighter.'- Kirk Douglas; "You're much more good looking."- Melissa Leo (Leo and Douglas flirting with each other)

8:59PM- "Golly, I am so speechless...when I watched Kate two years ago, it was so ******** hard."- Melissa Leo

9:00PM- "Thank you Academy. It's about selling the motion pictures and doing the work. Thank you so much!"- Melissa Leo

9:01PM- "I thought 'F' stood for 'The Fighter'"- Anne Hathaway

9:02PM- Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake present the awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Animated Short; "I'm pretty sure they have an app for that."- Justin Timberlake

9:03PM- Can "Toy Story 3" be beat?

9:03PM- Animated Short Nominees: Day and Night, The Gruffalo, Let's Pollute, The Lost Thing, and Madagascar: Carnet de Voyage

9:04PM- The Oscar Goes to...The Lost Thing (Best Animated Short)

9:05PM- Animated Feature Nominees: How to Train a Dragon, The Illusionist, and Toy Story 3

9:06PM- The Oscar Goes for Best Animated Feature goes to...the REAL Best Picture of the Year- Toy Story 3. (the award goes to director Lee Unkrich, who is also up for Adapted Screenplay).

9:07PM- "The most awesome place on the planet to make movies."- Lee Unkrich (on Pixar, citing the Toy Story I creators)

9:08PM- Coming up, Original Screenplay. Who will win- The King's Speech? The Kids Are All Right? The Fighter? Inception? Another Year?

9:09PM- The last Oscar nominee to host was Paul Hogan in 1987 (Hogan was up for penning Crocodile Dundee). The last acting nominee to host was Jeff Bridges in 1985 (up for Starman). The only acting nominee to win was David Niven, who hosted the 1959 Academy Awards.

9:12PM- Back again. The first Oscar ceremony was hosted at the Roosevelt Hotel in 1928.

9:13PM- Josh Brolin and Best Actor nominee Javier Bardem (dressed in dapper white on white) present both Screenplay categories.

9:14PM- The Adapted Screenplay nominees: 127 Hours, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, True Grit, and Winter's Bone

9:14PM- The Oscar Goes To....Aaron Sorkin for "The Social Network"- Aaron's first Oscar win and nomination (he was SNUBBED for "A Few Good Men")

9:15PM- "It was impossible to win an award that Paddy Chayefsky won 35 years ago with the word 'Network' in it."- Aaron Sorkin

9:15PM- "I wrote this movie, but David Fincher directed this movie with an unsightful godliness."- Aaron Sorkin

9:16PM- music is getting harder ("Roxy Sorkin, your father just won the Academy Award, I expect to see some respect from your guinea pig."- Aaron Sorkin)

9:17PM- Original Screenplay Nominees- Another Year, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids Are All Right, and The King's Speech

9:18PM- And the Original Screenplay Oscar goes to...David Seidler for penning The King's Speech (all of them, hehe...)

9:18PM- "The Writer's Speech, this is terrifying. My father always said to me, I would always be a late bloomer. I believe I am the oldest person to win this Academy Award. I hope that record is broken quickly and often."- David Seidler, accepting his Oscar ("There are so many people and they are telling me to 'wrap up' now.") Seidler also acknowledges those who stutter.

9:20PM- Best Supporting Actor is up after the next break. Who will win? Geoffrey Rush? Mark Ruffalo? John Hawkes? Jeremy Renner? or Christian Bale?

9:24PM- Up now, Anne sings a parody of "On My Own" from Les Miserables.

9:25PM- James Franco dressed in drag. ("I just got a text message from Charlie Sheen."- James Franco)

9:26PM- Russell Brand and Dame Helen Mirren present Best Foreign Language Film.

9:26PM- The Nominees are: Biutiful (Mexico), Dogtooth (Greece), In a Better World (Denmark), Incendies (Canada), and Outside the Law (Algeria).

9:27PM- The Oscar goes to...In a Better World (Denmark), Susanna Bier, producer. This won the Golden Globe, and is Denmark's third Oscar win for Foreign Language Film.

9:28PM- "This is a real Oscar..."- Susanna Bier, accepting her Oscar

9:29PM- Academy Award-winner Reese Witherspoon presents Best Supporting Actor. The nominees are- Christian Bale, John Hawkes, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, and Geoffrey Rush. Is Bale beatable?

9:32PM- And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor goes to...Christian Bale for The Fighter.

9:32PM- "Bloody hell, wow...what a room full of talented and inspirational people."- Christian Bale, accepting his Oscar

9:38PM- Tom Sherak: "I'm a Brooklyn boy, and I still root for the Dodgers."

