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The 40th Annual Daytime Emmys - Live Blogging

The 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards – Live Blogging

7:58PM – In just a few minutes from the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Hollywood, the Daytime Emmy Awards turn 40 with the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on HLN (Headline News), co-hosted by A.J. Hammer (Showbiz Tonight), Sam Champion (Good Morning America), and morning show host/country singer/Ohio’s native daughter Robin Meade (Morning Express with Robin Meade). The best of the best of daytime television will be honored over the next two hours, so sit back, relax, and enjoy. This blog post will feature highlights and reactions from the ceremony on HLN.

8:00PM – The show has begun!! The three hosts are kicking things off from the Beverly Hilton.

“The Daytime Emmys turned 40 this year, or as I like to call my agents, 29.”- Sam Champion

8:01PM – AJ: How do we celebrate 40 years of Daytime?

8:01PM – Robin starts off with a song about Daytime.

8:02PM – “Maybe the Emmys need a Weather Map.”- Sam

8:02PM – How did George Lucas, Wayne Brady, Giada de Laurentiis, and Steve Harvey end up on this weather map?

8:04PM – Interviewing people who win? Sheryl Underwood was told to come on down, and she jumps up like a “The Price is Right” contestant.

8:05PM – The four Younger Actor nominees – Max Ehrich and Bryton James (Y&R) and Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey (DAYS) present the first category, Lead Actor. Last year, the four nominees in this category presented this category to Tony Geary. The four nominees have been in daytime for 81 years.

8:06PM – After 35 years on Daytime’s # 1 soap, Doug Davidson wins an Emmy in his fourth overall nomination for “The Young and the Restless” for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

8:07PM – “Oh, my gosh!” – D. Davidson; “I’m overwhelmed, actually. Where is Halle Berry when you need her. The presenters are actually younger than my tux.” – D. Davidson

8:10PM – Davidson says that in his storyline that his character had to choose between saving someone’s life or saving his son

8:11PM – Nancy Lee Grahn uses her Emmy as a whisk while Katie Couric uses hers as a date

8:12PM – Todd Newton will present Game Show and Game Show Host after the first commercial break

8:14PM – “Things NOT to Say in Your Acceptance Speech”

8:15PM – Defending Game Show Host champ Todd Newton is presenting the Emmys for Game Show and Game Show Host. Can Alex Trebek go out on top, or will Ben Bailey get the last laugh? First up, Game Show.

8:16PM – COME ON DOWN!! “The Price Is Right” wins for Outstanding Game Show, it’s 6th win in 31 nominations

8:17PM – “Emmy, come on down!! Let’s do this! It’s exciting to win an award in front of George Lucas, you won’t get to do this again.” – Mike Richards, The Price is Right showrunner

8:18PM – Now, the Game Show Host Category.

8:19PM – Bittersweet, Ben Bailey wins the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host, his third and final win for Game Show Host for the now-defunct “Cash Cab”.

8:20PM – “One more time, I can’t really believe this.” – Ben Bailey

8:21PM – Sam Champion interviews Ben Bailey after he wins

8:24PM – Commercial Break

8:27PM – The hosts of “The Talk” present the Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Informative

8:28PM – “…and found out his 22 year-old girlfriend was a man? That sounds like a storyline from the Young and the Restless.” - Sheryl Underwood (about "Katie")

8:29PM – “The winner is not in this category.” – Aisha Tyler; “Someone’s going to bring my an envelope with a puppy and money.”; “Homeland won the Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show”

8:30PM – “The Dr. Oz Show” wins for Outstanding Talk Show Informative for the third time in four years

8:30PM – “I was having palpitations, serious ones” – Dr. Oz (About the envelope snafu)

8:31PM – “In a moment, we’re going to change the envelopes.” – Sam

8:32PM – Defending Supporting Actress champ Nancy Lee Grahn and Don Diamont present the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

8:33PM – “It took all four of them to stuff me in this dress.”- NLG

8:34PM – There is a TIE! Scott Clifton wins the first Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for “The Bold and the Beautiful” and Billy Miller wins the other Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for “The Young and the Restless”, the second wins for both.

8:34PM – “Happy Father’s Day, Don!”- Scott Clifton (Diamont plays his dad on B&B)

8:36PM – “Everybody in this room is part of the hardest working team in entertainment.” – Billy Miller

8:37PM – Giada de Laurentiis interviews both Supporting Actor Emmy winners

8:37PM – “My wife is like your biggest fan.” – Clifton to Giada

8:39PM – Commercial Break

8:41PM – Erica Kane, Lucinda Walsh, Viki Lord, Reva Shayne, Anna Devane, Katie Logan, Karen Wolek, Lucy Coe, Stephanie Forrester, Phyllis Stafford, Katherine Chancellor, some of the Divas of Daytime, who will win? Find out later.

8:42PM – Kathy Griffin presents the Emmy for Writing in a Drama Series

8:44PM – The writing team from “The Bold and the Beautiful” wins the Emmy for Writing in a Drama Series, their 2nd win in nine nominations.

