Friday, February 25, 2011

LAST-SECOND Golden Raspberry Award Predix

Tomorrow, the 31st Annual Golden Raspberry Awards will take place. This jab at the worst of what the big screen has to offer has a stakes-all Worst Picture race. Tied with nine nominations apiece, are the two films at the Razzie leaderboard- The Last Airbender and Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Here is who A Man and His Awards' thinks will win tomorrow night.

The Bounty Hunter
The Last Airbender- WILL WIN
Sex and the City 2- SHOULD WIN
Twilight Saga: Eclipse- SHOULD WIN
Vampires Suck- UPSET PICK

COMMENTARY: Four of these five movies could win this (and all four of the movies I'm talking about are also up for Worst Remake, Sequel, or Prequel). It is safe to assume that "Airbender" takes it, because M. Night Shyamalan hasn't done a decent movie since "The Sixth Sense". "Eclipse", I am rooting for, because "New Moon" was snubbed in this category last year. "Vampires Suck" has a darkhorse shot, if an upset happens, "Sex and the City 2" would win in a New York minute, because the show should have stayed dead in the series finale, and now Sarah Jessica Parker wants to do "Sex and the City 3"? Just say no.

Worst Actor- Robert Pattinson- Remember Me/Twilight Saga: Eclipse (WILL/SHOULD WIN)
Worst Actress- The "Four Gal Pals"- Sex and the City 2 (WILL WIN); Miley Cyrus- The Last Song (SHOULD WIN)
Worst Supporting Actor- Billy Ray Cyrus- The Spy Next Door (WILL WIN); Jackson Rathbone- The Last Airbender/Eclipse (SHOULD WIN)
Worst Supporting Actress- Liza Minnelli- Sex and the City 2 (WILL WIN); ANY of them (SHOULD WIN)
Worst Director- M. Night Shyamalan- The Last Airbender (WILL WIN); Michael Patrick King- Sex and the City 2 (SHOULD WIN)
Worst Screenplay- Sex and the City 2 (WILL WIN); The Last Airbender (SHOULD WIN)
Worst Remake/Sequel/etc.- Sex and the City 2 (WILL WIN); Twilight Saga: Eclipse (SHOULD WIN)
Worst Eye-Gauging Mis-Use of 3D- Cats and Dogs in 3-D (WILL WIN); The Last Airbender (SHOULD WIN)
Worst Screen Couple/Ensemble Cast- Twilight Saga: Eclipse (WILL WIN); The Last Airbender (SHOULD WIN)

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