9:39PM- Anne Sweeney, president of ABC-Disney and Academy President Tom Sherak announce the renewal of ABC and the Academy's "marriage" for the next nine Oscarcasts.

9:40PM- We go down under with two sexy Aussies, the lovely Nicole Kidman, and past Oscar host Hugh Jackman presenting the nominees for Original Score.

9:41PM- Mini-medley of Star Wars/ET/West Side Story.

9:42PM- The Best Original Score nominees are How to Train Your Dragon (John Powell- very loud and boistroius), The King's Speech (Alexandre Desplat- very pianic, and poetic), The Social Network (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross- very 9-inch-nails-ish), 127 Hours (A.R. Rahman- can he go 3-for-4?), and Inception (Hans Zimmer- he's won here before)?

9:43PM- And the Oscar goes to...The Social Network- Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails fame) and Atticus Ross

9:45PM- "I am six degrees of Kevin Bacon away from our next two presenters. Look it up on the Internet."- James Franco

9:46PM- Matthew McConaughey and Academy Award nominee Scarlett Johannson present the nominees for Sound Mixing, which are Inception, The King's Speech, Salt, The Social Network, and True Grit.

9:47PM- And the Oscar for Best Sound Mixing goes to...the team from Inception

9:48PM- The Nominees for Sound Editing are Inception, Toy Story 3, Tron Legacy, True Grit, and Unstoppable

9:49PM- The Oscar also goes to Inception.

9:53PM- Marisa Tomei presents what happened at the Scientific and Technical Awards.

9:55PM- Cate Blanchett presents Makeup and Costume Design Oscars.

9:56PM- The Makeup nominees are Barney's Version, The Way Back, and The Wolfman, which I believe are the lone nominations for these films. ("That's gross."- CB)

9:57PM- The Wolfman wins the Oscar for Best Makeup (Rick Baker and Dave Elsey, makeup artists)

9:58PM- "It was my ambition to lose an Oscar to Rick Baker one day, this is better."- Dave Elsey, accepting his award

9:58PM- Costume Nominees- Alice in Wonderland, I Am Love, The King's Speech, The Tempest, and True Grit

9:59PM- The Oscar goes to...Colleen Atwood for Alice in Wonderland (also won for Chicago and Memoirs of a Geisha)

10:00PM- Colleen Atwood reads her speech verbatim. (she has great nylon gloves)

10:01PM- What is the Best Movie Song ever? "Lose Yourself"? "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp?" "Falling Slowly"? "Trolley Song"? "Footloose"? "The Time of My Life"? "My Heart Will Go On"? "Beauty and the Beast"? President Obama- "There are a lot of great songs, but if you go with one song, it's 'As Time Goes By'."

10:02PM- Kevin Spacey is on the stage..."Good evening, I'm George Clooney", saying lyrics from "Top Hat", introducing all four Best Original Song Nominees.

10:03PM- Randy Newman performs "We Belong" from Toy Story 3. Once the "Susan Lucci" of the Academy Awards, because of his repetitive defeats year-after-year, he finally won one in 2002 for "Monsters, Inc.".

10:04PM- Alan Menken (on the piano), Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi sing "I See the Light" from Tangled.

10:07PM- Commercial Break

10:12PM- Cute and wholesome Amy Adams and hunky Jake Gyllenhaal present the Oscar for Documentary Short Subject. Nominees are Killing in the Name, Poster Girl, Strangers No More, Sun Come Up, and The Warriors of Qiugang

10:13PM- The Oscar goes to...Strangers No More (Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon)

10:14PM- Amy & Jake also present Live Action Short, which the nominees are The Confession, The Crush, God of Love, Nawewe, and Wish 143

10:15PM- The Oscar goes to...God of Love (Luke Matheny)

10:16PM- Check those (Live Action Short) nominees out on ITunes.

10:17PM- "NYU, what's up?"- James Franco; "This was the year of the Movie Musical"- James Franco

10:18PM- A dubbed music video with highlighted clips from Harry Potter, Toy Story 3, The Social Network, and Razzie nominee Twilight: Eclipse.

10:19PM- Oprah Winfrey presents our next category, which is...Documentary Feature.

10:20PM- The Documentary Feature nominees are: Exit Through the Gift Shop, Gas Latin, Inside Job, Restrepo, and Waste Land

10:21PM- The Oscar goes to...Inside Job (Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs)

10:22PM- "In the three years since this recession began, NOT a single Wall Street exec has gone to prison, and that is WRONG."- Charles Ferguson, accepting the Oscar for "Inside Job"

10:23PM- Commercial Break

10:27PM- Jodie Dallas comes up to the stage. How many times has he hosted this shindig? "So, where was I?" "The producers asked me to tell you that this thing is running a little bit long, so the nominees for Best Picture are..."- Billy Crystal

10:28PM- "Bob Hope is what the Oscars should be, a really sexy movie star."; "Bob hosted the Oscars 18 times, I hosted it eight times, and was pooped after two."- Billy Crystal

10:29PM- A look back at the first nationally televised Oscar ceremony, back in 1953.