8:44PM – Both Y&R and B&B have seven wins (including Friday’s Creative Arts Awards), two shy of GH’s year-old record

8:46PM – Robin introduces Wayne Brady to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Monty Hall, one host of “Let’s Make a Deal” to another

8:50PM – Monty Hall comes on stage to accept his Lifetime Achievement Emmy

8:52PM – B&B rivals Linsey Godfrey and Karla (with a K) Mosley appear in a Clairol bit for the telecast

8:53PM – Sam’s mic is not working, then they cut to commercial

8:56PM – The lovely singer Robin Meade performs the theme song to “Good Afternoon America”, one of the two nominees for Original Song.  (Coin Side: Heads)

8:56PM – The lovely singer Robin Meade and guitarist Andy Chance perform the theme song to “Good Afternoon America”, one of the two nominees for Original Song. (Coin Side: Heads)

8:58PM – GH’s Jason Thompson and Kelly Monaco present the Emmy for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

8:59PM – Julie Marie Berman wins her third Emmy for General Hospital, her first for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She left GH in March after seven-plus years of playing Lulu Spencer.

9:00PM – “I wasn’t expecting this at all. I am very honored to be recognized in front of all of you.” – JMB

9:01PM – “Thank you so much ‘General Hospital’ for a wonderful ride.” – JMB

9:02PM – Giada also interviews JMB, after she wins

9:03PM – NLG interviews people on the street

9:04PM – Commercial Break

9:07PM – “Who’s a better dancer – Ellen or Barbara Walters?” – NLG

9:07PM – “I’ve actually danced with Barbara Walters, she can dance.”- Sam

9:08PM – Bethenny Frankel presents the Emmys for Culinary Program and Culinary Host.

9:09PM – Another tie!! “Best Thing I Ever Made” wins the first Emmy for Culinary Program. The other Emmy goes to “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen”, both on Food Network.

9:09PM – “Normally, the title of our show refers to a mac and cheese, but tonight is perfect.” – The Best Thing I Ever Made acceptance speech

9:13PM – Lidia Bastianich wins the Emmy for Culinary Host for Lidia’s Italy (from PBS); “I’m accepting this on her behalf? It’s difficult for me to make these recipes. I toil and sweat blood and tears…”- Bethenny Frankel accepting on Lidia’s behalf

9:14PM – Alex Trebek talks about the NATAS and Smithsonian Exhibition Exhibit on the Legacy of Daytime Television in 2016; A three-year collection initiative

9:16PM – Melody Thomas Scott mentions that Nikki’s wedding dress from Nikki and Victor’s 2002 Y&R wedding is going to the Smithsonian; “2016? Will Nikki still be a Newman by then? Stay tuned.” – MTS

9:18PM – “Anyone whose acceptance speech is over 30 seconds will be dropped through a trap door on the Dr. Drew Show.”

9:19PM – Commercial Break

9:23PM – Stephanie & Brooke, Katherine & Jill, Carly & Brenda, Sami & Nicole, some of the best catfights in Daytime

9:24PM – The four Younger Actress nominees are presenting the Daytime Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama, with Julie Chen waiting in the wings for the lucky winner

9:26PM – Heather Tom defends her crown by winning for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for “The Bold and the Beautiful” for the second straight year

9:29PM – Corbin Bernsen and Jess Walton pay tribute to Jeanne Cooper and introduce the Memoriam Segment

9:32PM – Il Volo sings as part of the Memoriam

9:33PM – Jeanne Cooper, Fran Bascom, Gary Collins, Carolyn Conwell, Phyllis Diller, Jim Duffy, Michael Clarke Duncan, Bonnie Franklin, Al Freeman Jr., Annette Funicello, Art “Mr. Food” Ginsburg, Luis Godinez Sr., Gary Hunt, John Ingle, Rusty Mills, Jerry Nelson, Al Rabin, Paul Rauch, Paul Skipper, Emily Squires, Jean Stapleton, and Ron Weaver were some of the people of the Daytime community that we lost this past year

9:38PM – Dr. Drew Pinsky presents the nominees for Talk Show Entertainment.

9:39PM – “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” wins the Emmy for Talk Show Entertainment, nominated for 110 Daytime Emmy Awards, and the show’s 7th Talk Show win in 10 seasons

9:41PM – Rachael Ray presents the Emmy for Directing in a Drama Series.

9:43PM – The directing team from “The Bold and the Beautiful” wins the Emmy for Directing in a Drama Series, “The Bold and the Beautiful” just tied General Hospital’s year-old record with nine Emmys. B&B won this Emmy in 2011.

9:45PM – Commercial Break

9:48PM – Robin Meade performs the other Original Song nominee, “The Day”, the theme song to Katie Couric’s talk show “Katie” (Coin Side: Tails).

