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2013 Mock Bryan Award Submissions - The Drama Races

2013 Bryan Award Mock Submissions

One of the processes that takes place during the Emmy Awards voting process is that of the episode submissions. For Comedy and Drama Series, each nominated show submits six episodes, on three DVD’s (two episodes on a DVD, or a double episode). Each nominated series actor submits one episode for consideration as part of the nomination process and the voting process (the guest actors episodes are practically known once they submit, because the episode description is listed on the nomination ballot).

The Bryan Awards also have races for Daytime Soaps, and there are some differences with the Daytime and Primetime Emmys. Like the Primetime Emmys, each Daytime actor submits one episode. The Writing and Directing teams for each soap submit one episode as well. This year, all five eligible soaps for this year’s Daytime Emmys submitted two episodes in the Drama Series race.

Now, if the Bryan Awards did this, here is how the Bryan Awards would pick episodes for the Drama races, if there was the same process as the Primetime Emmys.

The Americans:
Pairing A: “Pilot” and “Covert War”
Pairing B: “The Oath” and “The Colonel”
Pairing C: “Trust Me” and “Safe House”

Breaking Bad:
Pairing A: “Live Free or Die” and “Madrigal”
Pairing B: “Fifty-One” and “Buyout”
Pairing C: “Say My Name” and “Gliding Over All”

Downton Abbey:
Pairing A: Episode 3.01 (Double Episode)
Pairing B: Episodes 3.04 & 3.05
Pairing C: Episode 3.06 (Double Episode)

Game of Thrones:
Pairing A: “And Now His Watch Has Ended” and “Kissed By Fire”
Pairing B: “The Bears of the Maiden Fair” and “Second Sons”
Pairing C: “The Rains of Castamere” and “Mhysa”

Pairing A: “Beirut Is Back” and “State of Independence”
Pairing B: “Q&A” and “I’ll Fly Away”
Pairing C: “In Memoriam” and “The Choice”

Mad Men:
Pairing A: “The Doorway” (double episode)
Pairing B: “The Better Half” and “A Tale of Two Cities”
Pairing C: “For Immediate Release” and “In Care Of”

The Newsroom:
Pairing A: “We Just Decided To” and “News Night 2.0”
Pairing B: “The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn” and “The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate”
Pairing C: “5/1” and “The Greater Fool”

Kevin Bacon (The Following) – “The Final Chapter”
Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) – “Live Free or Die”
Jeff Daniels (The Newsroom) – “We Just Decided To”
Jon Hamm (Mad Men) – “In Care Of”
Damian Lewis (Homeland) – “Q&A”
Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) – “Chapter 1”

Claire Danes (Homeland) – “Q&A”
Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) – “Episode 3.01” (double episode)
Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife) – “Death of a Client”
Keri Russell (The Americans) – “Pilot”
Kerry Washington (Scandal) – “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”
Robin Wright (House of Cards) – “Chapter 10”

Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad) – “Say My Name”
Jim Carter (Downton Abbey) – “Episode 3.06” (double episode)
Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) – “Second Sons”
Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) – “Buyout”
Corey Stoll (House of Cards) – “Chapter 11”
Sam Waterston (The Newsroom) – “The Greater Fool”

Morena Baccarin (Homeland) – “State of Independence”
Christine Baranski (The Good Wife) – “The Wheels of Justice”
Lauren Graham (Parenthood) – “Trouble in Candyland”
Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) – “Fifty-One”
Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) – “For Immediate Release”
Monica Potter (Parenthood) – “There’s Something I Need to Tell You…”
Dame Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey) – “Episode 3.01” (double episode)

Miles Heizer (Parenthood) – “Small Victories”
Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel) – “The Man in Number 9”
Graham Patrick Martin (The Closer) – “Hostile Witness” and (Major Crimes) – “Dismissed With Prejudice”
Cameron Monaghan (Shameless) – “Order Room Service”
Dev Patel (The Newsroom) – “I’ll Try to Fix You”
Jeremy Allen White (Shameless) – “Frank the Plumber”

Clare Bowen (Nashville) – “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You)”
Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) – “And Now His Watch Has Ended”
Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) – “Siblings”
Emma Greenwell (Shameless) – “Frank the Plumber”
Hayden Panettiere (Nashville) – “A Picture from Life’s Other Side”
Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men) – “Favors”
Mae Whitman (Parenthood) – “What To My Wondering Eyes”

Christian Clemenson (Shameless) – “Where There’s a Will”
Michael J. Fox (The Good Wife) – “Boom De Yah Da”
John Noble (The Good Wife) – “Death of a Client”
Mike O’Malley (Justified) – “Decoy”
Matthew Perry (The Good Wife) – “Death of a Client”
Ray Romano (Parenthood) – “Trouble in Candyland”
Linda Cardellini (Mad Men) – “Man With a Plan”
Stockard Channing (The Good Wife) – “Death of a Client”
Jane Fonda (The Newsroom) – “The 112th Congress”
Shirley MacLaine (Downton Abbey) – “Episode 3.01”
Martha Plimpton (The Good Wife) – “What’s In The Box?”
Diana Rigg (Game of Thrones) – “And Now His Watch Has Ended”

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