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The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Live Reactions

The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards – Live Reactions

The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards are taking place from the Nokia Theatre in Hollywood, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, capping off an 11-hour day for CBS, which started with eight hours of NFL football (which included the Cleveland Browns upset of the Minnesota Vikings in the early game).  The Emmys celebrate the best of television.  There will be stars from some of our favorite shows presenting Emmys to some more of our favorite stars.  This year, the Choreography Emmy is part of the telecast.  In a controversial twist to the “In Memoriam” segment, there will be individual tributes to four actors and a television producer who all passed away this year: “The Sopranos” star James Gandolfini (tribute by Edie Falco), “Family Ties” creator and producer Gary David Goldberg (tribute by Michael J. Fox), “Glee” co-star Cory Monteith (tribute by Jane Lynch), “All in the Family” star Jean Stapleton (tribute by Rob Reiner), and satirist Jonathan Winters (tribute by Robin Williams).  I just got in from running a few errands after watching an exciting game between the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Bengals, where there were more momentum swings in a Presidential election, as both teams turned the ball over four times each, but that is a fox trot, and this blog post is a thumb war.  Now back to topic.

8:04PM – The show is finally beginning after football ran over.  Aren’t you excited to celebrate television’s biggest night.  Let’s start with the Opening Sketch.

8:04PM – CBS President Les Moonves (as a Security Guard) lets Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) into a sound set with a lot of televisions, as Neil watches an entire season of television.

8:06PM – And there is a dance montage in this clip show, which includes “The Name Game” dance from “American Horror Story: Asylum”.

8:09PM – “For our younger audiences, that’s the thing on our phones.” – Neil Patrick Harris, on what the Emmys are celebrating

8:10PM – “These are remarkable times for television.” - NPH

8:10PM – “I am watching an episode of ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ on my contact lenses.” - NPH

8:12PM – The last four Emmy hosts (NPH, Jimmy Kimmel, Jane Lynch, and Jimmy Fallon) duke it out on the Emmy stage.

8:13PM – Conan O’Brien joins the past four hosts on the stage.  “There were simpler times, there was no Honey Bee Boo.”  “Those were the days.  Back when the host was a God.” – Conan O’Brien

8:14PM – Kevin Spacey gives a Francis Underwood look from his seat.  “It’s all going according to my plan.”; (On Harris/Kimmel/Lynch/Fallon/O’Brien) “They couldn’t host a child’s birthday party.”

8:15PM – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler wearing 3D glasses give Harris some hosting advice from their seats.  “We would be degrateful.”

8:16PM – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, both up for Best Actress, and both lost to Harris for Special Class Program at last Sunday’s Creative Arts Emmys, present the Emmy for Supporting Actress for a Comedy Series.  Can Julie Bowen make it three in a row, or will Jane Krakowski sing a high note?  Or will one of the other five nominees win?

8:18PM – Merritt Wever wins the Emmy for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for “Nurse Jackie”.  BIG UPSET!  Bigger than Eastern Washington’s win over Oregon State.  NOBODY saw this coming.  How did she do it? 

8:19PM – “Thank you so much.  Thank you so much.  I’ve got to go.  Bye!”

8:19PM – Commercial Break; Excuse me while I troubleshoot Blogger problems.  The stupid browser won’t let me copy and paste during the break.

8:23PM – “For those of you on your DVR’s, I’m still back.  For Merritt Weaver, Best Speech Ever.”

8:24PM – LL Cool J and Malin Akerman present the Emmy for Writing in a Comedy Series.

8:24PM – “You’re part of writing team.  Who’s funnier?  You or your partner.” (Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon); “Who is your favorite cast member to write for?” (Other Nominees)

8:25PM – Tina Fey and Tracey Wingfield win the Emmy for Writing in a Comedy Series for “Last Lunch”, the second half of the “30 Rock” Series Finale.

8:27PM – Sisters Emily and Zooey Deschanel present the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

8:27PM – “The nominees represent all of the dads that TV has to offer.” – Zooey Deschanel on Comedy Series Supporting Actor

8:28PM – Tony Hale wins the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for “Veep”.  This is a gamble that paid off, considering Hale was also in “Arrested Development”, and opted only to submit his name for “Veep”.  ANOTHER HUGE UPSET!!!

8:29PM – Academy Award winner Robin Williams pays tribute to the late Jonathan Winters, an Ohio native, who got his first big break right here in Columbus, Ohio at WBNS 10TV in the 1950s.  Winters played Ork in “Mork and Mindy” and in 1991, Winters won an Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for the short-lived sitcom “Davis Rules.”