9:50PM – Carrie Fisher presents the Emmy for Special Class Animated Program, of which George Lucas is a nominee.

9:53PM – “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” wins the Emmy for Special Class Animated Program

9:55PM – Up next, Younger Actor, Betty White, and then some, but now…Commercial Break.

9:59PM – Lindsay Hartley presents the Award for Younger Actor in a Drama Series.

10:00PM – Chandler Massey repeats as Younger Actor for his role in “Days of Our Lives”. Only Macdonald Carey had won more than one Emmy for the NBC soap, until now.

10:03PM – Betty White (gets a standing ovation then) introduces the other Lifetime Achievement Award winner for this year, the late game show producer Bob Stewart.

10:11PM – Bob Stewart’s son Sandy accepts his (posthumous) Lifetime Achievement Award on his behalf.

10:13PM – Steve Harvey, Vincent Irizarry, and the Emmys for Younger Actress, Drama Series, and Talk Show host are left

10:16PM – “A lot of people get fired after winning those.” – NLG (on winning Emmys); “You can only have magic superpowers to come back from the dead.”

10:17PM – Steve Harvey, a double-nominee tonight presents the Daytime Emmy for Morning Program.

10:18PM – “CBS Sunday Morning” wins the Emmy for Outstanding Morning Program, the first win for this show in the 34-year history of the Sunday Morning staple.

10:20PM – Vincent Irizarry (from iAMC) presents the Emmy for Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

10:22PM – Kristen Alderson caps off her run as Starr Manning with an Emmy Award for Younger Actress in a Drama Series for “General Hospital”, and Kristen is running to the stage.

10:22PM – “For Starr Manning, she will always be a part of me.” – Kristen Alderson

10:24PM – Robin, not only sings, but she will present the Emmy for Original Song.

10:24PM – The call is “HEADS”: “Good Afternoon America” by Little Big Town wins the Emmy for Original Song.

10:25PM – Commercial Break

10:28PM – Only two categories left: Kris Jenner presenting Talk Show Host and Erika Slezak presenting Drama Series.

10:29PM – Kris Jenner, whose new talk show “Kris” premieres in four weeks, presents the Emmy for Talk Show Host.

10:30PM – Ricki Lake wins the Emmy for Talk Show Host for the revival of “The Ricki Lake Show”

10:30PM – Six-time Daytime Emmy-winning legend Erika Slezak presents the final award of the evening, Outstanding Drama Series.

10:32PM – The last time “Days of Our Lives” won the Emmy, Jimmy Carter was President, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were dancing in “Grease”, Mork from Ork landed on our TV sets, and Doug Davidson, this year’s Best Actor Daytime Emmy winner, debuted on “The Young and the Restless” and last year’s Daytime Emmy winner in that category, Anthony Geary debuted on “General Hospital”. That’s right, “Days of Our Lives” is your Outstanding Drama Series for 2013. (The last time NBC was victorious in this category was 1990, when George Bush was President, Cheers was the # 1 show on television, and Patrick Swayze haunted Demi Moore on the big screen in “Ghost”, when “Santa Barbara” became the first three-peat Drama Series champ in 1990)

10:35PM – The show goes over by 35 minutes. What else is on? The series finale of “The Borgias”, an all-new “Mad Men”, “The Killing”, and your late local news on the East Coast. Oh, this ceremony will repeat twice, directed by Mark H. Lucas (in case I nominate him for the 14th Annual Bryan Awards), starting after the closing credits wrap up.

Congratulations to all of the Daytime Emmy Winners:
DRAMA SERIES: Days of Our Lives (NBC) - first win in this category since 1978, and only the second win for DAYS in 19 nominations, dating back to 1972; first NBC win since 1990 (Santa Barbara) in Drama Series
LEAD ACTOR: Doug Davidson, The Young and the Restless (CBS)
LEAD ACTRESS: Heather Tom, The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
SUPPORTING ACTOR (TIE): Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS) and Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless (CBS)
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Julie Marie Berman, General Hospital (ABC)
YOUNGER ACTOR: Chandler Massey, Days of Our Lives (NBC)
YOUNGER ACTRESS: Kristen Alderson, General Hospital (ABC)
WRITING: The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
DIRECTING: The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
GAME SHOW: The Price is Right (CBS)
GAME SHOW HOST: Ben Bailey, Cash Cab (Discovery Channel)
CULINARY SHOW (TIE): Best Thing I Ever Made (Food Network) and Trisha's Southern Kitchen (Food Network)
CULINARY SHOW HOST: Lidia Bastianich, Lidia's Italy (PBS)
TALK SHOW INFORMATIVE: The Dr. Oz Show (Syndicated)
TALK SHOW ENTERTAINMENT: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Syndicated)
TALK SHOW HOST: Ricki Lake, The Ricki Lake Show (Syndicated)
SPECIAL CLASS ANIMATED PROGRAM: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network)
ORIGINAL SONG: "Good Afternoon", Good Afternoon America (ABC)

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