10:31PM- Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law present the nominees for Visual Effects.

10:32PM- The lucky nominees are Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter..., Hereafter, Inception, and Iron Man 2

10:33PM- The Oscar goes to...the team from Inception

10:34PM- The Film Editing nominees are Black Swan, The Fighter, The King's Speech, The Social Network, and 127 Hours

10:35PM- The Oscar goes to The Social Network

10:41PM- Back to the Show! More Best Original Song nominees (and the winner), with Best Supporting Actress winner (from 4 years ago) Jennifer Hudson

10:42PM- "If I Rise" from 127 Hours with Florence Welch (without her machine) and A.R. Rahman

10:44PM- The fourth and final nominee for Best Original Song is sung by Oscar winning actress, turned country singer Gwyneth Paltrow (a future quadruple crown winner?), singing "Coming Home" from Country Strong.

10:45PM- Who will win Best Original Song? Will it be, "We Belong"? "I See The Light"? "If I Rise"? or "Coming Home"? Find out...RIGHT NOW!

10:46PM- The Oscar for Best Original Song goes to..."We Belong" from Toy Story 3. This is Randy's 2nd Oscar in only a mere 20 nominations. His first Oscar nods were for "Ragtime", 29 years ago.

10:48PM- "My percentages aren't great. This is my 20th nomination, and this is only my second win."/ "It's not really good television to take a list out and thank people."/ "At the Oscar luncheon, they have a lunch special called 'Randy Newman Chicken'." / "I want to be good television." / "You can find a fifth song from someone." / "I thank you all for this. The Academy has been very kind to me, so has the Music Branch. Thank You Very Much."- Randy Newman, in his acceptance speech for Best Original Song for Toy Story 3

10:49PM- After the commercial break, the Memoriam segment, a tribute to those we lost

10:52PM- In Memoriam (sung by Celine Dion- Smile): John Barry (composer- The Lion in Winter, Born Free), Grant McCune, Tony Curtis (No relation, but actor- Some Like It Hot), Edward Limato, Tom Mankiewicz, Gloria Stuart (actress- Titanic), William Fraker, Joseph Strick, Lionel Jeffries, Salle Menke, Ronni Chasen, Leslie Nielsen (actor- Airplane & Naked Gun series), Robert Radhitz, Claude Chabrol, Pete Postlethwaite, Bill Littlejohn, Pierre Guffroy, Patricia Neal (actress- Hud), George Hickenlooper, Irving Ravetch, Robert Culp (actor- Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice), Bob Boyle, Mario Monicelli, Lynn Redgrave (actress- Georgy Girl), Elliott Kastner, Dede Allen (editor), Peter Yates, Anne Francis, Arthur Penn (producer/director- Bonnie and Clyde), Theroin Aldredge, Susannah York (actress- Tom Jones/They Shoot Horses, Don't They?), Ronald Neame, David Wolper (producer- Roots), Jill Clayburgh (actress- Pippin, An Unmarried Woman), Alan Hume, Irvin Kershner (producer- Star Wars), Dennis Hopper (actor/director- Easy Rider, Waterworld), Dino De Laurentiis, Blake Edwards (director- The Pink Panther), Kevin McCarthy, and Lena Horne

10:55PM- Now with a tribute to Lena Horne, Academy Award winner Halle Berry; she was the first black performer to sign a long-term movie contract in 1943

10:57PM- "It's not the load that breaks you down. It's the way you carry it."- Lena Horne

10:57PM- Commercial Break. What's left? The final four...cue Europe- The Final Countdown.!!

11:01PM- Two-time Annette Bening victor Hilary Swank presents the trail blazer herself, Kathryn Bigelow, who will pass on the torch she blazed 357 days ago today.

11:02PM- The nominees for Best Director- Darren Aronofsky, David O. Russell, Tom Hooper, The Coen Brothers, and David Fincher

11:03PM- The Director's Guild curse continues! Tom Hooper wins the Oscar for Best Director for "The King's Speech"

11:03PM- "Triangle of 'man-love'- Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, and Me"- Tom Hooper

11:04PM- Hooper tells the tale of how Hooper landed "The King's Speech". Thanks, Tom Hooper's mom! "With this tonight, I honor you, and the moral of the story is, listen to your mother."- Tom Hooper

11:05PM- Annette Bening (about to lose for the fifth time) recaps the Governor's Awards, which celebrated Honorary Oscar winners Eli Wallach, Jean-Luc Godard, Kevin Brownlow, and Thalberg Lifetime Achievement Winner, Francis Ford Coppola. Wallach, Brownlow, and Coppola get a standing ovation.