8:31PM – After a pair of upsets, it’s time for another Commercial Break at the Emmy Awards.

8:36PM – “Please welcome my biological parents, Jon Hamm and Alec Baldwin.” – NPH

8:37PM –Alec Baldwin and a bearded Jon Hamm present the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

8:37PM – Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins her fourth Emmy in 16 nominations and her second consecutive Lead Actress Emmy for her role as Vice President Selina Meyer on the HBO comedy “Veep”.

8:39PM – JLD thanks the entire cast, except Tony Hale (who is standing behind her)

8:40PM – Will Arnett and Emmy-winner Margo Martindale present the Comedy Guest Acting winners from last week’s Creative Arts Ceremony.  The two play a mother and son in CBS’s comedy “Meet the Millers”, which debuts next Thursday on CBS.

8:41PM – “‘Meet the Millers’ is the best show on television…ever.” - Will Arnett

8:42PM – Comedy Guest Actress winner Melissa Leo gives shout-outs to Bob Newhart and Elaine Stritch, before presenting the Emmy for Directing in a Comedy Series.

8:43PM – “What is your favorite line when directing?” (Question for first three nominees); “What director inspires you the most?” (Lena Dunham and Gail Mancuso)

8:43PM – Gail Mancuso wins only the second Emmy for Comedy Series Directing, and third in a row for “Modern Family” for the episode “Arrested”, but the Comedy upsets keep on coming.

8:44PM – “We’re not going to be playing ‘Poker Face’, but blurred lines.” – Gail Mancuso; “Thank you Mom and Dad for allowing me to watch all the Hitchcock I wanted.”

8:45PM – Jimmy Kimmel and Sofia Vergara present the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

8:45PM – Jimmy Kimmel: “Laughter might be the worst medicine there ever is.”
Sofia Vergara – “It could kill people.”

8:47PM – COMEDY UPSET CITY!!! Third win in four years for Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper for “The Big Bang Theory” for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.  Only Carroll O’Connor, Kelsey Grammer, Michael J. Fox, John Lithgow, and Don Adams have won at least that many Emmys in this category for the same role on a television show.

8:48PM – Rob Reiner pays tribute to the late Jean Stapleton, who won three Emmys for her role as Edith Bunker on “All in the Family”.

8:51PM – Commercial Break; Time to work on a title card for this blog post and for next week’s “The DJBC Happy Hour”.

8:55PM – Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, both up for Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie for the HBO film “Behind the Candelabra” (winner of eight Emmys, thus far) introduce Sir Elton John in a musical tribute to Liberace and “Behind the Candelabra”.

8:57PM – Sir Elton John performs a song he wrote (with Bernie Taupin), “Home Again”, in tribute to Liberace.

9:03PM – Damon and Douglas also are presenting the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie.

9:04PM – Laura Linney (who is absent) wins the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie for “The Big C: Hereafter”.

9:04PM – “She’s such a great actress, that she didn’t need to be here.” – Matt Damon on Laura Linney

9:06PM – Commercial Break, but the tribute to Cory Monteith is coming up in the next segment

9:08PM – Entertainment Weekly Emmy Awards Drinking Game:

9:10PM – The cast of “How I Met Your Mother” does a fake PSA on “EHD”, Excessive Hosting Disorder.

9:10PM – “EHD affects many people – okay, only Neil.” – Cobie Smulders

9:11PM – Huffington Post Emmy Awards Drinking Game:

9:12PM – Arsenio Hall gets in on the “EHD” PSA.

9:12PM – “…at the Ryan Seacrest Center for Excessive Hosting…”

9:12PM – “It’s time to take off the bow tie and pick off the phone.”

9:13PM – Connie Britton and Blair Underwood present the Emmy for Writing in a Drama Series.

9:13PM – “I love that show.” – Connie Britton on Friday Night Lights

9:14PM – The late Henry Bromell wins the Emmy for “Q&A” for Homeland.  Henry’s widow Sarah Bromell accepts the award on Henry’s behalf.

9:14PM – Britton and Underwood also present the Emmy for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

9:15PM – Maggie Smith is not here, but don’t worry, Anna Gunn is your 2013 Supporting Actress in a Drama Series champion for her role as Skyler White on “Breaking Bad”.

9:15PM- “Bryan Cranston just told me to breathe.” – Anna Gunn accepting her Emmy on the stage

9:17PM – Jane Lynch pays tribute to her late “Glee” co-star Cory Monteith.

9:18PM – After the Commercial Break, The Amazing Race aims to win Emmy # 10, while Don Cheadle introduces the “Golden Musical Anniversary Tribute” segment.

9:24PM – “Here we are halfway through the show, but we’ve gotten a lot of tweets about why I haven’t done a musical number.” – Neil Patrick Harris

9:24PM – Neil Patrick Harris dances to a musical number during the middle of the show, “The Number in the Middle of the Show”

9:26PM – “The Emmy Gold Dancers” take to the stage.  Yes, I can’t make this stuff up.  Nathan Fillion (from “Castle”) and Sarah Silverman make an appearance in the number.

9:28PM – Mindy Kaling and Stephen Amell present the next Emmy, which is Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.  Can “The Amazing Emmy Juggernaut” race to the stage for the tenth time in eleven years, or will someone else?

9:29PM – “The Voice” wins the Emmy for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program, making this the second time in the last four years that “The Amazing Race” loses.  (Finally)  It’s also the first time that a music-oriented reality show takes home this top honor (take that, American Idol).

9:31PM – Commercial Break time again.  This internet browser is so slow.

9:35PM – Diahann Carroll, the first African-American Emmy nominee and Lead Actress nominee Kerry Washington (who could be the first African-American Lead Actress winner tonight – Comedy or Drama) present the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

9:36PM – “My lead actor was Lloyd Nolan.  If you don’t know who that was…” – Diahann Carroll

9:38PM – Bobby Cannavale wins the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Gyp Rosetti in the third season of “Boardwalk Empire”.

9:38PM – “I didn’t write anything down.  I can’t believe I got included with this group of incredible actors.” – Bobby Cannavale

9:40PM – Julianna Margulies and Dylan McDermott present the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

9:41PM – “America is NOT the greatest country in the world”, and this is why Jeff Daniels won the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama Series for “The Newsroom” for that brilliant scene he submitted in the pilot episode.

9:41PM – “I usually don’t win anything.  With all respect to the AARP, this is better.” – Jeff Daniels (on winning Best Actor for “The Squid and the Whale” for Best Actor over 50)

9:42PM – The 1963 Tribute show begins with the CBS News Bulletin of the John F. Kennedy Assassination coverage, introduced by Don Cheadle, where television came of age – 1963, which included “I Have a Dream” and the Kennedy Assassination.  A few months later, in just 160 seconds, four dudes from Liverpool, England played to a packed house of screaming teenage girls on “The Ed Sullivan Show”.  How do these events tie in?  Cheadle: “Two emotionally charged events tied together.” (JFK and the Beatles)

9:45PM – Six-time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood performs in a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of 1963, when television came of age with The Beatles’ 1965 hit song “Yesterday”.

9:48PM – Commercial Break

9:54PM – “Bob Newhart, also an accountant.  Who knew?” – Neil Patrick Harris, when Newhart appears on the stage with the accountants from Ernst & Young

9:54PM – Jimmy Fallon presents the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series.  Who will have the 1 out of 7 chance of winning?

9:55PM – Claire Danes wins her second consecutive Emmy for her role as Carrie Mathison on “Homeland”.

9:56PM – Danes pays tribute to the late Henry Bromell in her acceptance speech.  Bromell won earlier for writing the “Q&A” episode, which also nabbed Danes this Emmy.

9:57PM – “Science fiction is back in a big way on CBS.” – Neil Patrick Harris

9:58PM – Dean Norris and Emilia Clarke present the winners for Guest Acting in a Drama Series.

9:59PM – Drama Guest Actor and Guest Actress winners Dan Bucatinsky and Carrie Preston present the Emmy for Directing in a Drama Series.  Can David Fincher be the latest A-list director to win this prize?

10:00PM – Academy Award nominee David Fincher wins the Emmy for Directing in a Drama Series for House of Cards.  Fincher is not present to accept the Emmy.

10:01PM – Jim Parsons and Bob Newhart, both Emmy winners for “The Big Bang Theory” tonight and last Sunday night, respectively, present the Emmy for Writing in a Variety Series.  But first, a standing ovation for Bob Newhart, who finally got off the schneid after 50-plus years of losing.

10:03PM – The Writing Team packages for Variety are pretty hilarious.

10:04PM – The Writing Team from “The Colbert Report” wins the Emmy for Writing in a Variety Series once again.

10:05PM – “The Emmys are so good this year.” – Stephen Colbert, accepting the Variety Writing Emmy on behalf of the writing team

10:06PM – Parsons and Newhart also present the Emmy for Directing in a Variety Series.

10:06PM – “What word do you use when you are frequently directing?” (The nominees’ question)

10:07PM – Don Roy King wins the Emmy for Directing in a Variety Series for “Saturday Night Live” for the fourth consecutive time, this time for the “Justin Timberlake” episode once again.