11:09PM- Up next- Best Actor and Actress. Who will win? Colin Firth? Annette Bening? Jesse Eisenberg? Michelle Williams? Javier Bardem? Jennifer Lawrence? Defending champ Jeff Bridges? Nicole Kidman? Host James Franco? Natalie Portman? Will Bridges hand over the Best Actress Oscar to Portman? Find just a few short seconds.

11:12PM- Last year's Best Actor champ Jeff Bridges presents the nominees for Best Actress in a Lead Role, who are Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, and Michelle Williams.

11:16PM- The Oscar goes to...(or Jeff Bridges hands the Oscar to)...surprise...not! Natalie Portman dances off to victory in Black Swan.

11:18PM- This is such a sweet speech that Natalie Portman is giving.

11:20PM- Last year's Best (and Worst) Actress Sandra Bullock is presenting the Best Actor Academy Award, which whom the nominees are Javier Bardem, Jeff Bridges , Jesse Eisenberg, Colin Firth, and your host James Franco (or 4 J's and a C); "How much is enough?"- Sandra Bullock (on Jeff Bridges)

11:25PM- The Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role goes to...duh, Colin Firth for The King's Speech!

11:25PM- "I have a feeling that my career has just peaked."- Colin Firth, accepting his Oscar

11:28PM- "If you'll excuse me, I have some impulses to take care of backstage."- Colin Firth

11:31PM- No film with England's monarchy as the Lead/Central role has won the Best Picture Academy Award in the first 82 years. Will "The King's Speech" speak out loudly to claim the top prize, or will one of these nine films dethrone the king- 127 Hours? Toy Story 3? The Social Network? True Grit? The Kids Are All Right? Inception? The Fighter? Winter's Bone? Black Swan? Find out...right NOW from Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg.

11:32PM- The Nominees again for Best Picture are Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids Are All Right, The King's Speech, 127 Hours, The Social Network, True Grit, Toy Story 3, and Winter's Bone. "The winner will join a list of movies that include On the Waterfront, Midnight Cowboy, The Godfather, and The Deer Hunter. The other nine movies will join a list of movies that include The Grapes of Wrath, Citizen Kane, The Graduate and Raging Bull."- Steven Spielberg

11:34PM- A lovely Best Picture montage with Colin Firth from "The King's Speech" and his "our darkest moment" monologue.

11:36PM- The final award of the night, the momentum has built to this, the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture goes to....The King's Speech! For the first time in 83 years, a film about England's monarchy wins the Best Picture Oscar. The King's Speech won 4 Oscars.

11:39PM- That's all she, no. The chorus from P.S. 22 from Staten Island has a treat for us, the Best Original Song of 1939- "Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz.

11:42PM- Welp, that's all she wrote. The King's Speech and Inception are tied with four Oscar wins, the most for any film. True Grit got skunked, just one nomination away from tying The Turning Point and The Color Purple as the losingest film at the Oscars.

11:43PM- Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Oscars is on in about a half-hour, with Tom Hanks, last night's Worst Supporting Actress Razzie winner Jessica Alba, CeeLo Green, and a bunch of other celebs. So, I'm going to go get some things done, and I'll be back for the After-Oscars Special...

12:32AM- Jimmy Kimmel Live After-Oscars Special- "The Week in Censorship".

12:36AM- "Hottie Body Fit Club" sketch with Jimmy K (fitness guru), with Scarlett Johansson (and Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, and Kelly Ripa and Eva Longoria), as they do a new version of Pilates. This makes "I'm (um, yeah) Matt Damon" look like it was 80 years ago. Also in this sketch- Emily Blunt, Sofia Vergara, and a computer generated Lion.

12:47AM- Tom Hanks is now on chatting with Jimmy Kimmel.

12:50AM- "Toy Story 3 was the Best Movie of the Year."- Tom Hanks (on Jimmy Kimmel's After Oscars Special)

1:03AM- Tom Hanks in a great skit mocking Beauty Pageants. (which Rhonda Howard wins, lol...) "Houston, Tom Hanks has a problem."- Ron Howard

1:22AM- What a great night. Complete Oscar wrap-up in the March BC Bulletin. Now, closing things out on Jimmy Kimmel's After-Oscars Special is CeeLo Green with "Bright Lights, Big City" from his album, The Ladykillers.

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