10:08PM – “Family Ties” star Michael J. Fox pays tribute to the late Gary David Goldberg, who created the ‘80s sitcom (which was set in Columbus), as well as “Spin City”.

10:09PM – The Choreography nominees are next, but first, another commercial break.  At which time, my internet browser completely froze.  Time to re-open things.

10:13PM – “We Are Men” – 2014 Silver Garbage Nominees

10:14PM – A clip of how the Choreography number (for the Emmy telecast) came to be, starting with the nominee reception, and the leg work that came in through the process.

10:16PM – Neil Patrick Harris sings “Luck Be a Lady”, choreographed by the nominated choreographers, with the tunes of shows like “Mad Men”, “Game of Thrones”, “American Horror Story”, and “Boardwalk Empire”.

10:18PM – The dancers dance to a cover of “Get Lucky”, also infused with shows like “Breaking Bad” and “The Big Bang Theory”.

10:19PM – Neil Patrick Harris and the six nominated choreographers are on the stage.  Reality Host winners Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn present the Emmy for Outstanding Choreography.

10:20PM – “So You Think You Can Dance” had four of the seven nominations, but Derek Hough, who had two of the remaining three, wins for his one solo nomination for Outstanding Choreographer for “Dancing with the Stars”.

10:21PM – “Thank you to the Emmys for inviting us to this party.” – Derek Hough

10:22PM – Neil Patrick Harris’s  “How I Met Your Mother” co-stars Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders present the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Series.  Will “The Daily Show” make it 11 in a row, or will another champion emerge?

10:23PM – THE STREAK IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE STREAK IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE STREAK IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!!!  THE DAILY SHOW LOSES!!!!!!!!!!  “The Colbert Report” wins the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Series.

10:24PM – “To say, ‘It’s always great to be nominated.’  That’s a lie.  This is better.” – Stephen Colbert, accepting the Variety Series Emmy for “The Colbert Report”

10:24PM – Edie Falco pays tribute to her late co-star James Gandolfini, who won three Emmys for “The Sopranos”.

10:26PM – Commercial Break

10:32PM – “This just in.  Nobody in the office is winning their Emmy pool.” – Neil Patrick Harris

10:32PM – “Mom” stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney present the Emmys for Writing and Supporting Actor for a Miniseries, Movie, or Dramatic Special.

10:33PM – The upsets keep coming.  Abi Morgan wins the Emmy for Writing in a Miniseries or Movie for the BBC America limited series “The Hour”.  It looks like the 37 year-old record for most wins by a TV movie may be safe, unless Scott Bakula wins.

10:34PM – Janney and Faris also present the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie.  You knew that, silly.

10:35PM – (The fourth time is the charm) James Cromwell wins his very first Emmy win, for Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie for his role as the sadistic Dr. Arden in “American Horror Story: Asylum”.

10:37PM – “The Big Bang Theory” co-star Kaley Cuoco and Academy CEO Bruce Rosenblum come to the stage to talk about the Academy Foundation.

10:37PM – “…and I’m here for the sex appeal.” (that would get canned laugh during the Bryan Awards)

10:38PM – Cuoco and Rosenblum conclude with the In Memoriam Segment.

10:38PM – Sir David Frost, Dennis Farina, Annette Funicello, Eydie Gorme, Dale Robertson, Larry Hagman, Leslie Frankenheimer, Conrad Bain, Maxine Stuart, Lee Thompson Young, Preston Davis, Alan Kirschenbaum, James Loper, Lou Myers, Milo O’Shea, Fran Bascom, Lois Smith (publicist), Roger Ebert, Emily Squires, Bonnie Dotre, Eileen Brennan, Bonnie Franklin, Russell Means, Milt Hoffman, Jack Shea, Jeanne Cooper, Allan Arbus, Henry Bromell, David Connell, Charles Durning, Richard Matheson, Harry Carey Jr., Ken Venturi, Pat Summerall, Steve Sabol, Alex Karras, Jack Klugman, Jenni Rivera, Eddie Michaels, Michael Ansara, Charles Lisanby, Fay Kanin, Emanuel Steward, Ray Dolby, Julie Harris, Deborah Raffin, Patti Page, and Andy Williams were among the other people in television – in front of, or behind the camera that passed away this past year, aside from the five individual tributes that took place during the course of the telecast.

10:42PM – Commercial Break.  I need to give my left arm/hand a rest before the next act.

10:46PM – Andre Braugher and Mark Harmon present the Emmy for Directing in a Miniseries or Movie.

10:47PM – As predicted, Steven Soderbergh wins the Emmy for Directing in a Miniseries or Movie for “Behind the Candelabra”.

10:48PM – Braugher and Harmon also present the Emmy for the Lily Rabe-missing Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie.

10:49PM – Ellen Burstyn wins for Supporting Actress in the same category that had a rule named after her – Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie for the USA Limited Series, “Political Animals”.

10:49PM – “I would like to thank the Academy for voting for me for being on screen long enough.” - Burstyn

10:50PM – “I would like to thank Greg Berlanti for writing a role for a woman over 65 who still had a lot of juice.” - Burstyn

10:50PM – Commercial Break; Also on tonight are the series finale of “Dexter”, and the Chicago Bears vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers on “Sunday Night Football”.

10:55PM – Bryan Cranston and Claire Danes present the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie, and Outstanding Miniseries or Made for Television Movie.  Up first, is Michael Douglas beatable?

10:56PM – Michael Douglas wins his first Emmy.  He won for his role as Wladziu Valentino Liberace in the HBO film “Behind the Candelabra”, which is Emmy # 10 for the HBO film, which needs one more to tie “Eleanor and Franklin”

10:57PM – “Matt, you are only as good (long laugh) as your other hand.” – Michael Douglas; “You really deserve half of this.  You want the bottom or the top (another long laugh)”?

10:58PM – Danes and Cranston, as mentioned are presenting the Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries or Made for Television Movie.  Do I smell another upset, or will HBO pull off an Emmy masterpiece?

10:59PM – “Behind the Candelabra” wins the Emmy for Outstanding Made for Television Movie, winning 11 Emmys, tying the 37 year-old record set in 1976 by “Eleanor and Franklin”.  Coincidentally, “Candelabra” also won 11 Bryan Awards this year.

11:00PM – “I don’t do it all.  Everyone else does it all, and I get all the credit.” – Jerry Weintraub, accepting the Emmy for “Behind the Candelabra”

11:01PM – Only two more categories left – Best Comedy and Best Drama.  Will “Modern Family” win for the fourth year, or will a new Comedy Champion emerge?  Who will win the hotly contested Drama race – “Breaking Bad”?  “Downton Abbey”  “Game of Thrones”?  “Homeland”?  “House of Cards”?  “Mad Men”?  Find out after this last commercial break.

11:04PM – Will Ferrell presents the final two awards of the night, with his three son of the stage (dressed in T-shirts and shorts).  First up, Outstanding Comedy Series.

11:05PM – “Unfortunately, Helen Mirren and Maggie Smith were supposed to present this award, but they both dropped out at the last minute, and I was called 45 minutes ago.” – Ferrell

11:05PM – “Modern Family” wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series for the fourth year in a row.  Only this and “Frasier” have won four consecutive Comedy Series Emmys in a row, and only those two, “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, “All in the Family”, and “Cheers” have won four or more in this race.

11:06PM – “We have the deepest respect for our co-nominees.” – Steven Levitan

11:06PM – “This must be one of the most saddest Emmys ever.” – Steven Levitan, accepting the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series for “Modern Family”

11:07PM – For the second straight year, Steven Levitan gets cut off at the end.

11:08PM – “Breaking Bad” wins the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, just one week before its series finale.

11:09PM – “Holy crap!  I did not see this coming.” – Vince Gilligan, accepting the Drama Series Emmy for “Breaking Bad”

11:10PM – The show started four and a half minutes late, and is going on eleven minutes over, so Neil Patrick Harris will not be singing this song at the end (Yes, you HAVE to click the “Play” icon):

11:34PM – Sorry for the long delay.  I was watching the late local news, and a story on a local theatre group’s big milestone.  But, next Monday on “The DJBC Happy Hour”, television’s biggest night.  From the dance numbers, to the individual tributes, from “Behind the Candelabra” winning a co-record 11 Emmys, to the Opening Sketch and Monologue.  The good, the bad, and the ugly of the Emmys.  Who looked like a million bucks on the red carpet, and who looked like the South Florida Bulls against McNeese State?  That, and the Creative Arts and Silver Garbage Awards, on the next “The DJBC Happy Hour”, which will be recorded later this week, and posted online at as soon as it is produced.  It will also air next Monday, September 30 at 8PM ET on WCRS-FM, at 102.1, which can be heard in New Albany, Easton, Gahanna, Bexley, Worthington, and Reynoldsburg; and 98.3, which can be heard in Marble Cliff, the Hilltop USA, Clintonville, German Village, the King-Lincoln District, and the Short North neighborhoods, among places, and online at  Good night, everyone!  And thank goodness that this was the first time in 11 years that “The Daily Show” did NOT win for Best Variety Series.

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